Nurunuru (ヌルヌル君) is a Lip Bug of Nazarick and Ainz's pet.

Appearance Edit

Nurunuru is an insect with a brightly-colored body coated with sticky yet slippery secretions, and the front part of its body resembles a pair of human lips. The color of the lip bug is very important, as it tells when they are most energetic by their color.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Nurunuru is an insect which attaches itself to other creatures vocal chords and imitate the voice of its victims. It is a creature that prefers to hide in the darkness to avoid sunlight. Once applied on the user's throat, there is a change in their voice, given that is the creature’s special ability. It feeds on fresh cabbage leafs.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Nurunuru is a mercenary monster spawned with YGGDRASIL gold.
  • Ainz usually asks Entoma Vasilissa Zeta for taking care of Nurunuru.
  • The Lp Bug shares its name with Nurunuru a character from an alternate timeline.[2]

References Edit

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