Old Purple (紫のご老は) is the unnamed marquis of the Southern Holy Kingdom and a member of Nine Colors.

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According to Marquis Bodipo, he is described as an old man due to his age.

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He is an 80-year-old individual who had been appointed a rank among the Nine Colors. As a great noble of the South with the rank of Marquis, he had been granted the color, Purple, in recognition of his loyalty to the royal family and his achievements.

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The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc Edit

Main article: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

During the meeting with a group of Nobles from the Southern Holy Kingdom, Prince Caspond inquires the whereabouts of Old Purple. Marquis Bodipo informed the prince that the Marquis was unwell and hence, he was unable to make the journey to Kalinsha.[1]

Relationships Edit

Caspond Bessarez Edit

Caspond appears to be familiar with him during his talk with the nobles from the South.

Trivia Edit

  • So far, Old Purple is the only member among the Nine Colors known to reside in the Southern Holy Kingdom unlike the other members introduced in the Overlord series until now.

Quotes Edit


  1. Overlord Volume 13 Chapter 7: Savior of the Nation


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