Narberal With A Little Sugar (ナーベラルとナナやかな飴) by Matsutoko (松琴) is the twentieth chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.

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Narberal Gamma relays a [Message] conference with Demiurge and Albedo in the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Also present are Ainz Ooal Gown and Hamsuke. Both groups discuss Darkness's upcoming mission, harvesting wyvern meat for a noble banquet. Since the meat of a dragon is a rare item, Albedo stresses to Narberal that there can be no mistake. Narberal complies to this and is interrupted by a knock on the door. Getting up to investigate she finds two drunk men who flirt with Narberal asking her to drink with them. Narberal grows angry at the humans and prepares to launch lighting magic. She is stopped by Ainz and is scolded for her behavior. Her impulsiveness makes him worry about the upcoming mission. Narberal timidly states she is sorry. Ainz worries that maybe he was too harsh but resolves its necessary to strict as a leader.

The next day Darkness prepares to engage a flight of wyverns. Ainz states that they will split into two parties, with both he and Narberal breaking each of the beasts. Before he gives an order, Hamsuke impulsively rushes into battle much to Ainz's annoyance and orders Narberal to cover the hamster. The trio battle against the wyverns and come out victorious. At the noble's estate Darkness is welcomed to the party and are praised for contributing to the feast. The group walks out to a balcony and Ainz notices Narberal's silence. Hamsuke deduces that she is still upset at the reprimand she received. Ainz understands now and gives her words of praise for her work making her blush. Hamsuke seeing this also wishes to be praised which Ainz complies to the hamster's delight.

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  • Wyverns are first depicted, unofficially, in this manga chapter.
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