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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Nazarick Fighting Tournament (ナザリック闘技大会) was a tournament event hosted in the Great Tomb of Nazarick. It appeared in Mass for the Dead on December 9, 2019 and ended on December 17, 2019. The event was re-released on January 21, 2021 to January 31, 2021.[1]


Breaking through the growth limit with "Prismatic Crystal". Cocytus desires more challenges by "leveling", but knows that it will be difficult to grow further in the battle with opponents as before. Upon receiving the report, Momonga decides to hold a Nazarick Fighting Tournament in order to resolve the issue.[2]

Purpose of Tournament[]

During a strategic meeting, Momonga, Albedo, and Demiurge learn of the latter's success in using Prismatic Ores to restore the lost levels of the NPCs. After Nazarick's transition into the New World, several of the NPCs had to be resurrected but lost much of their power.

In his experiments the Floor Guardian conducted on Cocytus he found that not just the ores were needed to assist in leveling up. Additional good fighting experience was required to raise levels. Due to the continuing problem with their current situation and the Chaos Beasts, their priorities have been focused on survival. Realizing that this was a problem that needed to be addressed, Momonga decided to do something about it.[3] On the day after the strategic meeting, Momonga hosted a meeting in the Amphitheater where the Floor Guardians and the Pleiades gathered at the orders of Momonga. There Momonga called them to order, calling out the success in the NPCs' efforts in helping the dungeon regain its former glory and strength. However in order to regain to help regain his subject's former levels he then provided the solution and announced the first ever Nazarick Fighting Tournament.[4] The event was headed by Momonga who acted as the organizer, with Slimeko and the protagonist acting as his assistants.[5]

The tournament was created as a medium to assist in the NPCs of the Great Tomb of Nazarick to help restore their levels. To help them prepare to fight foreign enemies the tournament would engage the participants to raise their fighting experience and levels. Fighting to the death, however, would be strictly prohibited as this would be a fight between allies. The tournament will be held at a maximum of four versus four-team competition.


  • There is a sufficient time limit for the four vs. four tournament.
  • All weapons and skills can be used.
  • Those who have fallen due to an opponent's attack are disqualified.
  • The inside of the Amphitheater is defined as "within bounds" and any other areas "outside bounds."
  • If a clean hit is successful, points will be awarded based on the judgement of the referee.
  • If the duel is not settled within the time limit, the number of disqualifications will be calculated, and if the number of disqualification is the same, the point difference determines the win or loss.
  • If there is no judgement based on point difference there will be an extension of five minutes.


On the day of the opening of the Nazarick Fighting Tournament in the Amphitheater, Momonga announced the details of the rules. Additionally, all participants are given collars to not only help increase their experience levels but also reduces their abilities to eliminate the danger of damaging Nazarick and killing their opponents by mistake.

Round One[]

Tournament Table (Mass for the Dead)

Tournament Table

Seven teams are revealed on the tournament roster with three rounds. Judging the names of the teams most of the participants present know who they will be facing. However, the last unknown team draws some curious questions on the identity. Momonga withholds knowledge on the last team, stating that the mystery team serves as the wild card in the tournament to make things interesting.

First Match[]

The first match is between Bloody Maidens, led by Shalltear Bloodfallen, and Overseer, led by Albedo. Shalltear's team is composed of herself and two of her Vampire Brides. Albedo's is composed of Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore. The latter team draws attention by the other contestants as it is mostly composed of three Floor Guardians. Since most teams include a fourth member it is assumed by the others that both teams will rely on summons to fill the gap and create flexibility for their teams. After collars are placed on the particpants by Momonga the match begins. The match starts off as a fierce battle with Shalltear's team gaining the advantage as Aura is unable to hit the Vampire Brides with her bow.

Tournament Table 01(Mass for the Dead)

Bloody Maidens' Victory

Mare attempts to provide magical assistance but is hindered when a Vampire Bride attacks him with [Shock Wave]. It's noted that Shalltear's team have better coordination than Albedo's however the other team is not willing to give up. During the battle, Albedo's team soon gets the upper hand as Aura attempts to shoot at Shalltear but the vampire dodges her attack, only for her to be hit by Aura's arrows anyway, as the dark elf had been aiming at Albedo who then redirected [Couter Arrow] and [Parry Missile]. Mare soon starts his spell much to the annoyance of the vampires and Momonga sees that Shalltear team will soon lose. Slimeko calls the match to an end as the time has already run out. Due to the difference in points the winners are the Bloody Maidens.[6]

Second Match[]

Tournament Table 02(Mass for the Dead)

Cocytus and the Pleiades Victory

The second match is between Cocytus and the Pleiades, comprised of Cocytus, Lupusregina Beta, CZ2128 Delta, and Narberal Gamma, against Gott mit uns. Gott mit uns is strangely made up of three Death Knights. Some NPCs like Demiurge are confused by the arrangement and wonder if the undead belong to Momonga, which the Overlord denies. The leader of the group is soon revealed to be "Momonga" much to the dismay of the others. Later Momonga orders the impostor to change, revealing Pandora's Actor. Since the Doppelgänger has the forms of all forty-one Supreme Beings, some of the Pleiades worry of the unfair advantage. To ensure a fair fight with the opposing party, Momonga orders Pandora's Actor to restrict himself from shape-shifting. Slimeko then begins the second match. In the end, all of Pandora's Actor's undeads are disqualified and out of bounds, thus allowing Cocytus's team to win the match. Though Cocytus's team officially won, Momonga apologizes to Pandora's Actor for being put at a disadvantage. The Treasurer, however, understands as if he had used the forms of the Supreme Beings not only would the other team have been at a tactical disadvantage, but also a psychological one with the possibility of facing their creators. Despite his loss, Pandora's Actor vows to regain his honor in the eyes of his own creator.[7]

