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Nimble Arc Dale Anoch (ニンブル・アーク・デイル・アノック) is a member of the Four Imperial Knights of the Baharuth Empire.


He is a handsome young man with short blonde hair, with parted bangs revealing a dark-colored circlet, and his eyes are as blue as the sea. Nimble is described to have an image of a perfect knight.


Nimble is a proud knight and takes pride in his title as a member of the Four Imperial Knights as well as one of the mightiest warriors of the Baharuth Empire. Nimble carries himself with a dignified air and tries to act, at least by his views, in a way becoming of one of the Four Knights and a noble. Though due to his experience with his sisters, Nimble is apprehensive towards women.

He is shown to be level-headed, honorable and loyal to his emperor and empire. While proud of his status and accomplishments, he does not tend to look down on others and will acknowledge those with exceptional qualities. While on the Katze Plains he was hesitant to pull rank on a general though he was of higher authority because the general was a good man and an excellent leader.

However, after witnessing the massacre at Katze Plains in person, these titles and achievements now amount to nothing to him. He realized that in spite of his abilities, he was no more than a foot soldier before the might of the sorcerer kingdom.


Born as a third born child to a Baron of the Baharuth Empire, with an elder brother, an elder sister, and a younger sister. While he and his family are on good terms, Nimble caught Jircniv's attention at a young age and his older brother worked to get him into Jircniv's service. Eventually, Nimble has earned the title of Count through his personal achievements. He worries about whether or not to marry off his little sister. Both his older and younger sisters are worried about him being single.


The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc[]

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Nimble's name is mentioned in one of the workers' discussions at Count Femel residence as one of the strongest warriors in the Baharuth Empire before the expedition of the Large Tomb.[1]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc[]

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Nimble arrives at the Imperial Castrum and meets up with General Carvain. They talk about this war being a bloody battle to capture E-Rantel as a gift to honor the alliance between the Empire and Nazarick while building a friendly relationship. The Empire also requests for Ainz Ooal Gown to cast one of his powerful magic, to determine his power. Nimble, General Carvain, and the Imperial Knights welcome the Sorcerer King's arrival with great hospitality. Afterwards, Ainz's army is teleported and their arrival made everyone realize, with just their appearance alone, that the small army of five hundred is not to be underestimated.[2]

At the Katze Plains, with Nimble standing on his side, Ainz starts casting his most powerful spell. Rattled by the amount of death the single spell inflicted on the enemies, fear starts to well up within Nimble as he realizes that Ainz shows neither joy nor remorse as a normal human being would have in the same situation. Nimble later congratulates Ainz, but he is told by the Sorcerer King that his spell isn't fully completed yet. The scenes that follow later make Nimble feel like he has been drawn into a nightmare when he witnesses the terrifying monsters born from the spell which continue to massacre the Kingdom's Army.

When Ainz revealed his true face to the Imperial Army, Nimble is horrified and realized that someone who could wield such power could not be human. Before Ainz proceeds to the battlefield, Nimble is asked by Ainz on the reason why the Imperial Army hasn't launched an assault yet after he had cast his spell. Ainz has always been the intention to have the Imperial Army move forward to engage the enemy following the spell. Nimble is simply dumbfounded as he doesn't know how to tell Ainz that he is simply rooted to the ground from the fear. He understands that the Empire has broken the terms of the agreement but Ainz has no intention of rebuking Nimble and reassures him that should his men charge right into the fray as they have been ordered, they will simply be trampled like what happened to their enemies. Instead, Ainz will finish the job himself for the Imperial Army. After he left, this brings the fear welling up in Nimble to a new height as he fears Ainz will one day turn his gaze of destruction on his own country.[3]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc[]

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Nimble and his comrade, Baziwood escort Emperor Jircniv to the Imperial Arena for a secret meeting of the High Priests of the Empire and the emissaries of the Slane Theocracy. He prepared drinks for the attendees of the secret meeting. When negotiations ended before they could start, Nimble prevented the two High Priests from leaving until the end of the match.

After Ainz's match with the Martial Lord, he was shocked when Jircniv suggested the Empire become a vassal state to the Sorcerer Kingdom. After Ainz left, he asked Jircniv why he make such a decision. Jircniv told him that the Empire has no allies, and its only hope of safety from the other human nations was by becoming a vassal state. Nimble and Baziwood are saddened by this revelation but took some comfort at Jircniv’s reassurance that they would retain some autonomy.[4]

The Current Situation of Various People. A Prologue Arc[]

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While waiting to deliver a message from Prime Minister Albedo of the Sorcerer Kingdom to Emperor Jircniv, Nimble was directed to a waiting room. There he met with Baziwood. The two knights enjoyed a chat together as Nimble informs Baziwood of his purpose and that the message could wait so as not to ruin Jircniv's mood when he was being visited by a friend. The two discussed the two empty vacancies of the Four Imperial Knights and the lack of finding people with the right qualifications. Some possibilities for a replacement turned to the Martial Lords like Kullervo Palantynen. One Martial Lord, a former noble, in particular was brought up as a possibility join the knights. However they lamented that none of the noble circles responded to the endorsement to fill the vacancies. Nimble though a noble at birth could not provide any insight of what the nobility were thinking due to his limited intelligence network in that area. When the subject turned towards marriage and family, Baziwood asked Nimble why he was still single. The knight confessed that he was afraid of women. When Baziwood asked about his relationship with their former comrade Leinas, he stated that there nothing between them. The two eventually were allowed to meet with the emperor. The emperor taking a look at the parchment found it was an invitation for a ceremony to welcome someone known as the Faceless One from the Roble Holy Kingdom. The emperor not feeling to attend the ceremony then ordered Nimble to act as his representative for the occasion.[5]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet).png NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc[]

