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Open Air Golem (露天ゴーレム) is a golem of the Spa Resort Nazarick and one of Luci★Fer's creations.


The Open Air Golem was a tall humanoid type construct made of earthen rock. A single eye peeked through a cracked domed head.


The golem was created with a directive to be hostile to those who are accompanied by a harem. Once it detects an individual being sandwiched amongst the bodies of the opposite sex, it will attack and nothing will deter it even if the target separates from his/her harem. The golem is dedicated to its mission as its creator neglected to give it any instruction to avoid friendly fire. Using the voice of its creator, the golem spews out its disdain for indecent acts within the baths.


The Open Air Golem was created by Luci★Fer, as one of his many gimmicks that he added into the Great Tomb of Nazarick as a joke. It was placed discreetly within Spa Resort Nazarick at the mixed open air hot spring bath area. It was perfectly camouflaged and when inactive just resembled a rock in the center of the bath. Like many of Luci★Fer's creations, the golem had a specific start-up condition and would only activate when "a person with a harem approaches it". The number of people required to activate it is a four member group.


Mass for the Dead Arc[]

There was an incident involving Albedo attempting to sneak a peek at Momonga's naked body in Spa Resort Nazarick, her lewd actions provoked the anger of the Lion Golem which attacked her and her female Floor Guardians. After it was defeated, Momonga tasked CZ2128 Delta to search for other golem traps made by Luci★Fer in order to prevent such situations from happening again in the future. The Pleiades maid using her knowledge of Nazarick's security systems successfully located and deactivated every potential gimmick by the Supreme Being. Only one golem remained which was located within the mixed open air hot spring spa in Spa Resort Nazarick. However as it was hidden at the time, the only way to make it reveal its location was by presenting a harem before it. At a meeting in the Round Table Room, when the protagonist and Solution Epsilon mentioned to Momonga about there being hot springs in the outside world, Momonga thought it would be a good idea to visit the baths again to soak in the hot springs. Both Albedo and Shalltear Bloodfallen were quick to accept his impromptu invitation, mistakenly believing that he wanted them to accompany him in the baths.

In addition to that, his invitation to his subordinates to join at the hot springs were misunderstood by Demiurge, who saw the trip to the baths as an exercise for him to deactivate the golem which still sleeping there. Since he had 'invited' two of the female Floor Guardians, it was assumed by Demiurge and the others that he was being proactive despite this not really being the case. Momonga unwillingly to disappoint their expectations stated that it was part of his plan all along.

Later Momonga and his harem composed of Shalltear, Albedo and a few members of the Pleiades then headed to the open air hot springs to deal with the golem. The golem reacted to the set conditions and attacked Momonga. Momonga who was still equipped with his magical items distracted the thing long enough for Shizu to sneak behind it and deactivate. Once the golem was deemed harmless, the party then allowed themselves to enjoy the hot springs.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

Besides it's impressive strength, the golem is capable of casting magic though albeit in a limited fashion. It uses explosion magic to target its enemies, risking its own life while taking shots.


  • Explosive Land Mine: Trap magic that explodes when it is near the enemy


  • This is the second golem made by Luci★Fer, with the first being the Lion Golem.
  • In the game, it was mentioned that other golem traps exist in Spa Resort Nazarick with their own unique activation conditions. Situations like "rubbing your body in the baths", "putting a towel in the bath", "entering without tying your hair", "eating the floating yozu", "crushing the charcoal" etc.
  • Based on the activation sequence, Momonga deduces that the golem was meant to attack Peroroncino due to his fixations with harems.


  • (To Momonga and his companions): "Detecting presence of evil harem......!"
  • (To intruders): "Impure acts are not allowed in the sacred baths! Die! With Humility!
  • (When attacking): "Riajuu... Explode!"
  • (To Momonga): "Impure acts are not allowed! Die!"



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