Nurunuru (ニュールニュール) is one of the new guild members of newly-founded Ainz Ooal Gown introduced in the Overlord Bonus Volume.

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Nurunuru is a heteromorph being that looked like a lump of sand. His voice was made by two tentacles that were open at the end, called voice strands. Therefore, a lot of excess noise got into his voice in many places like the Dolor Desert. He possessed no eyes for his field of vision but relies on his senses.

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Nurunuru has an androgynous and very distinctive tone of voice though somewhat garbled while speaking in a sandstorm. He appears to be very analytical and has knowledge in science using it to scientifically explain natural phenomena.

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When Suzuki Satoru, Keno and Scraea had found the Herdroper, Nurunuru had indicated his desire to travel with them on their adventures. He had no personal name in life, so Suzuki Satoru had chosen to name him as Nurunuru. It was supposed to be a temporary name at first for him, but he had decided to continue using it.

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The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country Arc Edit

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Nurunuru participated in an expedition to the Dolor Desert to discover the secret behind a gigantic tornado that appeared every thirty years. Traveling with him were Crystal, Keno Fasris Invern and Suzuki Satoru. After the group reaches the center of the tornado, they found an enhanced view of the night sky. Nurunuru guessed it was the result of atmospheric diffraction and guessed that the tornado, caused the atmosphere to be warped, forming what seemed to be a gigantic lens like a telescope. The group determined that the tornado was a natural occurrence and decided to do some stargazing. He and Crystal went for a walk within leaving behind Keno and Suzuki. After the tornado ceased, Nurunuru patted each of his friends to clean away the sand. Later teleporting back to their inn, he and Crystal decided to retire for the night.[1]

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According to the guild master, he is a psychic magic caster. He had the special ability of being able to cast spells without verbal or somatic components and instantly casting them while standing stock still. He could obtain information about his surroundings through sensing the vibrations around him.

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Crystal Edit

He and Nurunuru had once clashed during a certain incident, but they became friends after yet another incident.

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  • Suzuki Satoru has troubled identifying its gender but considered the heteromorphic as a "he" during his internal monologues.
  • Nurunuru shares the same name as another Overlord character: Nurunuru, the Lip Bug.

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