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Mystic Knight is a legendary figure who was given that name as described in the New World's many folktales.


As its name implied, this person would be dressed as a knight of some sort.



In the fairy tale, they were referred to as a Mystic Knight who was known for riding a Trihead Dragon.


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

After a discussion with Momon, Theo Rakheshir would remember stories about infamous individuals who carry a myth of their own. The Mystic Knight was among the people he believed to be real.[1]

Abilities and Powers

This knight is most likely strong as it was capable of having a Trihead Dragon under its control. Moreover, the knight has the capacity of being able to freely ride a powerful dragon, the type with multiple heads.


  • Similarly to that of the Goblin King, this legendary being is also a rider of Dragons.
  • When someone inquired Maruyama whether there is a corresponding arch-rival to Platinum Dragon Lord on Twitter, Maruyama states that there is a multiple headed dragon, but then says that it is not a God. This could confirmed on the notion the a Trihead Dragon does exist in the New World and that the Mystic Knight may have rode one before in the past.


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