Joint Magazine「Beloved ♥ Ainz」(合同誌「いとしの ♥ アインズ様」) is the eighth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore arrive late to an Our Beloved Ainz-Sama ♥ meeting hosted by Albedo. Their lateness is excused and the meeting starts. The purpose of the meeting is to review submissions to include them into the anthology. Any piece of work deemed disrespectful to their master will be rejected.

The first story they review is "Three Footprints", a story about Albedo ad Ainz Ooal Gown's newborn child. It is immediately rejected by Neuronist Painkill and Shalltear Bloodfallen on the grounds of Albedo stealing the spotlight. Demiurge reiterates that the stories they are looking for to include should be entertaining for all and not monopolize Ainz's deep affection. Albedo reluctantly agrees and decided not to include her story. Though her story is rejected, her colleagues notice the intricate images Albedo included. Albedo admits that the artwork was done by the Homunculus Maids created by Whitebrim. Apparently the maids were so busy, that Sebas Tian failed to submit his own submission on time.

The next story is by Shalltear Bloodfallen that was dictated by her Vampire Bride called "Love Technique". Albedo sensing where its going tries to reject it, but Shalltear demands that someone first read it. Aura takes the script and starts reading it aloud to an erotic scene and her eyes are immediately covered by Yuri Alpha. Demuirge reading through it makes it clear that erotic stories are also out of the question for the anthology. He asks the participants in the room to confirm if their submission has this issue.

Cocytus asks his story to be reviewed as he is unsure. It details a story of Cocytus teaching Ainz Ooal Gown's son who wears a dress. Since its only cross-dressing, Demiurge believes that to be fine though Ainz will have to make an appearance in the story. Cocytus having thought that out states that the story ends with Ainz's son giving him flowers as a token of appreciation. The story is immediately accepted by Albedo, Shalltear and Neuronist.

Seeking another heart-warming story, the group turn to Mare's work. It is a picture book of him washing Ainz's back, which is actually based on a true story in Spa Resort Nazarick. Neuronist is aghast at hearing this and is full of envy.

CZ2I28 Delta's story, "One Yen", is counted as a good story by Yuri. Though its a four panel comic, where she and Ainz interact with Ainz confessing the red balls on his shoulders are cherries and edible. However the others believe it to be too surrealistic.

Aura asks what did Yuri Alpha write for the anthology. The Vice-Captain of the Pleiades reveals her work as " A Treatise on Ainz Ooal Gown - An Introduction", in other words an intro and table of contents covering all crucial events involving Ainz in a simple and clear manner. Yuri even included an Acknowledgement section.

Demiurge's story is expected to be a good one called "Dream". In turns out not to be just a short story but a novel where the protagonist pledging loyalty to Ainz and is acknowledged and praised by the latter. Mare notices that the name of the protagonist is unnamed, which Demiurge explains to be intentional as the story is meant to be immersive and allow the reader to add their own name into the story. Many of the members of the group find the idea enticing and fantasize themselves into the story and receiving Ainz's praise.

The next submission is from Aura, which is about her serving her master when he comes for a visit to the 6th Floor. The artwork was likewise contributed to the Homunculus Maids adding to another culprit of why Sebas Tian failed to submit his work. Neuronist provides her own work, "Lip Bug Review", where the torturer picked up a handful of lip bugs to use when he is outside of Nazarick. Her work is a compilation of each lip bug's voice, though many find it hard to grasp.

The last work is revealed by Albedo which is a collection of drawings of Ainz drew by the maids, much to Yuri's horror and embarrassment that contributed to Sebas Tian's failing. Albedo then calls out for a vote to have the approved submissions be included into the anthology which the members of the meeting agree.

The anthology was released as a whole work and was greatly enjoyed by the NPCs of Nazarick. However it was encouraged by the denizens of the Great Tomb of Nazarick to keep its existence quiet. That was the idea, until Pandora's Actor revealed its existence to his creator, who then demanded the Treasurer to show him the magazine.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace November 2017 Issue.


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