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"I am Narberal Gamma, one of the battle maids, who swore loyalty to the overlord of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, the supreme being Ainz Ooal Gown. You lower life forms should be honored to battle with me."
— Narberal's introduction to Khajiit

Narberal Gamma (ナーベラル・ガンマ, Narberal・Γ) is a doppelgänger battle maid and a member of the "Pleiades Six Stars," the battle maid squad of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. She was created by Nishikienrai, one of the original nine founders of Ainz Ooal Gown.

She is also known as Nabe, a magic caster and Momon's adventurer partner of Darkness. As an adamantite ranked adventurer, she is one of the most powerful adventurers in the Sorcerer Kingdom.


Narberal Gamma is described as an elegant, snow-white skinned, black-pony tailed beauty. People believe her beauty is comparable to that of the Golden Princess.

She wears a white bonnet in place of a helmet, and black armor decorated in gold and silver in the likeness of a maid uniform. As a battle mage, her weapon of choice is a golden staff plated in silver. In her adventurer persona, she wears a plain brown cloak.

Narberal's human form is gained through her Doppelgänger's transformation skill. However, due to her low-racial level, she can only transform into one form. Her original appearance as a Doppelgänger is similar to Pandora's Actor.


Like many others in Nazarick, Narberal views humans as nothing more than low-class creatures. The only human exempt from Narberal's contempt is Aureole Omega. Though she dislikes the thought of killing humans, she will not hesitate to do so if there is no reason to let them live, or unless given an order by Ainz. This makes Narberal one of the two, along with Solution Epsilon, "extremely dangerous" members of the Pleiades.

As a created NPC of Nazarick, she is extremely loyal to Ainz and proud of her quest to support him close by. Nevertheless, she seems unable to understand Ainz's purpose to become a hero and does not hide her aggressive attitude towards humans. At times, she will often refer to Ainz with a "-sama" honorific, even when the two masquerade as adventurers and he orders her not to.

According to Lupusregina Beta, when Narberal is outside Nazarick working on the job as the adventurer Nabe, she can't bear the thought of letting Ainz be looked upon by those around him in a rude manner. When seeing something like that unfold before her eyes, Narberal ponders whether or not she should immediately kill anyone who acts rude to Ainz before asking for his permission. Lupusregina notes that Narberal has to always keep herself focus at all times whenever she is with Ainz in order to stay on alert for if the enemy were to make a move on him.

Whenever she is on a break and resting in Nazarick, Narberal is apparently known to space out, looking at a certain direction where nothing is said to be present in her peripheral vision.


Narberal Gamma was created by Nishikienrai to be one of the battle maids, the Pleiades. They served as a last line of defense against intruders. However, because she is unlikely to be able to stand against enemy players who managed to come this far, her only real purpose was to distract the invaders until the guild members of Ainz Ooal Gown were able to fully prepare for their final stand in the throne room.


The Undead King Arc

Main article: The Undead King Arc

Narberal, along with her sisters, are ordered to guard the 9th Floor by Momonga. In the dressing room inside Momonga's chamber, she is in charge of keeping watch over him. When Momonga is about to leave, she tells him that his guards are on standby and will not let anything bad happen to him.[1]

The Dark Warrior Arc

Main article: The Dark Warrior Arc

Narberal is chosen by Ainz to be his partner for the journey because she's the most human-looking of the Pleiades. She, alongside her master, explore the new world disguised as adventurers. Going by the name of Nabe, she is registered as a copper ranked adventurer along with Momon at E-Rantel. Their objective is to become famous adventurers and to gather information. She with Momon participated in a mission together with the Swords of Darkness to guard Nfirea Bareare while their client is in search for herb.[2][3][4]

During the course of their journey and after completing that mission, Nabe and Momon are assigned a new mission by Lizzie Bareare to rescue Nfirea who is shortly kidnapped thereafter upon parting ways with their client. During her mission, Nabe encounters several members of Zurrernorn in the city's graveyard. She is ordered by Momon to take care of Khajiit and his accomplices while he deals with Clementine. She begins the battle by making the first attack, eliminating almost everyone but Khajiit, who is left standing.

Over the course of the battle, with Ainz's permission, Nabe eventually releases her true power as Narberal Gamma, a Pleiades Maid. As a result, she is able to easily kill Khajiit and the two Skeletal Dragons with her powerful seventh tier magic spell. Once she finishes her job of defeating the group, Nabe returns to Momon's side and is ordered to take magic items from the people they have killed.[5]

The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Narberal stays behind in E-Rantel as Ainz returns to Nazarick to assess the threat of Shalltear Bloodfallen's rebellion. She later relays a message to him that his presence is needed at the Adventurer's Guild, and journeys to the area where Shalltear is maintaining her position. After the adventurers accompanying Darkness have been eliminated, she guides Hamsuke to Nazarick and introduces her to the Floor Guardians.[6]

The Sealed Evil Tree Arc

Main article: The Sealed Evil Tree Arc

Narberal is sent by Ainz to complete a quest from the Adventurer's Guild while he is tasked with a quest to collect special herbs. Ainz sends Yuri Alpha, CZ2128 Delta, and Entoma Vasilissa Zeta to help her along the way as additional support.[7]

The Search for Hamsuke Arc

Main article: The Search for Hamsuke Arc

Narberal reports to Ainz that Hamsuke has gone missing inside Nazarick after she had given her some experimental materials to transfer to the 6th Floor. Albedo suggests that she should try to search for Hamsuke with Shalltear, but Ainz interrupts her and Narberal ends up together with him. Narberal advises asking her little sister, who's in charge of the teleport gates, to find out Hamsuke's approximate location. However, Ainz says that while this is a possible action, he wants to have Shalltear and Albedo work side by side as a way to improve their relationship. She then apologizes for making a foolish suggestion and for not understanding Ainz's wise and insightful plans. Ainz temporarily lets her borrow the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown, so she can move faster and go to the 6th Floor.

