Nine Goddesses (9体の女神) were legendary figures who appeared two hundred years ago in the New World. They took part in the fight against the Evil Deities when the New World was in the midst of total chaos.


Two hundred years earlier prior to Ainz Ooal Gown's appearance in the modern era, the New World suffered disastrous turmoil from the destruction left by every Evil Deity roaming the continent. Responding to this calamity, the Nine Goddesses join the Thirteen Heroes' cause in combating the Evil Deities, defeating each of them one by one.

The Nine Goddesses have descended down from the heavens to enter into combat with the Demon God King and his subordinate Demons. Alongside the Thirteen Heroes, the Nine Goddesses have managed to vanquish the Demon God King and his army. In the end, the demons' reign of terror on the continent was finally over at last.

In the present time, the carnage from such a battle can still be visibly seen to this day. Zaryusu Shasha noted in a certain place, it was possible to find old traces of that destruction from back then scarred there.[1]


According to the author Maruyama, it was said that the power level of the Nine Goddesses are superior to the likes of Evileye, the Evil Deities, and the Thirteen Heroes.[2]


  • The main Light Novel series have only made several mentions of the Thirteen Heroes, but none about the historical accounts of the Nine Goddesses except from the Web Novel which they are believed to exist.


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