No Cash Item Alliance was a sub-group within the clan of Nine's Own Goal.


While it was possible for players to enhance their winnings through the use of cash items, some within Nine's Own Goal believed that they could compensate for weakness with skill. The No Cash Item Alliance was formed and its members swore a pact that forbid the use of cash items.


Overlord Prologue Arc

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Logging onto YGGDRASIL, Momonga is greeted by his friend Peroroncino. He notices that Peroroncino has applied a new effect on his armor and comments on it. Momonga asks Peroroncino whether it was the result of a newly discovered data crystal, but only to be disappointed upon learning from his friend that he used a cash item. Momonga then retorted Peroroncino for betraying their friendship as well as the group's breach of the agreement to the terms of their Alliance as was supposedly agreed upon. However, Peroroncino's plead to Momonga for forgiveness was able to convince him about the advantages of cash items, such as less data space.[1]



  • The status of the group is unknown after the dissolution of Nine's Own Goal and reformation as Ainz Ooal Gown.
  • It's possible that the alliance was disbanded because of either Momonga eventually becoming an avid cash item user or Peroroncino being the first who bought something with real money involved.
  • Seeing that Nishikienrai and Warrior Takemikazuchi are deciding to use Cash Items, it influences Ulbert Alain Odle to consider making the same choice as they did though it's unclear whether he actually follow through with their idea after saying so quietly.[2]


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