Later, Narberal and Ainz are able to find Hamsuke with one of Kyouhukou's minions. Ainz then orders Narberal to feed Kyouhukou's minion and command him to leave. When Narberal returns, she apologizes to Ainz for this incident, saying it was because of her lack of planning. Narberal says she almost killed his pet and apologizes for causing trouble for the Floor Guardians. Narberal says that she can’t atone for this crime with her life and asks for punishment. Ainz tells her that everything is okay and he's glad that everyone is safe. She accepts her master's kindness and thanks him.[8]

The Two Leaders Arc

Main article: The Two Leaders Arc

Nabe accompanies Momon and Hamsuke to E-Rantel. After releasing Enri Emmot from the authorities, Momon orders Nabe to question Enri on what she is doing in E-Rantel.

Once she is able to obtain enough information from Enri, Nabe returns to Momon and says that Enri was there to sell the herbs and was visiting the temple and Adventurer's Guild.

After finding out about Enri's request in the Adventurer's Guild, they return to Nazarick. There, he organizes a meeting with Lupusregina since she did not inform him about Enri and Nfirea. Once Lupusregina receives a scolding from Ainz, she escorts Lupusregina outside of her master's office.[9]

The Dark Hero's Story Arc

Main article: The Dark Hero's Story Arc

In E-Rantel, both Nabe and Momon stay at the Golden Pavilion; she informs him that the iron ore he has requested from the merchants is ready. Curious, she asks why he purchased various samples of iron, to which Ainz explains that he wants to see if the quality of ore would make a difference when they are thrown into the Exchange Box to produce YGGDRASIL gold. After he gives her the money to complete the transaction with the merchants, Nabe leaves the hotel. On the way out, she has a brief encounter with Torkel Karan Dale Völkchenheim and his servant, Andre. She is proposed to by Torkel, but she rejects him and immediately leaves.

Later, Nabe and Momon are hired to protect Torkel. During this time, Torkel tries to propose again, but ends up failing a second time. When a Gigant Basilisk appears, Nabe is asked by Torkel to help Momon. However, she tells him that her assistance is not needed and that he should pay attention and witness with his own eyes as a new page is written about the legend of Momon.

When Narberal and Ainz return to Nazarick, her master analyzes the Floor Guardians' requested items from the auction. She asks Ainz for permission to give her opinion about the Floor Guardians' requests. She says that the proposals thought up by everyone are great and that there is no greater joy than to complete a task with Ainz.[10]

Ainz Raises Money Arc

Main article: Ainz Raises Money Arc

When lending money to the Floor Guardians, Ainz indirectly orders Narberal Gamma, alongside Sebas Tian, to buy things for them.

Later, Narberal and Sebas are called upon by the Floor Guardians to take part in an emergency meeting over the money they have received from their master. When the Floor Guardians begin consulting Naberal and Sebas for market items that are worth exactly three gold coins, the two are unable to think of anything.[11]

The Maid Tea Party Arc

Main article: The Maid Tea Party Arc

Narberal participates in the monthly Pleiades report and tea party alongside her sisters. She reports her work to Ainz, as they traveled with two humans after receiving a request from the Adventurer’s Guild. When she informs them that they vanquished a Gigantic Basilisk, her sisters start getting jealous of her closeness with Ainz. After Solution asks how many calories are in CZ2I28's drink, Narberal informs her that there is enough for an active adult to have nothing for the entire day.[12]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Momon and Nabe accept a quest from Marquis Raeven by the E-Rantel Adventurer's Guild for an unprecedented amount of money. The quest is to suppress the group known as Eight Fingers. She and Momon are taken to the Royal Capital by magic casters under Marquis Raeven.

On their way to the capital, Momon notices a light in the distance. He decides to head to that location and asks Nabe to use the flight spell to take him closer and drop him off. The two interrupt the fight between Jaldabaoth and Evileye, and when Momon intervenes to fight Jaldabaoth, the demon retreats. Ainz asks Narberal to use the message spell and ask Demiurge about the details of his plan. When they learn that Evileye almost killed Entoma, both Momon and herself are filled with killing intent.[13]

Along the way, Narberal participates in Demiurge's plan to make Momon a lasting hero in the Re-Estize Kingdom. She fights Lupusregina Beta, Solution Epsilon and Entoma Vasilissa Zeta, who are disguised as Jaldabaoth's underlings.[14]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Nabe accompanies Momon to the city of Arwintar, or otherwise called, the Imperial Capital of the Baharuth Empire. During their visit, she and Ainz organize a meeting with Fluder Paradyne, where they reveal their true power and identities to the magic caster. Upon witnessing their tremendous power, which surpasses his own, Fluder swears his allegiance to Ainz and is willing to cooperate with him regarding the workers.[15]

Later on, Nabe and Momon head to Count Femel's residence for the next phase and escort the workers to the Tomb.[16] While Ainz returns to the Tomb, she and Pandora's Actor stay behind in the adventurer's encampment while the workers are busy investigating the ruins.[17]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Main article: The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

The Re-Estize Kingdom nobles decide to recruit Darkness for the upcoming battle at Katze Plains. Under her alias as "Nabe," she regretfully tells the messenger, Baron Cheneko, that Momon is not available at the moment.

During a discussion between Baron Cheneko and Barbro, he is upset at the disrespectful action caused by Nabe and for the fact that she assaulted him on his way out. He reveals to Barbro that his hand has been left with bruises because of her act of aggression upon him. He explains, using as little details as possible, that Nabe suddenly grabbed his hand and drove him out by force while he was attempting to visit Momon.

In a way, Barbro hopes to use this incident as a means to blackmail Nabe into submission, make her his, and do whatever he wants with the female adventurer. However, at the same time, he realizes that it will be impossible to do so because of how small the available information is.[18]

The Pleiades Day Arc

Main article: The Pleiades Day Arc

Narberal is resting alongside Lupusregina in the same room they share with Yuri. During her break, Yuri notes the way Narberal is spacing out and staring at nothing is disturbing to her and how the facial expression somewhat resembles Pandora's Actor. Though Lupusregina explains to Yuri that it is normal for Narberal as it allows her to relax in her doppelgänger form.

