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Necklace of Heavy Recover is a magic equipment necklace used for healing the user's wounds.


Ainz had simply been awed by this necklace's appearance that he had chosen to purchase it, but which place he bought it from remains unclear. Neia noted the necklace to be a very attractive work of art done with excellent workmanship.[1]


As the name suggests, it has the appearance of a necklace with a goddess holding up an emerald.


The necklace was an item that consumed the user's mana to cast the 3rd-tier divine spell「Heavy Recover」. The caster could use it indefinitely as long as that person possessed sufficient mana. Regardless, it still consumed more of the user's magical power than casting it directly. Aside from healing herself by using this necklace, Neia can also cast its power onto other injured people like CZ2I28 Delta.


  • This is Neia's second necklace given to her by Ainz after the first being the Star Pendant.
  • Given Neia’s meager reserves of mana, it was considered a one-use item for her. However, while fighting a Circlet Demon, Neia admits to herself that she should be able to use the necklace's magic more than once.[2]


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