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Night Liches (ナイトリッチ) are various kinds of powerful undead creatures which can be found in the New World.


Night Liches are said to be undead beings who absorbed a great deal of mana and by so doing, transcended the state of Elder Liches. They often tend to reside in behind many-layered impregnable bastions as their main base of operation.

The name "Night Lich" was only ever spoken in hushed, frightened tones. One could say that they were mythological beings comparable to natural disasters.[1]


Night Liches are skeletal undead, without so much as a scrap of flesh on its body and radiated an aura of might found only among the strong. In some cases they could be mistaken for Overlords. While Night Liches are humanoid, there can be degrees of variety such as possessing two heads.


Night Liches were deemed as very powerful undead who were well-versed in using incredibly high-tier spells beyond the realm of humanity. Particularly, they have the power to use and cast 6th-tier spells. They were even on par with aged Dragons in a fight. In addition to that, they are said to possess many special abilities, hordes of undead followers, and a great degree of intelligence.

Along the way, each one of the Night liches are believed to be more than capable of ruling their own nations, as undead kings. Their domain was estimated to have been the size of a small country, and the surrounding nations knew them as figures of dread.

List of Night Liches


  • Such occurrences of Night Liches appearing were rare even throughout the history of the New World, for which many of the living were grateful that there are not a lot of them.
  • With the exception of Banezeri, Granz and Kunivela, the reason behind why Corpus of the Abyss did not try to compel the other three known Night Liches to join their group was to avoid them gaining public attention when they did so.
  • In the Web Novel, there was a type of lich called the Demilich.[2]


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