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After the signing of the Tripartite Agreement and the creation of the Tripartite Alliance, Nimble led a contingent of imperial knights to E-Rantel to help the reconstruction efforts. With him was Leinas Rockbruise who volunteered to be assigned the post, though he deduces that the "Heavy Explosion" wanted the post to ensure her own safety by making sure the world is stable enough to survive in. When the knights arrived at the city, they were met with a cold reception as just last year the Kingdom and Empire were at war. A young boy who's father was killed in the war, took the opportunity to throw a stone at the knights. He witness Leinas take charge of the situation, and was surprised when she didn't punish the child but quietly encouraged him to be patient with his revenge. During their posting he worked with Leinas to cull the Contaminated Beasts from the area and occasionally sparred with his female comrade.[6]

Once more military forces from the Sunlight Scripture came from the Slane Theocracy, Nimble met with Nigun Grid Luin and Pluton Ainzach on the progress of the city's reconstruction. Ever since the knights arrived in E-Rantel, they slowly gained the people's trust which Nigun noticed and wished to achieve. To share the burden of defending the city and offer the Sunlight Scripture a chance to prove themselves before the people, Nimble offered to coordinate with them to schedule patrols. Later when Carne Village was attacked by Chaos Beasts he and Azinach permitted Nigun to allow his men to investigate.[7]

A few weeks after the incident at Carne Village, Nimble was seen again at Vadis Free City. was he is acting as the garrison leader for undead subjugation. There he gets a visit from a convoy led by Leinas who brought the protagonist and his team composed of Soi and Surako. With growing number of refugees in the city of E-Rantel, more supplies are needed thus he requests their aid in escorting a shipment that will be passing close to the Katze Plains. The journey is perilous and the knights and adventurers nearly lose their lives due to the appearances of undead like a Death Knight and Skeletal Dragon. When the axle to one of the wagons containing the relief supplies becomes broke, and faced with such powerful undead, the Imperial Knight tries to order a retreat, however to his amazement thanks to the protagonist and his friends the undead are defeated and the cargo is safely transported to the city. After the adventurer Nimble impressed by the protagonist's heroism offers him a place in the Empire should he ever wish to advance his career.

Nimble later attended a hearing to discuss a possible sabotage of the city sewers as it was now infested by mutate Sanitary Slimes. The mains suspects of this crime, presented by Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra were the protagonist and Hilma Cygnaeus. All charges on the two were clear up once it was revealed that slimes' mutation was a freak accident.[8]

At the venue of the second summit meeting for the Tripartite Alliance, Nimble was by his emperor's side as his guard. When a mock duel between the Kingdom and Empire was to be done, Nimble fought alongside Zero and Fluder Paradyne to represent the Empire. Though he faced against the protagonist and his team along with Gazef Stronoff, he had not hostility towards them. Eventually he was defeated by Gazef, but was honored to have fought against the strongest the Kingdom.[9]

Shortly after Gazef disappeared to following the tracks of an horde of Chaos Beasts that attacked E-Rantel, Blue Roses left the city. the development was noticed by Nimble who later passed the intelligence to the emperor.[10] The news prompted Emperor Jircniv to increase more of the Empire's military presence to pressure the Kingdom and be elevated as the leader of the Alliance. Nimble soon led more imperial knights to the city, passing Nigun's camp and informing him of the new edict from his leader.[11]

When Jircniv arrived to E-Rantel in what was to be his triumph of becoming leader of the Alliance, a horde of Chaos Beasts coming from the Northern Cave threatened the city. Nimble and the Four Imperial Knight fought with the united forces of the Alliance. To cull the horde, Nimble initiated a plan as directed by the emperor using the workers as a Quarry. To defeat the leader of the horde, he and the Four Knights helped the adventurer Lakyus cut through the monsters so she could slay it. Their victory was short-lived as once they defeated the horde an even greater one was approaching the weakened defenders.[12] A deal is struck by the emperor with an outside party, Jaldabaoth and his demon cohorts. He and his fellow knights witnessed the demons obliterate an army of thirty thousand Chaos Beasts. After the slaughter, the demons demanded their payment which was the riches of the city and also Jircniv's life. Though the first part of the deal was agreed, the life of the emperor was not, causing the knights to quickly attack Jaldabaoth to defend Jircniv. The knights put up a valiant effort to kill Jaldabaoth who easily defeats them and kills Nazami Enec. Nimble and the others were spared death as the demon found them boring.[13]