Third Match[]

The final match is between Butler and Maid against Crimson Shrine. Both leaders of the teams, Sebas Tian and Demiurge are burning for a fight which is noticed by the audience. Momonga thinks that this will be like a bout between colleagues like Touch Me and Ulbert Alain Odle. The match begins and Sebas Tian lands the first punch on the Floor Guardian, despite running through the blaze of a [Hellfire]. However the Evil Lords on Demiurge team, land hits on the Pleiades team members.

Tournament Table 03(Mass for the Dead)

Crimson Shrine Victory

It's noted that the demons are a lot stronger than the battle aids, and with Demiurge's coordination their teamwork is impeccable. The only way for the butler to turn this around is for him to engage each of the demons, but he is blocked by Demiurge, who anticipated that the butler planned to attack him first and intentionally goaded him since this event was planned. Sebas Tian continues his attack on his adversary with a barrage of punches damaging Demiurge. Momonga suspects that Sebas Tian knows his team will lose and took this opportunity to vent out his anger towards the object of his dislike. The match ends, with Slimeko calling Crimson Shrine the winners based on their points. Sebas Tian and Demiurge, even though they were beating each other in the fight, cordially congratulate one another for the skills they showed in battle. Sebas seeing that Demiurge has not recovered from his attack, even offers to assist him, but is politely declined by the demon.[8]

Round Two[]

The next round takes place in a desert field which is actually a magical illusion created by Momonga, to change the environment of the tournament to test the participants.

First Match[]

Cocytus and his team face off against Shalltear and her Vampire Brides and as expected in the fight between two of the strongest Floor Guardians it proves to be a difficult battle. Though Shalltear's level is slightly higher than Cocytus, both Floor Guardians are matched evenly in attack and defense as they trade blows with their weapons. The Vampire Brides are having difficulty against the Pleiades, as the terrain makes them vulnerable to the long range magic and projectile attacks from the maids. Cocytus is aware of this and repeatedly blocks Shalltear's view to prevent her from coming to the aid of her allies. The Floor Guardian of the 5th Floor manages to slash at the vampire, though she begins to laugh to his confusion.

Tournament Table 04(Mass for the Dead)

Cocytus and the Pleiades Victory

She reveals her trump card: the Einherjar, her magically summoned construct with all her abilities. The two deal a blow on Cocytus, weakening him. Lupusregina comes to Cocytus's aid and heals him with her magic. Seeing Cocytus's ally heal him with magic, Shalltear decides to do the same. Summoning several summons she then slays them with Spuit Lance to restore her HP. Just as the two combatants gear up for another clash, Slimeko calls the match is over and declares Cocytus and the maids to be the winner. Both teams are confused by the turn out, as the time for the match has not finished. Aura watching in the audience, explains that Shalltear's group violated the rule of the number of participants a team could possess. By summoning her summons on her team she invited a disqualification.[9]

Second Match[]

Tournament Table 05(Mass for the Dead)

??? Victory

The last match of the Round Two, is between Demiurge's Crimson Shrine and the mysterious contender. The opponent for this match was saved especially for the second round to act as a wild card for the event. The wild card of the tournament is revealed to be Corpse Guardian, an undead summon by Momonga. Unlike the previous competitors, Corpse Guardian will fight solo and challenge all four opponents by himself. During the match the undead summon defeats all the members of Crimson Shrine.[10]

Final Round[]

At the final round, the area is changed at random to that of an ice field, similar to the 5th Floor.

Tournament Table 06(Mass for the Dead)

Cocytus and the Pleiades Champions

Both parties now have the home field advantage as the cold affects neither. During the fight the party launch a barrage of attacks from magical to projectile attacks, but the undead opponent is undaunted by the attacks. Cocytus decides to have a personal duel with the undead. In his duel the Floor Guardians dodges the attacks of his opponent before he lands his own strikes at Corpse Guardian. After great difficulty the Floor Guardian defeat the undead who collapses to the ground. Slimeko then declares Cocytus' team to be the champions of the Nazarick Fighting Tournament.[11]


Bloody Maidens[]


Cocytus and the Pleiades[]

Gott mit uns[]

Butler and Maid[]

Crimson Temple[]



Cocytus's team is hailed the winners of the the tournament. However some of the maids are disappointed in their performance as they heavily relied on Cocytus and likewise the Floor Guardian feels the same. Demiurge, having made a recovery from the last match encourages them to take in their victory. Being the winners, Momonga rewards the group individually, with Cocytus now being his bodyguard. The event had motivated the NPCs to strive to improve their tactics and fighting skills. Momonga seeing this to be a successful turn from their busy work schedule then brings the tournament to an end as the NPCs applaud in celebration. Elsewhere, Corpse Guardian, having been restored to full health, demands to be given a new assignment much to the confusion of Pestonya Shortcake Wanko.[12]


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