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New Faction was the tentative name of the newest noble faction that was formed in order to take control of the Re-Estize Kingdom.


The faction was founded by both Philip Dayton L'Eyre Montserrat and Hilma Cygnaeus as a way to unite the new noble spares so they would be able to control the affairs of the country away from the original Noble Faction after the latter had lost so much influence and power following the Massacre at Katze Plains.

In reality, it was established by Hilma working under secret orders from the Sorcerer Kingdom as an easy way to manipulate the internal workings of the Kingdom to further the goal of eventually taking over the Kingdom. The real reason why the faction was formed and filled with people that were incompetent in various forms was akin to preparing a rubbish bin before throwing away trash. To clear out the moronic few so that the country could become one worthy of being ruled over by the Sorcerer King.


The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc[]

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It was noted by Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself that after the Kingdom's disastrous battle with the Sorcerer Kingdom not only did many noble family heads perished but also their firstborn heirs. Now they were led by "spares," second or third sons. Under normal circumstances being spares, they were not expected as much as nobles and lacked knowledge as well as class. This resulted in many incompetent people being forced into the center stage. Though it also meant that the class of the Kingdom's nobility had plummeted. With several noble factions now dissolved, these incompetents soon began to form their own faction so as to establish themselves else they might find themselves banished to the sidelines.

Hilma under orders from Nazarick prompted these unaligned types of nobles by gathering them together under an easily manipulatable noble upstart named Philip who made an acquaintance with Overseer Guardian Albedo.[1]

The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc[]

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Hilma's tutelage of her ward, Philip has taken a toll on her mentally due to his sheer idiocy. Philip believed the rumor of Ainz Ooal Gown's death and had the idea if he married Albedo he would inherit the Sorcerer Kingdom. At this point, it was too late to find another scapegoat to for the new noble faction and it was still necessary to use the action to gather all the idiots in the Kingdom. Her comrades attempted to console her and urge her to continue, though the former prostitute still demanded a transfer from her two-year assignment.[2]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

At this time, the Kingdom was split between the Royalty Faction, the Nobility Faction, the Independents, and the New Faction, with the distribution of power being roughly 3:3:2:2. Out of these factions, the New Faction was seen as the most troublesome, as its members were drunk on power.[3]

The New Faction was also facing some internal strife. Despite his and Hilma's efforts, Philip was unable to gain the support of the other members and cement himself as the leader. In fact, the only reason they even considered him for the role was because he would have been easy to manipulate. Several members had also deduced that they were being backed by Eight Fingers.

To deal with the issue of huge influxes of food from the Sorcerer Kingdom deflating the prices of their own product, Philip suggested robbing the transport and selling it themselves. While the other members were initially hesitant to participate, they ultimately concluded that the Sorcerer Kingdom shouldn't have the numbers to conquer the Kingdom in case of a war of retribution. Even if they did, the damage would only extend to the territories in the border between the Re-Estize and E-Rantel away from their own domains.[4]

Eventually the short-sided insight and sheer foolishness of their actions eventually sparked the war of one sided annihilation against the Sorcerer Kingdom and triggering the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom. This ended with the Kingdom's destruction and the mass slaughter of a majority of its citizens, leading to the majority of its members either being slaughtered along with their homeland or escaping while they still had the chance.

However, it has been confirmed that the Faction's "Leader" and his cohorts who helped him in the grain theft were all hunted down and executed by the Sorcerer Kingdom for their actions. The "Leader" in particular was given an even more severe punishment due to him being the root cause of the issue by the Sorcerer Kingdom's Prime Minister Albedo, where he was personally tortured to death by her under the request of his own father due to his actions of essentially destroying their homeland.


It was composed mostly of "spare men" from noble families that had lost both their head and successors; men who obtained power not meant for them. The other members lacked the common sensibilities that were expected of the aristocracy and had no respect for the unspoken rules. As a result, many of them lacked integrity and manners. According to the spy reports Prince Zanac have had of them, these people were apparently looking to attain a lot of power over the nation.

However, since they had autonomy in their own lands, nothing could be done about them unless they broke the law of the Kingdom. Even if they did, there was no guarantee on how the other factions would react when the royal powers were exercised.[5]

Known Members[]


  • Prince Zanac sees the New Faction as power hungry gathering of idiots and a cancer to the Re-Estize Kingdom.


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