Nimble having survived the confrontation with the Demon Emperor, experienced a blow to his pride and self-worth as did his fellow knights. It was only worse when Nazami could not be revived even with the aid of Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra's magic as the knight's body was too badly damaged. Upon returning to the imperial capital, rumors began to go abound about their failure in losing to the Demon Emperor. Though the worst of these rumors were directed at the emperor and how he was broken by the demon and left a shell of his former self. When Jircniv refrained from any action to correct these misconceptions, Nimble and his fellow Imperial Knights approached the listless emperor during a briefing on Zero's exploits. The trio urged Jircniv to come to his senses not just to reclaim his dignity but also theirs. To his amazement he learns that Jircniv had not resigned himself to the insults but had been sacrificing his reputation to lure out the Anti-Jircniv faction. Nimble was given orders to head out with the Imperial Knights to the Katze Plains where Zero, who was actually an undercover agent for the emperor, would lead the rebels directly to them and be arrested. Once all the conspirators were collected, Nimble informed Zero that the worker would be rewarded a place among the Four Imperial Knights after he defeated one of them. Though a time could not be scheduled due to the prisoner taking priority, Nimble told the former criminal to be ready for that duel. After he and his knights gave their report to the emperor they were dismissed. Given a moment to talk among themselves Nimble told his comrades how odd he found it that the emperor did not execute the nobles but spared them making him wonder what purpose they will serve.[14]

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Abilities and Powers[]

Nimble is regarded as one of the strongest of the Four Imperial Knights, therefore one of the strongest warriors of the Empire. His weapon of choice indicates a proficiency with a longsword, and possess skills in mounted combat. In Mass for the Dead, Nimble is capable of casting at least one 3rd tier spell.

Job Classes[]


  • Fireball: A 3rd tier spell that allows the caster to summon a large fireball that is used for attacks.[15]


Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix[]

Nimble is loyal to Emperor Jircniv and the Baharuth Empire, performing his duty in ensuring his safety as one of his bodyguards. Both held each other in mutual respect and friendship, and is one of the Emperor’s closest confidants. He was also saddened and depressed when he saw his emperor in a low state and when the empire was offered up as a vassal state.

Natel Inyem Dale Carvain[]

Nimble is in good terms with General Carvain and respects him. He doesn't want to use the imperial decree against the General as it may damage their friendship.

Ainz Ooal Gown[]

Originally, Nimble treated the Sorcerer King with courtesy and hospitality as he is the leader of the allied nation of the Empire when they first met at the encampment to fight the Re-Estize Kingdom. However, after Ainz Ooal Gown casts his super-tier spell which summoned the Dark Young to massacre the Royal Army and Nimble seeing Ainz's true face, the imperial knight now sees him as a complete monster. He even fears that Ainz Ooal Gown will one day turn his gaze of destruction on his own country.

Baziwood Peshmel[]

Despite Nimble having worked with Baziwood, Nimble was never able to drop using honorifics when speaking with his colleague. He is though a good friend to baziwood as he encouraged Baziwood that he was a good husband and father when the latter felt not being able to do enough for his family. In private, they discuss and debate over various topics.

Leinas Rockbruise[]

Despite have a apprehension towards women, Nimble worked well with Leinas. However that was because Nimble only saw her as a colleague, not as a woman. As her colleague he wished for her to find happiness.


  • In the Web Novel, he served as Ainz Ooal Gown's guide to Arwintar after the Archduke settled in his mansion.[16]
  • According to Baziwood, Nimble received many letters of introduction from many ladier so much that he didn't even have space left on his desk.


  • (To Carvain): "General Carvain, I think the welcome is not for me, but for the tragedy that is about to unfold. I shudder to imagine what will happen."
  • (To Carvain): "The objective of this war is to build good relations with the Sorcerer King, Ainz Ooal Gown. As such, we are to obtain E-Rantel by any cost in lives, and then relinquish it at no cost to Ainz Ooal Gown, in order to strengthen the ties with both sides."
  • (To Carvain about his order from Jircniv): "Indeed, that is the idea. However, we also intend to investigate the power of the Sorcerer King. As such, we intend to have the Sorcerer King use the most powerful spell he is capable of. His Majesty has asked for this in order to see what manner of magic that might be."
  • (To himself about Ainz): "How can this be? How can this be possible? How can someone like him...like this...be so calm? Even after taking 70,000 lives?! Granted, the battlefield is a place of death. The weak losing their lives is only a matter of course. But even so, shouldn’t he feel something in his heart after killing so many people?!!"
  • (To himself about Ainz): "Is this indifference some sort of defensive ability to protect his conscience? No, for a monster like this, it must be familiar scenery! Whether it's the pity humans feel for trampling ants underfoot, or some sadistic joy, none of these emotions are present!! What...what is this?!!! Why is this happening? Why does someone like this exist in the world?!!!!"
  • (To himself about Ainz): "Does he intend to personally exterminate everyone on the battlefield?! Does his appetite for slaughter know no limit?!!"
  • (To Jircniv): "Your Majesty, although adamantite-ranked adventurers possess the highest fighting strength of all humanity, they still cannot step beyond the bounds of human ability. Please do not lower your guard."



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