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Orc Nation is a demi-human nation that exists in the New World.


Going by its name a demi-human nation populated by orcs. It is located in the center on the continent. They have a food market that involved selling people with a humanoid appearance such as humans to their orc citizens.


The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country Arc

Main article: The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country Arc

This nation was briefly mentioned as one of the many countries where Keno was inconvenienced due to her human appearance. For instance, she had once been treated as an escaped meal in the market of an Orc nation, resulting in the vampire using violence to break a pair of arms and part of the ribs.[1]


The Orc Nation was one of many nations in the central continent where the humanoid species were on the bottom of the totem pole. They were all troublesome countries for people like Keno with humanoid appearances. While they allowed travelers certain rights, they were still dangerous places.

Foreign Relations

Besides being a treacherous place for humanoid the other neighboring nations seem to follow the practice in using humanoids as food.


  • This is the first instance of an orc nation in the New World.


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