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Ninja is a job class that hailed originally from YGGDRASIL.


By YGGDRASIL standard, the prerequisite to becoming a Ninja is that the person must at least be level 60 or higher.[1] However, it apparently seems that such a standard was not applicable in the New World as it is now possible to take the ninja class early on in life.

Known Ninjas

Known Ninja-type Monsters

Abilities and Powers

While they are not as good as pure scouting-type characters, no stealth-specialized character can evade a ninja's eyes.[2]

For Thief-type classes out there, Ninja is a specialization that comes from taking many classes of the Assassin [subcategory] and reaching Level 60. Ninjas sacrifice the Direct Combat Ability in pursuit for more Ninjutsu.[3]


  • Bursting Flame Column: A ninjutsu skill used to seemingly create a self-imploding explosion with flames.
  • Dark Crossing: A ninjutsu skill used to teleport from one shadow to another one nearby.
  • Hide Shadow: A ninjutsu skill used to fuse seamlessly in any shadow, becoming invisible to the naked eye as well as avoiding detection.
  • Immobility Binding Paralysis: A ninjutsu skill used to temporarily immobilize a single target.
  • Immovable Adamantine Shield: A ninjutsu skill used to create a large shield radiating with multiple colors to appear in front of her.
  • Shadow Clone: A ninjutsu skill used to create a clone of herself. The clone has one-quarter of the original body’s battle power. However, only the shadow’s evading ability was determined by the amount of magic power granted to it by the main body.
  • Unnamed Ninja Skill: A ninjutsu skill which allowed the ninja to detect the presence of those who were concealed by magic or some other skills.[4]


  • In the New World, both Tia and Tia have the Ninja class yet the two are not even at level 60 which was supposed to be the requirement in the game.
  • High-leveled ninja-type monsters like Hanzo are capable of leaving unique afterimages behind them.[5]


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