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TV Anime 2nd ED Let's Think (TVアニメ2期EDを考えよう) is the twelfth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


In an audience with Ainz Ooal Gown, Albedo humbly asks her master to call an emergency meeting of the Floor Guardians. Ainz unaware of any pressing issues that need to be addressed is stunned when Albedo states its to discuss the second season of the 2018 Winter Anime "Overlord". At the meeting Albedo announces to her colleagues of the second season's completion which excites the Floor Guardians. Though Albedo shifts the topic to the ED of the second season which stars her in the credits. Albedo is passionately pleased by the visualizations.

The voice of objection comes from Shalltear Bloodfallen who calls it cheap to be praising herself. Albedo defends herself saying that there is nothing wrong with that as she is the main female lead. and is evidently pleased with So-Bin's contribution in the artwork and draws a blow on Shalltear's ego when she mention the vampire was not included in the ending credits. Cocytus thinking about the credits recalls that there were other characters in the ending song, like Zaryusu Shasha and Crusch Lulu, causing Shalltear to complain why lizardmen were in the credits. Albedo tells everyone that the next ED could be different from the previous season and they should prepare. It's granted that the OP theme song would include Ainz as his existence defines the show. But the Ending however allows for greater freedom where anyone can be added. Thus she thinks they should prepare to do a group appearance when the time comes.

Aura Bella Fiora doesn't get why the ED is so important, until Albedo tells her that there are cases where the ED becomes so popular that it can be a social phenomenon. Their goal is to make Ainz Ooal Gown popular and when the next season ED comes they need to do it perfectly as it will be posted on the internet. Mare begins to panic on the stress of the project, which causes Ainz to comfort him as they are all new to this. Shalltear suggests maybe Kyouhukou could be added in the ED as he has some skill in dancing, but is turned down as they are looking for something more casual, to which Shalltear recommends they do pole dancing like what her Vampire Brides do for her in private. This only earns her a sarcastic remark from Albedo on her hobby's use in this situation.

Ainz thinks perhaps he could summon a bunch of undead and have them do a group dance. However, he realizes it wouldn't work as he never danced in his life so he keeps the idea quiet. Some other types of dances are suggested like tap dancing, cheer-leading, and even wotagei. Having no experience in any of those suggestion, Ainz tells them it would be more dignified of him if slower movement was involved. The Overseer Guardian takes Ainz's wisdom to heart and thinks that they should do a Bon dance, but Aura complains that ED will be broadcasting in the early summer of 2018 and thus it will not be suitable.

Albedo not discouraged just says that they will do a summer theme then, as it the perfect time for their popularity to boom. The Floor Guardians then start drafting a song for the upcoming ED. However that lasts until Albedo realizes that recently there's been a trend of anime being popular due to them being educational. Demiurge likes the idea and proposes they include pictures with information of the Supreme Beings. As they ponder their ideas, a sudden realization comes up that they would need to prepare for enemies. Ainz tries to tell them that these educational ads, might be pointless as they are an anime not suitable for children.

Now that Albedo thinks about their plan, she wonders if they should just do less movement or a static image in the ED. An idea is put out by Demiurge that they should do a line up that shows all the characters in the series. Ainz finds that to be acceptable until the demon also adds to have the characters who died vanish based on the weekly development of the anime season. Aura still wants some movement in the ED and it should be kept simple. Instead of dancing and worrying about choreography, she proposes they all just run to create a sense of dynamism. As for the punchline when they run, Sebas Tian recommends they have the camera van up while they run to have a shot of the sky. As they figure out what their ED shot is going to be, Demiurge suggests they try it out and fetches a camera. He tells Ainz to run first as they will chase after him.

When camera starts recording, Ainz is seen from the side, initially running alone, but the next shot has his Floor Guardians join him with images of minor characters appearing and disappearing above the crowd. Ainz moves on ahead alone, reaching for the light up ahead as the last scene, symbolically for the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Captions below state that the 2018 anime of Overlord ended in January and recommends readers view it for themselves.

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  • This chapter first appears in Monthly Comp Ace February 2018 Issue.


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