One-Yen Sticker is an accessory item from YGGDRASIL


These stickers were specially made by CZ2128’s creator, for his creation.


The stickers possess the numerical 1 Yen symbol. It was made of paper that gleamed with frightening luster.


Despite the simplicity of the item, these papers don't come off with water, surprising beings like Entoma and Aura with their resilience.


  • CZ2128 likes to paste these on objects or people that she likes.[1]
  • In the non-canon spin-off Pure Pure Pleiades, CZ2128 places one on Pandora's Actor while he was secretly transformed into a cat. And in the official Overlord novel, she places one on Neia Barja.[2]
  • Originally a limited item, Ainz Ooal Gown promised to mass-produce them for CZ2128.[3]
  • New Worlders think this is a sort of talisman.


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