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Noble (貴族) is a generic term for an individual who is a member of the upper class or aristocracy. So far, it is a job class that seems to only exist in the New World.


Nobles are an integral part of human society in the New World. They are the ruling heads of their territories and populations. In a feudal nation, nobles were statesmen that served the head of the country, acting as advisers.[1] Nobles who had a large number of servants often had an official merchant. Whenever nobles went to go buy things, they would be guided by their official merchant.[2]


The Nobility possesses a hierarchy based on their titles. In the Baharuth Empire, blood-related relatives of the Emperor would be Dukes, and below them were Marquesses, Earls, Viscounts, and Barons. A Margrave was equivalent to a Marquis in the Empire. It was the highest rank that a non-blood related noble could reach, excluding marriage. Such a noble had a large private army, a wide and vast territory, and could make their own laws to a limited extent. A Margrave was seen as a Marquis and was nothing more than a change in title.[3]

Known Nobles

Known Noble Groups

Abilities and Powers

Nobles were the hereditary rulers within a feudal nation. They were a privileged class and gained their wealth from taxes and tolls they levied in their assigned domains. The only ones that the nobles acknowledge was their sovereign lord. However, due to their elitism and privileges, most nobles abused their power and authority, resulting in bitterness towards them by the commoners.[4] Besides merchants, nobles were also able to handle platinum coins in international trade.[5]

For nobles, their mansions were their status symbol. Although it was ostentatious, it was meant to keep appearances with their fellow other nobles. Whether it be artworks, jewelry, clothing, mansions, and gardens, all these were the tools of war for nobles to use in their own battlefield.[6]

At the end of the day, the aristocracy was nothing more than a bunch of creatures whose eyes could not see past one’s appearances. Clothing was naturally a part of the game. A shabby garment could signify the owner’s weakness and was therefore very useful for someone who wished to be under the protection of their superiors. An outfit like this was a must-have for those who wish to play the role of a weak nobleman on the stage.[7]

Even for nobles, it was common for those who could not inherit the household to become butlers or maids. The more prestigious a noble's title, the likelier they wished to employ such servants under them.[8]

On the other hand, if a noble was the eldest of the siblings and wanted to succeed in the family, this would usually happen rather late in their lives. They had to at least be roughly thirty years old. Prior to this, nobles were given an allowance to spend as much as they wished, by their fathers who were the head of their family households. In the event that they have already married adults with children, nobles are given an invitation to places like a mansion for their own leisure or entertainment. There, they have access to wine, women, drugs, and so on. Along the way, a conversation between fellow nobles in a similar situation can result in the nobles building closer relationships with one another. In doing so, they can simultaneously enjoy themselves while establishing connections.[9]


  • In the Re-Estize Kingdom, only nobles could gain the status of a knight.[10]
  • Maids that worked in the Valencia Palace were actually daughters of noble families.
  • Typically whereas commoners possessed two names, nobles possessed three. And lastly titled people like royalty had four names.[11] Though in the Web Novel, nobles are said to possess four names.[12]
  • It is highly possible for female nobles who were stripped away of their wealth to be sold off to Slavery as slaves especially by their own parents. Particularly, the parents of Arche Eeb Rile Furt did just that to their two remaining daughters after the oldest one passed away.
  • Before the fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom, the Sorcerer Kingdom/Nazarick have already convinced multiple nobles to switch sides and join the latter nation.[13]


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