Muar Praxua (ムゥアー・プラクシャー) was a Zoastia under the command of Vijar Rajandala.



Muar is not a talkative person and would usually stay quiet most of the time during a meeting with his allies. However, he does respond to orders resolutely and will follow it through.


Muar was known as a guerrilla fighter who flitted from shadow to shadow. His nickname, Black Steel (黒鋼) came from his unshakable will and his determination to eliminate the quarry he had marked.


The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

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While Muar was present in the meeting between powerful generals of the Demi-Human Alliance, he remains completely silent throughout his companions' conversation. When Rokesh issued an order to the quiet Zoastia, he acknowledge one of his superiors' command.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Muar was considered as a rarity among the Zoastia, who often capitalized on their physical abilities and fought with brute force. For him though, stealth and surprise were the hallmarks of the fearsome assassination techniques which he used to surreptitiously dispose of the opposition. On the other hand, he also happens to be adept at long-range combat.





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