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Oaknys (オークネイス) is a city in the Karnassus City-State Alliance.


Forty years ago Oaknys was the site of City-State Alliance’s Connelier. However it suffered a bit of public backlash for its lack of lateness and handling when it was rumored that there were Vanquished Spectres at the event. There wasn't any direct evidence to support the existence of the undead, but it was nevertheless a fatal accident occurred and a riot with massive casualties had been incited. Due to this the title of “The Organizer of Oaknys” became synonymous with incompetence.


The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

The city was mentioned briefly upon the introduction of the Connelier and its importance to the City-State Alliance.[1]


It was said that Oaknys's demographics was like majority of cities in that it never had a single race hold majority over 40% of the population.


  • Despite the stigma to its name, other city mayors believed that Oaknys’s handle of the incident forty years ago wasn’t bad.


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