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Summit Battle @ 9th Floor Japanese-style Room (頂上決戦@第九階層和室) is the fourteenth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Sebas Tian welcomes back Ainz Ooal Gown upon the latter's return to the dungeon. Usually, Albedo greets when he returns from his work outside Nazarick, so he asks her whereabouts. The butler explains that the Overseer Guardian is having her scheduled summit battle with Shalltear Bloodfallen. Thinking it could get bloody, Ainz wants to stop it and Sebas Tian then guides him to where it is being taken place which is the 9th Floor Japanese-style Room. The setting now revealed, Ainz becomes more concerned as even though Nazarick itself is up to a daily amount for free, the location where the two women are going to battle is known for its fragility. However as he opens the sliding door and prepares for the worst, he is stunned to find the two Guardians sitting down playing a bunch of cards sprawled on the floor.

The women are surprised to see Ainz, who explains he was worried that they would cause a scene. While Ainz was worried about the collateral damage they could cause, the two Floor Guardians take it that he cares for them personally and assure him that all they are doing is playing a game. Ainz also finds Demiurge who explains that the game is to assist them in their plan to spread Ainz's rule to the local populace of the New World. Since they are likely to encounter various races with different cultures and languages they might have difficulty. So the demon decided to make a format to help explain to the locals Ainz's majesty through a competitive game using face cards called Ainz-sama's Card Matching. Demiurge hopes that this game will teach players the majesty of Ainz, though the Overlord questions the viability of such a plan. The game match between Albedo and Shalltear is thus a trial run to see if the card game works. Seeing it as interesting, Ainz decides to watch which pleases the female Floor Guardians who are eager to impress the person of their hearts.

Demiurge serving as the game master and referee begins the game and has the two take positions to begin. While kneeling on all fours waiting for the signal, Shalltear gets a view of Albedo's cleavage and calls out to the referee calling them distracting. Demiurge sees her argument and decides to add a rule that players cannot wear clothes that show excessive skin. Albedo then changes into the Virgin Killer Outfit to satisfy the new requirement. The rules are specifie. The game ends when all cards are drawn and the winner with the most face cards corresponding to information cards wins.

A card is thrown straight into the face of Demiurge just as he announces the first card name, much to Ainz's confusion, by Shalltear. Sebas Tian explains that Shalltear was aiming to get the Ainz Three Refill Card and succeeded. It later explained that the game's content was developed through the use of a survey in Nazarick. In addition the cards express not only Ainz but also possess varying levels of complexity. A picture stands out from the rest of the cards in the pile of a skeleton with love-struck eyes. He asks the butler what the info card on that one says as it is a floor level card. Sebastian comments on Shalltear's quickness on the card, which Ainz attributes to her being a creation of Peroroncino for having eyes for that kind of detail especially to voices. The score is currently at 7:12 for Shalltear and Albedo. While Shalltear seems to be at a disadvantage, Ainz notes that she is quicker than Albedo who seems to be more distracted on collecting cards with his name but displays her accuracy on collecting the cards she needs. Albedo seems to have a better memory than her colleague who reacts on impulse.

The two get at an impasse when the both throw their matched cards to Demiurge, but Shalltear ends up giving the wrong card costing her a card and a turn. Despite her loss Ainz still is confident in Shalltear though she still feels embarrassed for her blunder in front of him. The game progresses with a score of 16:18 for Shalltear and Albedo. Shalltear is pleased with this comeback believing that Ainz is cheering her on. Ainz and Sebas watch the game, the former commenting that now that there are less cards Shalltear is having a easier time remembering the placement of the cards hence explaining her quick rise. They soon become evenly matched at a score of 20:20 and the audience is unsure who will be the victor. Down to the last card both took it and claim it at the same time thus making the turn invalid making the game a draw and concluding the game's test phase.

At a later date, Demiurge comes up with another idea to spread Ainz Ooal Gown's majesty with a picture book with a cover of Ainz posing on his bed sheets.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace May 2018 Issue.


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