Later, to keep Yuri busy with work, she and Lupusregina approach Ainz with a request to give Yuri a new task.[19]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

While in the main streets of E-Rantel, Narberal is shown to have been tailing after Ainz and Momon from behind. This act serves multiple purposes, the most important of all was to validate the fact that Ainz is still working together with Momon and Nabe. After Entoma contacts Ainz to return to Nazarick, she is ordered to bring the rest of the maids back to Nazarick too.[20]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

t the time of the Great Tomb of Nazarick's transfer to the New World, Narberal Gamma was among the NPCs that were killed in the transition. Momonga finding the dungeon in ruins due to the strange Cracks and overrun by Chaos Beasts quickly revived her and the Pleiades with magic. Unfortunately the maid suffered a severe abnormal drop in levels since her revival as did the other NPCs that were brought back to life. When the protagonist appeared before Momonga who was suspicious on the identity of the homunculus, Narberal can be one maids that vouches on his identity as being a creation of Nishikienrai.[21]

With Nazarzick in ruins and in an unknown world, Narberal was sent out to explore with the protagonist and a Redeem Slime. Narberal protected her charges as they traveled to what appeared to be a human settlement. On the way she and the protagonist gave the slime the name Slimeko after she began to develop a personality. Their group would run into the Swords of Darkness protecting a young girl name Nemu Emmot from Carne Village. After the two teams met up Narberal gain the attraction of one its members Lukrut Volve though rejected his advances calling him a maggot. She refrained from killing him as the protagonist wanted to glean some information on their current status of world, learning of the Cracks, Contaminated Beasts, and Chaos Beasts that were plaguing the lands.

When the adventurers and travelers reached the village they fought together to drive away the monsters attacking the village. But when a Giant Chaos Beast started to advance on the village, Lukrut used himself as bait to lure it away. The act was enough to permit Narberal to acknowledge him much to the archer's delight. The Sunlight Scripture eventually arrives and helps to drive the remaining Chaos Beasts from the area. They offer to help the surviving villagers to be escorted from the area and toward E-Rantel.

However one of the villagers, mainly Enri Emmot and Morgan are still missing in the Great Forest of Tob. To locate her the adventurers and Nazarick agents scout out the forest to look for her, only managing to rescue Morgan, but Enri is found to be dead. The group return to the village with her remains and the villagers are escorted by some members of the Scripture and the Swords of Darkness. The protagonist and his team stay behind to assist the Scripture, but quickly find that the Giant Chaos Beast is targeting the refugees forcing Narberal to fly with her team to stop it before it reaches the convoy. The Nazarick agents manage to stop the beast in the nick of time earning the gratitude of the survivors.[22]

Narberal separated from the field team and returned to Nazarick. There at the dungeon she was greeted by her sister who were eager to hear more about the outside world. Narberal gave her account on the humans she encountered, giving them her bias that the were lesser creatures that enjoyed being called "maggots" based on her interaction with Lukrut. Her words were taken at face value after the rest of the Pleiades had a mock battle with Narberal. Seeing that she vastly improved her skills since she left they took her account to be true. When the Pleiades began practicing interacting with humans, referring each other as maggots, it attracted the attention of Momonga who then had Sebas Tian correct this behavior. The butler intervene and helped instruct the maids on mutual respect and hospitality for all. Narberal was ashamed that she caused an inconvenience to Nazarick. though her sisters cheered her up asking her to help them in their lessons.[23]

During her return to Nazarick, Narberal helped to clean up the debris on the Floors with Lupusregina when she meets Cocytus who asks if they could spar with him. The Floor Guardian's intense training causes the two maids to worry which they would bring to Albedo's attention. After their meeting the maids would encounter Cocytus for another mock battle but afterwards to their astonishment the insect wanted to rest.[24]

Narberal on another field assignment, this time to locate a tree for a hanami or cherry blossom viewing for Momonga. Narberal went to E-Rantel with the undercover adventurers to get some information when they learned about the Legendary Tree in the Tob Forests. She would find herself part of an expedition into the Tob Forest to search for the Legendary Tree at Albedo's orders. Together with her allies she helped to locate and acquire the tree for Nazarick.[25]

When visitors from another world were dumped in Nazarick from the Crack on the 10th Floor, Narberal acted as one of their escorts outside of the dungeon. She rejected the advances of the male leader of the group whilst she was observing the magic caster of the group conduct her explosion magic.[26] The maid would be involved in Albedo's ploy to make herself queen of Nazarick. At one time she participated in the Queen War competition to help Albedo in the "Open Problem Solving" challenge.[27]

The maid's field mission would mostly involve her sisters, acting as reconnaissance to explore new areas and access developing situations. Such as when Momonga opened up an unstable [Gate] to a Mysterious Island. Narberal and the Pleiades were set out with the protagonist and Slimeko to scout the island for anything useful. To assist them on their task, Pandora's Actor provided the maids swimsuits as they were more suitable for a water environment. While exploring the island, she saved Slimeko from being attacked by some Giant Crustaceans. Later when it was determined the island was home to some humans at one point Narberal joined the search in locating the settlement. The settlement turned out to be an abandoned pirate port, infested with a Large Crustacean, undead and Giant Mollusk. After all obstacles were killed Narberal helped her sisters plunder the pirate wreck. Once their adventure was over and had returned to Nazarick, Narberal expressed hope to another beach day in the future.[28]

Another group of visitors came from the Crack at Nazarick, this time a battalion of soldiers with aerial abilities. Narberal was assigned with Shalltear and Entoma to escort them outside of Nazarick. While flying in the skies above the dungeon the escorts and their charges were attacked by a Giant Flying Chaos Beast forcing them to retreat.[29] Later in Momonga's pursuit to quicken the pace to restore the levels of the NPCs under his command, he organized the Nazarick Fight Tournament. Cocytus created a team called Cocytus and the Pleiades, which Narberal was a part of and through her inclusion saw her team win the competition.[30]

Returning to E-Rantel once more, Narberal helped the protagonist and his adventurer team collect information on the meat products in human society. The purpose was to select a meat dish for Nazarick's party. While speaking with some adventurers at the Adventurer's Guild, the team learned of the Pure White Peryton that supposedly lived in the Azerlisia Mountains. Believing the creature would be perfect for their party, the group joined up with Hamsuke and Shalltear to assist them. Their quest took them to the mountains, where at a high elevation, Narberal spotted something flying in the air. Mistakenly thinking it was a peryton, she flew up to bring it down, though it turned out to be a vulture. After it was killed, the part located a flock of perytons guarding their quarry. They group disposed of the guards and killed the white peryton, taking its corpse back home for processing.[31]

