Overeating (オーバーイーティング) is a demon that consumes souls.

Appearance Edit

Overeating looks like something cross between a man and a frog. It has a jaundiced yellow skin that gleams with a sticky, shiny coating. Its body is covered in huge lumps, which are in fact human faces pressed out against the skin from the inside.

It possesses a mouth that could swallow a man in one gulp gaped open and an abnormally long tongue. In the depths of its massive mouth, one could see the flickers of fires from within.

Abilities Edit

Overeating can consume the souls of its victims to produce a wail that would terrify and kill any living creature. The poor unfortunates, who have been eaten by an Overeating, take their place as additions to the demon's skin. Their souls are condemned to a fate worse than death, where the tormented expressions of their screaming faces are pressed out from the inside of its body.

Overeating also has a great leaping ability, falling from the sky out of nowhere to pin their prey.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • During Operation Gehenna, Bona Ingre when attempting to flee was swallowed whole by an Overeating.


  1. Overlord Volume 06 Chapter 11: The Final Battle of the Disturbance

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