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Ninya's Diary was a book that belonged to the silver ranked adventurer Ninya.


Originally a possession of Ninya, it later fell in the hands of Ainz Ooal Gown after the former was murdered by Clementine. Ainz claimed the book, and took it to the Great Tomb of Nazarick for study.


Though it was too shoddy to be truly called a book, it had a fade leather cover and was held together with metal wire.


The diary contained a written account of Ninya's history. It recorded her account of events of her life with her older sister, Tuareninya Veyron and how her sister was taken by a noble against her will. The last entry of the diary documented, her adventurer group gaining new comrades to gather herbs in the Great Forest of Tob.


  • The diary was translated by the Chief Librarian Titus Annaeus Secundus, allowing Ainz to not only learn of his brief comrade's history but have a greater understanding of the New World.[1]
  • This item played a pivotal role in allowing Tuare admittance into Nazarick, as Ainz felt he was indebt to the late Ninya who provided him with the diary.


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