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Mount Keitenias is a mountainous area in the central continent and home to various monsters.


There was a legend surrounding those mountains. There was a fountain of wisdom somewhere in the mountains, and soaking in it would grant one wisdom. But many trials stood in the way of getting there, and it was said that nobody could come back alive from it.


The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country Arc[]

Main article: The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country Arc

According to Suzuki Satoru, the zombification phenomenon radiated from a certain point in this mountain range. This large-scale phenomenon had affected everything within 250 kilometers in its range. The conclusion that Suzuki Satoru had drawn over his five years of investigation alongside Keno Fasris Invern was that it had led to the downfalls of four nations. Because of this horrific event, one unknown nation who sustained a great deal of damage titled the incident to be the "Undead Disaster." There are rumours saying that it was caused by some spell going out of control. It was said that each one of the neighbouring countries have deployed their own troops respectively along the borders of their nations to defend against a flood of undead attacks.[1]


Its slopes were barren with little vegetation. While so, the terrain was described to be very rocky and open. A corner of the mountain was abnormally flat and expanded in all directions. It was over two kilometers in length and breadth.[2]

  • Fountain of Wisdom

Known Inhabitants[]

This mountain range was deemed to be the lair for where Wyverns and other powerful monsters are dwelling in. It was very likely that those monsters would make anyone who ventures in there a one-way trip even before one could throw one’s life away in those trials.


  • The strongest being within this mountain range is most presumably Elder Coffin Dragon Lord.


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