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Napalm Scroll is a magic scroll used to incinerate the foe of its user in ashes.


After his sudden transfer to the New World, Suzuki Satoru decided to make use of the Napalm scroll as an experiment to test out whether he could still utilize his scrolls normally like in YGGDRASIL.


It has the base appearance of a paper scroll.


According to Suzuki Satoru, the scroll was said to have been magically imbued with the 7th tier spell, [Napalm]. Through using the scroll, it lets the user cast an attack spell that allows scorching flames of fire to charged upwards into the sky. Along the way, if a foe is targeted by this spell, it can be certain that the summoned column of flame will appear beside the target, which then engulfs it in fire thereafter.


  • It was considered to be the first YGGDRASIL scroll Suzuki would use in the New World.
  • When Suzuki utilizes this scroll along with others after it, Keno Fasris Invern started to fervently believe that the Overlord's magic was of the gods or similar beings of comparable power.[1]


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