In a bizarre turn of events, all the NPCs in Nazarick fell under some mental spell, causing them to celebrate the New Year. The spell compelled members such as the Pleiades and Cocytus to head towards the Fake Nazarick where a Chaos Zone was established. Within the area of space, Narberal guarded a strange temple with Cocytus and prevented even Momonga from passing unless he fought them.[32] When Shiramochi-ō, the mastermind behind the mind control over the NPCs, was killed his death created a time loop making the events leading up to when Nazarick was under the spell repeat with some minor differences. Though in the new timeline Narberal was among her sisters in the Chaos Zone under the command of Pandora's Actor challenging those who wanted to pass them with a game of karuta. The spell was broken once Momonga killed Shiramochi-ō a second time, but her memories of what transpired while under his influence were gone.[33]

Narberal would encounter more visitors from beyond the Crack, one being a maid with a dislike for humans which the other maid found common ground with.[34] On other missions Narberal would find herself working with Entoma and Shalltear, which the three of them were able to capture a Giant Flying Chaos Beast for study.[35] The doppelgänger would be assigned to guard a new batch of visitors from the Crack, this time shadowing a group when one of their own went rogue. While guarding them on a trip to the Tob Forests, Narberal and the Pleiades had to head to a disturbance where Demiurge's Enhanced Treant farm was where they found a girl with cloning abilities. After it was determined that the girl was an associate of their guests of Nazarick the maids escorted her back to Nazarick for questioning.[36]

Another quest for the true Legendary Tree was underway at Nazarick for a Yozakura, though Narberal was among those that originally helped locate the first tree, the maid remained in Nazarick to collect costumes for the party at Demiurge's orders. It was then she showed Sebas Tian the Chivalrous Costume that Demiurge will be wearing at the event.[37]

When Albedo became a temporary maid on the 9th and 10th Floors, Narberal was among the Pleiades who was supportive of the Overseer Guardian in providing a personal touch to Nazarick. Later she participated the training exercise to test the defenses on the 9th Floor. She along with the Pleiades guarded the area, though were unable to prevent the intruder, Shalltear, from getting to Momonga's room.[38]

Word would reach Nazarick that there was evidence of players in the New World. To determine it was credible the protagonist, Slimeko aka "Surako," Solution Epsilon aka "Soi" and Narberal Gamma were sent to validate it. The investigation took them to a seaside village. Her team also came in contact with Blue Roses who was seeking a dwarf named Tsuibayaya to pick up several sets of armors he promised to the Re-Estize Kingdom. When the adamantite adventurer asked who she was, Narberal used her cover story as an adventurer seeking Tsuibayaya to buy some armor from him. The two adventurer teams decided to work together to locate the dwarf. Though it was Soi and Narberal who found him at the beach, saving him from the being eaten by monsters, where he was looking for the Legendary Mermaid to create his swimsuits that he heard about from the stories of the Minotaur Sage.

After some time the dwarf agreed to provide the adventurers his armors in exchange for the scales of the Legendary Mermaid. To cover more ground, the two team split at which the remaining members of the Pleiades came out of hiding to help the undercover Nazarick agents. The maids changed into their swimsuits to do a more comfortable search for the location of the mermaid's lair. Thanks to her teamwork with the Pleiades they located the Tide Pool. Once the Legendary Mermaid was found and his scales were acquired, they were given to Tsuibayaya he used them to create the Sage's Swimsuit. The dwarf was thankful for having completed his masterpiece, he gave the item to Gagaran. Though after Blue Roses left to return to Re-Estize, the dwarf became depressed having lost his purpose. He later regained his passion in making swimsuits after the Pleiades show him their swimwear.[39]

A series of hauntings began occurring in the Tob Forests, bringing the attention of Momonga. Narberal was sent among the team to assist Aura in taking the testimonies of those who witnessed the ghost activity. The maid would later go to E-Rantel with the protagonist and Slimeko to gather information. It was there that Narberal was reunited by the Swords of Darkness, though at the time she completely forgot who they were. Thanks to the silver ranked adventurers, they were able to learn about the Harvest Festival and it purpose. Thinking that since Carne Village was abandoned and evil spirits of the land angered, Nazarick decided to host their own Harvest Festival. The maid prepared the festivities and dressed in a yakata for the occasion.

The culprit turned out to be not a ghost but a fox named Kyuko, who mistakenly believed the Aura had enslaved Hamsuke. After a brief scuffle with the Pleiades, all misunderstandings were clear and Kyuko willingly joined Nazarick.[40] A new group of visitors from the Crack, composed of a trio of goddesses led by an overly cautious hero soon found themselves guests of Nazarick. To cater to the paranoid nature of the leader, Solution, Narberal, Slimeko and the protagonist took their guests outside to allow the group to hunt for their own food. They were attacked by the Grim Reaper, forcing Narberal and the others to defend themselves and their charges.[41]

While taking a break at a bar in E-Rantel, Narberal and Nazarick's undercover adventurers noticed a strange trio nearby that seemed to be off given their clothes and behavior atypical of adventurers and workers. Their hunch turned out to be correct as the group were actually visitors from another world sent to assassinate another group. The undercover adventurers had to fight them as the targets were under Nazarick's protection.[42] During the Miyoshi Cup, Narberal competed in the competition, though in the third competition she voluntarily excuses herself from the challenge as she did not want to accidentally damage Nazarick while fighting Achu and Unchu.[43] When Nazarick hosted a second Christmas party, Narberal and Solution went to E-Rantel to get supplies, while there they were not only able to acquire meat but "other" questionable items.[44]

In another crossing over the Crack, rather than bringing new visitors, old friends were reunited. This group were being stalked by an evil clone, leading Momonga to post sentries on his guests to protect them. In an odd sequence of events the group brought a fresh face who Narberal sparred with.[45] The new guest also had information on the future where the evil clone destroyed not just E-Rantel but also Nazarick. To prevent the future from coming to pass, Narberal was among those privy to the revelation to assist in developing a counterplan. Using their guests as bait in E-Rantel, Narberal monitored the operation reporting to Nazarick on the development, watching as the clone was driven off by Cocytus and other Nazarick agents.[46]

