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An Outfit Capable of Decimating Swarms of Enemies (大量殺戮兵器〇〇を殺す服) is the seventh chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Looking at Albedo's wardrobe, Shalltear Bloodfallen notes that Tabula Smaragdina did not give the Overseer Guardian much to wear. Albedo complains that she doesn't have clothes that maximize skin exposure. Aura points out her current attire shows more skin than her fellow female Floor Guardians. Albedo believes that since she is a Succubus she should be wearing clothes that shows off more skin. Aura states since Tabula made her that way already there shouldn't be any problems. They turn to the topic of his leather attire, and even Neuronist Painkill. Albedo finding inspiration shows her friends a bikini armor. Shalltear complains that it has no defensive stats which would hinder Albedo in protecting Ainz Ooal Gown.

Shalltears recommends wearing clothing that maintains a good level of defense while adding erotic nature. The vampire shares her some words she learned from her creator Peroroncino on seducing one using little skin. Like how Mare Bello Fiore is in his schoolgirl outfit.

Albedo begins trying clothes from Shalltear's wardrobe. Shalltear is quite proud of her collection of dresses as it displays her creator's love for her. She begins showing the Floor Guardians the various shameless clothing she possesses. Shalltear then displays the pride of her clothes, the Virgin Killer Outfit, which is a normal looking dress, that Peroroncino gave her to. The trio are confused at its name believing it to be a magic item of some sort. According to Shalltear, her creator was very desperate to get the full set of this dress. However, Shalltear could detect no such enchantment, leading Albedo to mistakenly think its a copy and the real one is hidden. The women go down to the Treasury to see Pandora's Actor but only receive a gaping stare. While they couldn't find the original, Shalltear agrees to lend Albedo the 'fake' dress.

Ainz returns to Nazarick after adventuring and finds Albedo there wearing the Virgin Killer Outfit which he recognizes. Thrilled that he knows it she asked him how she looks, only for him to hesitantly say she looks 'nice'. 

Albedo reports to her friends that it was a success. Though Albedo was locked up after she tried to straddle Ainz, forcing him to lock her in the Frozen Prison. Albedo having to spend time with her sister, Nigredo lent her the clothes she wore.

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  • This chapter first appeared in the Monthly Comp Ace September 2017 Issue.
  • This chapter was the only Overlord material released by Monthly Comp Ace in that month.


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