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Orcs (豚鬼 (オーク) ) are one of the demi-human races in the New World and YGGDRASIL.


Orcs are a demi-human species that live in the unexplored region of the Abelion Hills. They are tribal and in constant warfare with the other demi-human tribes in the area. The fighting was so bad to the point that the Holy Kingdom had to build the Great Wall in response to their conflicts.

Reasonably so, the Holy Kingdom built the wall with the sole purpose to keep the fighting between demi-human tribes away from affecting their nation in any harmful way. One could even speculate that the Holy Kingdom didn't want to be caught in the crossfire with them, hence they built the wall in the first place.

Since orcs eat humans for food, the Adventurer's Guild often gets requests to suppress them, similar to the goblins.

At the end of the war against Jaldabaoth and his Demi-human Alliance, it is shown that the orcs of the Abelion Hills or at least some of the orc tribes have joined the Sorcerer Kingdom as they were part of the Demi-human coalition along with the Zern that came under the direct leadership of the Sorcerer King to provide assistance to the Holy Kingdom Liberation Army.

The orcs have now managed to successfully integrate quite well among the other races within the Sorcerer Kingdom with even a few of them setting up shops and businesses in E-Rantel.[1]


Orcs are demi-humans around the height of a typical man, with porcine facial features.[2]


In the Web Novel, the Orcs of the Abelion Hills are said to not to stay in one place. Their dwellings being dilapidated tents for their nomadic existence.[3]

It is also said that Orcs are a species that loved cleanliness. Their sense of beauty was different from humans, with human beauties being the pinnacle of ugliness.


Orcs have great physical strength, greater than what a normal human could possess. However, orcs have rather low intelligence in contrast to their brute power.

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Known Orcs[]

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