To get rid of all the excess chocolate from Valentine's Day, Momonga began to host a cook off to make sweets suitable for humans called Project Valentine. For Project Valentine, Narberal assisted Albedo efforts in baking a Crispy Delicious Bites using her lightning magic.[47] After the protagonist claimed credit for driving the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth, the homunculus proposed that Nazarick try to care for the mental well-being of E-Rantel. Using idols were suggested to boost the humans morale, leading to the formation of LittleMass. At the final show, Narberal was among the crowds that celebrated the idols Acidity and Alkaline.[48] Due to the success of the idol plan in Nazarick, Momonga decided to implement the idol plan in E-Rantel in the form of an exhibition tournament for adventurers. Narberal refrained from entering the tournament under Momonga's orders and maintained surveillance of the venue in the city square.[49] At the time of the tournament she watched the matches and reported to the protagonist who was waiting in his suite at an inn, whilst Pandora's Actor took his role as the "Dark Warrior".[50]

In a performance test of Tsuibayaya's swimsuits against those in the Treasury Narberal would be among the participants of the test. Like the others she concluded that the dwarf's creations were still inferior to those in Nazarick's possession. When the "Nazarick Swimsuit Athletic Meet" was organized, Narberal chose to join Albedo's White Group. At the first competition called "Sandy Beach Obstacle Race" Narberal was unable to gain any points at the finish line as she was not the first five to cross it.

White Group won thanks to the extra points Albedo earned for defeating the obstacle monsters. In the second competition, which was the "Floating Island Survival", the maid was the fifth to jump on the platform and maintain her balance in the center of the float however she knocked out her sister Entoma into the water to do so. In response, Solution of Red Group use Yuri's chest to bounce off and knock off Narberal into water and restore Red Group's lead. The float would eventually break in half due to the weight of White Group. At the last competition of "Mix Gender Water Cavalry", Narberal served as one of Albedo's carriers. Ultimately the game turned into a tie, though Narberal and the participants celebrated the game as it proved to be a fun experience.[51]

During the phenomenon that caused the land around E-Rantel to be bathed in a continuous day, Narberal was dispatched by the protagonist, with permission from Momonga, to monitor Blue Roses, after the homunculus noticed that they were behaving weird and believed them to be associated with a prophecy he found in the library written by one of the Supreme Beings. Narberal spied the adventurers from afar in the air and reported their activities in the outskirts of E-Rantel. Beside the bunny costumes of Lakyus and Evileye everything seem normal until the pair began using weapons like a gavel and circular magic blade.

When Darkness confronted the adventurers, it was revealed that the group were not actually Blue Roses but imposters. The imposter seeing that they had been made, opted to fight which caused Narberal to swiftly fly to the surface to join her peers in the battle. The imposters were forced to change into the true forms as a new breed of slimes which Narberal noted to be even weaker that their guises as Blue Roses. After the heteromorphs were defeated and their story of being the last of their kind, Darkness decided to bring them to Nazarick. The heteromorphs tried to inquire what would become of them, but Narberal threatened them into submission for asking stupid questions. Later at the Tsukimi hosted on the surface of Nazarick, Yuri praised Narberal for making the new recruits very obedient with her personality.[52]

Narberal played a part in Nazarick's first formal Halloween Festival. Using equipment loaned from Momonga, Narberal dressed as a witch along with Albedo to play the roles of evil witches that had invaded Nazarick. The two women would act as the villains in the defense training part of the event. To start she and Albedo launched a surprise attack on the 6th Floor with an army of Eight-Edge Assassins disguised as Pumpkin Monsters where they came into conflict with Aura and Mare. After being driven from that floor they attacked the 5th Floor and kidnapped Neuronist Painkill using her as a hostage. Once Cocytus and Entoma freed their comrade, Narberal and Albedo went to the 1st Floor where they confronted Shalltear. After the defense training, she and the other NPCs celebrated Halloween in the pumpkin patch on the 6th Floor.[53]

Narberal would be one of the maids acting as escorts to a trio of magical girls that arrived in Nazraick via the Crack. Though she was not fond of humans, she softened up after one of them praised Momonga and even poured out her emotions over the absence of her creator. Later she and her sisters would assist them in returning home by nullifying the Chaos Beasts around the Crack in the Tob Forest.[54]

Later Narberal would be absent from Nazarick and miss the Christmas party hosted there. Lupusregina knowing this offered to collected some treats for her from the feast, though her ploy was seen by CZ and Entoma to snag more food from the table for herself.[55]

At the orders of Momonga to prepare for a possible "New Year" event that would affect Nazarick, Narberal with her sisters did a "general cleaning" of Spa Resort Nazarick. Together with Sebas Tian they found no traces of anything. Narberal asked CZ to elaborate on the potential triggers for the golems so that the group could safely do their jobs.

Later when Momonga decided to forgo some caution against celebrating the "New Year" and host a Kakushigei Tournament, Narberal and the Pleiades were assigned to act as escorts with Sebas Tian and Pandora's Actor to protect the general maids in the spectator seats. Once again donning her kimono, Narberal enjoyed the opening ceremony and matches between the Floor Guardians. Once the tournament ended however, Narberal and the rest present in the Amphitheater found themselves transported in an odd Chaos Zone. Whilst Momonga and his party went to investigate the Bishamonten Shrine, Narberal stayed behind with the others to ensure the safety of the general maids. Once Momonga and his party defeated the one responsible for the translocation, Narberal and the others were returned to the Amphitheater. She and the rest of Nazarick were introduced to Shiro, the current Ruler of New Year, and now an ally to Momonga. To celebrate this new friendship, the maid joined in the watching Shiro play spinning tops with Aura and Mare.[56]

For the Sorcerer Kingdom’s National Foundation Day Ceremony, Narberal and the Pleiades were charged by Sebas Tian to serve as security for the venue. Upon seeing CZ perk at the mention that Hamsuke and Kyuko were attending the event, Narberal warned the girl to be on her behavior as the pair would be guests to Nazarick. Since Solution was absent for the announcement of the ceremony, Narberal offered to pass the news to the other Pleiades maid in E-Rantel.[57] On the date of the National Foundation Day Ceremony, Narberal with the rest of the Pleiades greeted the lizardmen delegation arriving at Fake Nazarick. Later she and Narberal and Solution excused themselves from the escort as they had other duties such as subjugating Chaos Beasts. Narberal though made it time to be present at the banquet, ball sections of the event and also witnessed the unveiling of the Sorcerer King Momonga Statue.[58]

