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Nobura (ノブラ) is a goblin soldier and a member of the Goblin Troop.


In the Anime Nobura is a goblin soldier that wears chainmail armor. His distinctive trait is a scar on the right side of his lip.


Like most in the Goblin Troop, Nobura is both disciplined and professional in his duties.


Enri Emmot used the Horn of the Goblin General to summon Nobura and his brethren. Thanks to their help, they came to support her and Carne Village in rebuilding and protecting its inhabitants.


The Two Leaders Arc

Nobura attended breakfast with the rest of the Troop with the Emmot family. Like the others, he got into a merry argument about who was favored by Enri.

Later when Carne Village was threatened by the possibility of attack by the Demon Snake of the West and Giant of the East he took arms to defend his mistress's home. He took part in the battle against the duo's forces and survived.[1]

 The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

During the Kingdom's annual war with the Baharuth Empire, Carne Village was faced with another threat in the form of Crown Prince Barbro. Nobura and the other goblins and ogres defended the village whilst the villagers escaped.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Nobura is a level 8 goblin soldier. He is equipped with a chain shirt and axe.


Enri Emmot

Like all the summoned goblins, Nobura is fiercely loyal to Enri Emmot.

Nemu Emmot

Nemu is Enri's sister thus Nobura treats her as an individual important to his mistress.

Nfirea Bareare

Like the other goblins, Nobura is supportive of Nfirea's relationship with Enri.


  • Though not named in the Light Novel, the Overlord III Anime adaption provides his name in a role call.


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