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Role Play 〜 Supreme Beings' Play 〜 (ロールプレイ〜至高の御方々の戯れ〜) is the second part of the eleventh chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


While waiting for the rest of the guild to gather for an evening meeting, Peroroncino tries to help Momonga look the role as the ruler of Nazarick in the Throne Room. Momonga finds this to be tedious but the birdman insists that he needs to act it out and maintain an image of a fearsome Demon King. Herohero arrives and walks in on Momonga's and Peroroncino's dramatic introductions as the Demon King of Nazarick and his right hand respectively. Herorhero realizes that they are role playing, to act out as an evil guild of monsters. The slimes asks to be named the left hand of the Demon King, though Peroroncino thinks his role is better suited as an executive in the Demon King's army, one who strips the equipment from unfortunate female adventurers, much to his comrades annoyances. Having a moment of inspiration, Peroroncino thinks they should design an NPC slime maid. Yamaiko arrives having heard his lewd ideas which embarrasses Peroroncino. Yamaiko gets in on the role playing and wonders what she should be given that the roles for right and left hands of the Demon King are taken. They ponder if they should reorganize them into the Three or Four Demon Generals, two specializing in short range attacks and the other two in long range attacks. When Bukubukuchagama is next to come into the Throne Room, they four guild members form themselves as the Four Demon General with Momonga as the Demon King. Bukubukuchagama tries her best in her act as an executive of the Demon Army, though causes aghast looks by Herohero and Momonga when she makes a perverted comments of being a feared general that melts the clothes off magic casters like how her brother declared for Herohero. Touch Me appears in the room and Peroroncino greets and presents himself and the others as the Four Demo Kings who protect Momonga the Demon King. This prompts Touch Me to play along and declares that he will defeat them, activating his "Justice Has Arrived" effect. Momonga taking his role as the Demon King honestly asks if Touch Me defeat his Demon Generals. The five soon face off against Touch Me in what appears as a battle which a photo was promptly taken by Momonga who shows it to Ulbert Alain Odle who then begin using [Message] to call the others.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace March 2018 Issue.
  • Originally when this chapter made its first debut in Monthly Comp Ace, it was one chapter, however it was split in Overlord: The Undead Oh! Volume 01.


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