Naga Rajas (ナーガラージャ) are a demi-human race native to the Abelion Hills.


Naga Rajas were a rather different species from the similarly-named Nagas. They were one of many races that Jaldabaoth enslaved as part of his demi-human coalition to attack the Roble Holy Kingdom.


Naga Rajas looked like snakes with scaly bodies and arms.


Naga Rajas did not get along well with the Nagas despite being from a similar family.[1]


Naga Rajas were born with the ability to cast many spells, and sometimes, they would even equip themselves with swords and armor.

Known Naga Rajas


  • Naga means "Dragon" and Raja means "King" in Malay, which could translate as "Dragon Kings."
  • However, in Indian mythology, Nagas are members of a semi-divine race, part human, part serpent in form, associated with water and sometimes with mystical initiation.


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