Narberal and her sisters were called again to participate in the live shows of LittleMass’s successor LittleMasStar. In the first live show, she and the Pleiades conducted a mock battle with the idols and later enjoyed watching the entirety of the idol campaign.[59]

When the same guest from another world returned to Nazarick for a third time, with some new faces, Narberal along with CZ and Solution acted as their escorts on the 9th Floor. However there was an incident when their guest began acting, causing Solution to direct him to his room. Narberaland CZ stayed with his female companions. It wasn't long until the maids and guest saw Albedo, Solution and Shalltear fighting with their old acquaintance, causing Narberal to arm herself thinking that the guest was now an enemy. It turned out that the guest was suffering so a mental condition due to his power. Before she and the others could restrain him, he escaped by transforming everyone into copies of himself causing much confusion on the 9th Floor for Shalltear and Albedo who were the only ones unaffected.

Once the ability wore off, Narberal and the Pleiades laid in wait outside of Nazarick to follow and track the fugitive down after Yuri and Lupusregina 'failed' to capture him. Later as part of his condition to peacefully return and to stabilize his power, the guest was permitted to go on a few dates with the some members of the Pleiades. Narberal was one of the dates, though she made it clear through her conversations with him that he was still a maggot to her. To her annoyance her date soaked up her insults as praise.[60]

For an experiment involving the newly created Casino Resort Nazarick, Narberal was selected along with Solution to act as dealers at the tables. For the role, Narberal researched everything on casinos and the card game baccarat. She applied her skills at the casino, entertaining the gamblers. At the end of the experiment, for her service she was awarded a Momonga Plushie. And later she and Narberal personally entertained Momonga and Albedo during a private session at the casino.[61]

The maid was present at a debriefing meeting prepared by the protagonist on the second survey of the isolated island that Narberal and her sisters had explored. After the presentation, Narberal expressed surprise that a [Gate] remained stable enough to connect back to the island. Later to train herself in water front combat, for future missions to the island, Narberal participated in a mock battle tournament hosted in the Great Lake with some of the Pleiades and the lizardmen.[62]

During the time when the Great Tomb of Nazarick was transformed into Nazarick Academy, Narberal was recalled back to Nazarick along with CZ by Momonga to assist him investigating the incident. As many of the NPCs withing the dungeon were under mentally manipulation, thinking they were the staff and students at the school, the three infiltrated the institution as principal and students. Narberal wore a uniform to better blend in, and attended the various classed she and Narberal had to gather information. While there she found out that she was recognized as Head of the Disciplinary Committee.[63] Narberal and CZ witnessed Shalltear join their class as an exchange student, they noticed that she behaved rather differently from her usual self, and decided to observe her. After informing Momonga of Shalltear, he agreed that Shalltear warranted scrutiny. After school, they guided Shalltear to select a club to join, Narberal took her to the Kendo Club where she was a member to try out.

Ultimately the tour took them to the ARchery Club where CZ was a member and Momonga was the advisor. While Shalltear considered signing up for the club, Narberal and CZ snuck away to discuss what to do. It was determined that Shalltear was the "nucleus" of the incident, but it seemed that to break the mental effect and restore Nazarick they would have to kill Shalltear. Unsure of how to proceed, they were approached by Shalltear who then began to attack them to show Momonga her love. Narberal and CZ rushed to defend Momonga but where pushed aside by the powerful Floor Guardian. Before Shalltear or Momonga could land a fatal blow, Shalltear resisted the mental effect realizing that this was not right. By abandoning her role Shalltear ended the incident, restoring everyone and Nazarick to their former selves. Afterwards when Shalltear felt responsible for the incident, Narberal and the others believed that she was actually a hero who saved Nazarick as she managed to break free from the influence.[64]

At the time when a new visitor from beyond the Crack, Narberal trailed the newcomer with the dark elf Floor Guardians from the skies as they. She observed the unusual number of Chaos Beasts that appeared in the team's approach to E-Rantel to search for clues regarding the newcomer's missing lover. At first thinking it was just a coincidence, her superior Momonga though otherwise. Later it was found out that the newcomers were the targets of the Chaos Beasts, and Narberal joined in fighting them off.[65]

For E-Rantel's Harvest Festival, Narberal attended to assist in security and dressed in a witch's costume, attracting the attentions of some children for eccentric appearance. She then would goad Evileye into partaking in the mock battle demonstration and would serve as her partner against Aura and Mare.[66]

Narberal who was passing by the Throne Room took time to assist Shalltear in what was suppose to be a routine subjugation of the Chaos Beasts from the Crack. However the anomaly began spewing miasma. The maid alerted Momonga on the situation who hurried to the room with his entourage. Narberal and Shalltear witnessed the Crack releasing a blinding light. When Momonga arrived, it was found out that the entirety of Nazraick, save for the ones in the room were now under the spell of New Year's Day. In a vulnerable position, Narberal obeyed Momonga's order to give a recall order to all Nazarick personnel outside of the dungeon.

Once the rest of the agents were gathered and informed on the situation, they worked to undermine the the coming of the new Ruler of New Year by acquiring the Seven Lucky God Key Items for their ally Shiro. Narberal and Lupusregina were the two maids assigned to be part of Momonga's subjugation force. The two maids were given New Year's theme equipment from the Treasury, Narberal's costume being that of a miko. She and Lupusregina did a performance dance before Shiro, earning the treasure Bag and mallet. After crossing through the Hatsumōde and defeating the manifested Ruler of New Year, the maid performed on a live stage with Lupusregina and LittleMasStar in the Amphitheater to celebrate New Year's.[67]

For the "chilled chocolate" task that was being led by Cocytus, Narberal was assigned to be his assistant given that the former had different tastes compared to humans. To gather more information, Narberal went to E-Rantel and with the help of Darkness, interviewed the Sunlight Scripture and Swords of Darkness. Due to the maid's poor communication skills, Soi took over in speaking with the humans. The maid then returned to Cocytus to decide on what product to make, but the two were stump. They received an offer of help from Yuri, Demiurge and Sous-chef to arrange a reenactment of the chocolate tasting party for their benefit.

