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Let’s Design A Good Looking Uniform! (格好良い制服を考えよう) is the thirteenth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Thinking no one is around, Ainz Ooal Gown dons a costume of Pandora's Actor from his Item Box. While viewing his reflection in the costume Albedo walks in the scene. She becomes upset at seeing Ainz wearing an outfit that matches Pandora's Actor and thinks he has a bias for him. Ainz makes an excuse that he is trying out the outfit for his Skeletons as he is planning on making uniforms. Albedo buys the lie and thinks that by giving the lowly Skeletons uniforms, though not making a difference in their defensive stats, they can make them more impressive. Albedo asks Ainz to allow her to design the uniforms for Ainz's army. Talking his way out, he lets her design the uniforms and his only requirement is to make the outfits as cool as possible. The Overseer Guardians assembles the majority of the Floor Guardians to assist in creating a new set of clothes for the skeletons using Pandora's Actor's clothes as a template. Starting with color, Shalltear Bloodfallen suggests changing the outfit's color to dark red. Making the change, Albedo suggests adding some black features. The girls, Aura, Shalltear, and Albedo argue on how to proceed. Albedo goes back to Ainz and asks if they could use more accessories which the Overlord approves. Demiurge, Sebas Tian, and Mare Bello Fiore provide their input. Demiurge adds gloves and a Manservant mask. Though at the recommendation of Mare and Sebas he removes the mask. Sebas Tian adds a neck scarf though he finds it lacking without an enchantment effect. Aura recommends adding an eye-patch. Albedo likes the idea as it will create intrigue though Mare thinks it will obscure the Skeleton's vision. Aura points out that the Skeletons have no eyes so she then puts patches for both sockets. However, it doesn't look cool so one is removed. Feeling something is missing Albedo has wings added to the model. Finding the clothing to be too plebeian, Demiurge adds a fire design to the pattern. Albedo then adds text, Hydra and Go Cry Go. Still needing something intimidating, Sebas Tian decides to switch the scarf with a blood-stained one. However, upon its reveal, Ainz immediately rejects the proposed uniform much to the confusion of Albedo.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace April 2018 Issue.


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