Nemel Gran (ネメル・グラン) is a minor noble studying as a student at the Imperial Magic Academy.

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Nemel is described as a girl with a smiley smile. She apparently has a penchant for potatoes.

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Nemel is the daughter of a minor noble family in the Baharuth Empire. She has an older sister that was just recently hired as a maid by a powerful nobleman.[1]

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Overlord Second Half Edit

Nemel is introduced while in the streets of Arwintar and becomes embroiled in a plot to kill Archduke Ainz Ooal Gown saved from some ruffians. The agents of Ijaniya used her as bait to draw Ainz, but the Archduke has seen through their ploy and chased them away thanks to Solution Epsilon. The Overlord believed that she was in on the ambush but then realized she was just an unknowing pawn. Jet Testania soon arrives and initially believes Ainz and Solution were doing harm to the girl. However, the girl manages to explain the circumstance and the pair end up thanking Ainz and Solution before departing.[2]

In the Imperial Magic Academy, after classes are over and the students begin cleaning the classroom, Nemel approaches Jet to assist him. She notices his weariness and asks if everything is fine.[3]

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Jet Testania Edit

Panasis Enex Liliel Gran Edit

Nemel envies her sister as she now works as a maid to a prominent noble, which allows her to eat as many potatoes as she wants.

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