Narberal at the party, tried various chocolate dishes described each one with a single taste. This gave Cocytus the idea to make Kakigōri using ice from his Floor which he created whilst as a byproduct of carving a statue of Momonga. Narberal being in awe at his skill, also had an epiphany to use her lightning magic which could be tempered by the cold temperature of the 5th Floor to melt chocolate on the shaved ice. Their collaboration led them to create Chilled Chocolate Confectionary which was then marketed out as a specialty item in E-Rantel. After the mission, Narberal and Cocytus begun to hang out so the former could learn about the latter's swordplay.[68]

To enable field agents to have a general understanding on human currency, a money lecture was held in Casino Resort Nazarick with the lecturer being Pandora's Actor. Narberal attended the lecture and it opened her eyes to why prices were raised and why adventurers argued over contributions of a job.

Later at an emergency session, Narberal learned that the Sorcerer Kingdom's chocolate sweets had been ruined by a contamination of slimes at a warehouse they were stored at. She called the humans to be foolish creatures for allowing such a thing to occur. As the chocolates were meant for a private party of nobles, Narberal joined her sisters and general maids in preparing a new batch of chocolates.[69]

After the attack on E-Rantel by the explosion of Cracks and invasion of Chaos Beasts, Narberal found herself heading what remained of the Pleiades, as her sisters Yuri, CZ and Solution were lost in the defense of the city along with the protagonist and Slimeko. Burdened with leadership of her sisters, Narberal maintained a strong face to keep up morale amongst the general maids, though the efforts were seen easily through by her juniors.

Narberal continued to lead in this fashion so as to not disgrace Yuri and to put some ease to Momonga's heart that everything was fine. During missions like the Greetings and Victory Festival in E-Rantel. Since the festival was made as a request by the humans and the adventurers Shall and Ku were invited to be the guests of honor, Narberal monitored the festival while in the field at the venue for any suspicious activity that might be directed at Shall. For the occasion Narberal alternated between wearing a school uniform and a witch's costume. She participated in the dedication demonstration, teaming up with Aura to defeat the Imperial Knights, Leinas and Nimble. At the final mock battle she team up with Shall, Ku, Aura, and "Soi" against Blue Roses leading to an epic draw. After the festival she reported to Momonga that no animosity was directed at Shalltear.[70]

Some months after the attack, the protagonist miraculously reappeared with news on the whereabouts of the missing members of Nazarick. Narberal was present at the debriefing of the protagonist and was impatient with the progress of the disclosure of information. However after learning that her sisters were trapped on the "other side" of the Crack, she wanted to launch a rescue mission. Although Momonga asked her to wait a month until preparations could be made and a plan formulated. Once a month passed, Narberal and her sisters were equipped with new protective gear for the mission, The protagonist then led the group into the Crack, where they searched the strange world for their comrades and found them one by one.

Narberal happy to have Yuri back in charge, found herself to be playfully teased on how worrisome she was the last few months without the leader of the Pleiades. Their reunion was interrupted when Gazef Stronoff approached the area. The maids save for Solution, hid to avoid the Warrior Captain from recognizing them as members of the Demon Maids who serve Jaldabaoth. She and the others watched from the shadows as Darkness and the human interacted before the latter left to carry back the bodies of King Rampossa III and Brain through a Crack to return to the Kingdom. Whilst staying hidden, Narberal witnessed the sudden appearance of Enhela and overhead the unbelievable conversation between him and the protagonist.[71]

Just as Enhela Read Gahi attempted to kidnap the protagonist, Narberal and Lupusregina launched a flurry of magical attacks at him forcing him to retreat by summoning a Crack and vanish. The feat of the priest using teleportation magic confused the maids as such magic was impossible due to the magical interference of the Cracks. Though the Pleiades were more focused on what Enhela said to the protagonist. According to CZ who overheard the conversation, the Theocracy priest referred the protagonist as "brother" and that they were both servants of Kuyō, which demanded an explanation.

Narberal was indignant that a human would claim association to creation of Nishikienrai, Herohero and Beast King Mekongawa. However the answers she and her sisters received had the protagonist admitting that he was a creation of the Sea of Possibilities, not a real NPC created the Supreme Beings. Narberal denied this as her memories recalled the protagonist of being a creation of the Supreme Beings, but when the protagonist asked her to recall when they first met, Narberal only found that there were gaps in her memory. It became evident that the protagonist was inserted into Nazarick, and the NPCs he encountered had their memories altered to accept him. Not sure how to respond to the protagonist, whether to treat him as a friend or enemy, Narberal and her sisters agreed to let Momonga decide his fate.

Afterwards the Narberal and her sisters would deliver this information to Momonga personally. And while this put the protagonist under scrutiny, Momonga asked Narberal and her sisters on their personal opinion of this. Alas they did not have the words to express what they thought.[72]

Narberal also attended the banquet in the Amphitheater, welcoming Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself who joined Nazarick.[73]

At the inception of the Bard Plan, Narberal was assigned by Momonga to work with Lupusregina and CZ to develop a bard band for the Sorcerer Kingdom. Among the musical items in the Treasury, Narberal selected the stand mic. When her team decided to create a rock band, Narberal served as the vocalist in Βγδth. At their band's debut, they were a big hit among the general maids, but the group nearly came to blows with each other over the lyrical content of the songs produced by Lupusregina. A fight was avoided through the intervention of Shalltear who helped the band vent out their frustrations and make-up. Later after the group were challenged by LittleMasStar and lost, Momonga was convinced by the overall success of the experiment to begin the next step. Narberal went with the protagonist and Slimeko to Tsuibayaya's workshop in E-Rantel to inspect his prototype of the stand mic for the New World. After examining it, Narberal gave it a passing grade.[74]

During the Rare Item Acquisition Day at Casino Resort Nazarick, whilst the general maids enjoyed a three day session experiment at the gaming tables, Narberal and the other Pleiades were assigned to fulfill the duties of the general maids in the interim.[75]

Later when Albedo led a follow-up expedition to seek intelligent beings in the archipelago in which Nazarick's island was situated in, Narberal served as part of the escort. During the mission, Narberal was thrilled to be given the chance to wear a ninja-theme swimsuit that her creator Nishikienrai gave her. Despite being told to present herself in an exemplar fashion, Narberal barely hide hid her contempt when working with Climb and the lizardmen crew causing them to be wary of her. Although her blunder was covered up by Albedo, who gave a false story to the others of the reason for Narberal's hatred in working with outsiders to Nazarick, due to past negative experiences. The story turned wariness into pity, and the lizardmen and Climb actively sought to protect Narberal when she fought against a powerful Chaos Beast. Narberal learning that Albedo being aware of her intolerance for outsiders and making it so that she was comfortable was thankful for her superior in thinking of her personal feelings and pledge to assist Albedo in her ploy to become Momonga's rightful wife.

After the mission, when Albedo and Narberal reported their findings to Momonga, the situation led to Albedo trying a second attempt to forcibly seduce Momonga, which led to the Eight-Edge Assassins to come between her and the Overlord. When the summons pleaded Narberal to assist them in restraining Albedo, the maid declined to assist as it went against her oath to assist Albedo.[76]

Narberal was omit from the selection of field agents to send to investigate an illegal gambling den in the Re-Estize Kingdom. She was unavailable at the time as she was on a mission.[77]

Later she and her sisters were summoned to the Round Table Room, as their master wanted to selected one of them to be part of an expedition. The purpose of the expedition would be to investigate the dwarven bathhouses. To the surprise of Narberal and the other Pleiades it was Solution who volunteered to go.[78]

Later Narberal attended a Christmas party in the Amphitheater, to celebrate the solidification of the cooperative relationship with the lizardmen and the improvement of their food preservation issue.[79]

In a prelude to the upcoming rescue operation, that would be conducted by the Quadripartite Alliance to the "other side" of the Crack, a pep rally was to be held to give thanks to the Sorcerer Kingdom for its equipment and to the volunteers for their bravery. Among the attendees to the event was of interest to the forces of Nazarick, one from the Theocracy who was Antilene Heran Fouche. To gain some more information about her and the Theocracy, the Sorcerer Kingdom staged a meeting between Aura and Mare, along with Shall, a prior acquittance of Antilene. Narberal acted undercover as security, watching the city gate for any sudden moves with Sebas. After the plan was nearly derailed due to the intervention of some angry humans, Narberal was thankful that they managed to get through it. Though was surprised to hear from Sebas that the mob was no accident but part of a secret plan made by Demiurge, which he had omitted from them.[80]

Narberal was present at the emergency meeting held by Momonga and his retainers addressing the miasma crisis affecting all cities in the Tripartite Alliance. Using summons who relayed information coming out of E-Rantel, Narberal reported that the protagonist and his allies made contact with the perpetrator of the crisis, Enhela Read Gahi.

Afterwards when Momonga gave the order to evacuate Nazarick, sensing an outside party was taking control, she regrouped with the others at the Central Mausoleum. There she found that the protagonist and his team were present as they had been brought over there by Enhela who announced to all his usurpation of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.[81]

END of NON-CANON content


  • In her adventurer persona, she is given the nickname "The Beautiful Princess" because of her appearance. Several people have proposed to her, though most people think that she is either a lover or servant of Momon.
  • Unlike in the Light Novel where Ainz plays the role as the adventurer Momon, in the Web Novel on the other hand, Narberal uses the Ring of Freedom, illusion magic to become the adventurer named Momon.


  • (To Ainz about humans): "Humans are worthless trash."
  • (To Ainz): "Ainz-sama, I am very sorry! Allow me to atone for my crime with death!"
  • (To Hamsuke about Ainz): "Ainz-sama is only pretending to be a warrior, just like playing a game. If he used his real strength in magic, Armageddon would just be a small matter."
  • (To Khajiit about the Supreme Beings): "Because I was created by the Supreme Being that is greater than god."
  • (To Ainz): "By your command. From now on, I am no longer Nabe, and will handle this as Narberal Gamma."
  • (To Khajiit): "I am not interested in the wishes of a lower life form. But your efforts are laughable. I have some words for you. Good work in being the stepping stone of Ainz-sama."
  • (To Torkel): "Please witness closely with your own eyes, the legend of Momon-san, the moment a new page is written."
  • (To Ainz): "I think all the proposals thought up by everyone is great! To complete a task together with Ainz-sama, I don't think there is any greater joy than that!"
  • (To the Pleiades): "Evileye and myself are both elementalists. We are arcane magic casters that specialize in the use of a particular element. Although this means our attack power increases greatly, it also means that outside of our area of expertise, we are quite weak."
  • (To Ainz about his change in voice as Momon): "Truthfully, I don't think this voice is good. Although it doesn't sound strange, I still think the usual voice of Momon-sa...san sounds better. While I understand there is a reason behind doing this, I admit preferring to hear your old voice."
  • (To both Ainz and Hamsuke): "That is right! There is none in this world who is as generous as you are, Ainz-sama! He even spared a pathetically weak creature like you."


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Gigantic TreeAmphitheaterGreen HoleField of FlowersTrail of the Fey
7th Floor Residents
DemiurgeGurenEvil Lord WrathEvil Lord GreedEvil Lord EnvyEvil Lord Sloth
Blazing TempleRiver of Lava
8th Floor
VictimAureole OmegaRubedo
9th Floor Residents
Sebas TianClavuShihoutu TokituPatissierTuareninya VeyronCixousDecrementFoireLumièreIncrementFithFothEtoile
Spa Resort NazarickRound Table RoomTheatreMaid Café PleiadesHarem RoomCanteenBarGuest RoomNinja MansionQuiz RoomYamaiko ShrineCasino Resort NazarickYo Za ShitzuShazai KaikenPhoto Studio TabulaBeauty Parlor
10th Floor Residents
Ainz Ooal GownAlbedoYuri AlphaLupusregina BetaNarberal GammaCZ2128 DeltaSolution EpsilonEntoma Vasilissa ZetaGremoryTitus Annaeus SecundusLibrarian JCocceiusUlpiusAeliusFulviusAureliusProtagonistSlimekoLibrarian B
AshurbanipalLemegetonThrone RoomAudience Room
Pandora's Actor
Other Residents
Pestonya Shortcake WankoÉclair Éklair ÉklareChacmoolHamsukeChief BlacksmithPulcinellaGrantMondenkintoChotchino Takaioji