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Morga (村人達) was a resident and villager of Carne Village.

Appearance Edit

In the Manga, he appears to have worn a scar around his neck and suspenders.

Personality Edit

Morga was a loud but pleasant man.[1]

Background Edit

Morga was a resident at Carne Village. He was apparently married to an unnamed woman.

Chronology Edit

The Undead King Arc Edit

Main article: The Undead King Arc

Enri Emmot who had been collecting water from the well, upon hearing a scream fled back to her family's house. While running Enri saw a knight kill Morga. Seeing his death, Enri though she wanted to stop kept running on to reach her family and warn them.[2]

The Two Leaders Arc Edit

Main article: The Two Leaders Arc

Morga's widow survived the attack by the knights. Due to the shortage of manpower to help out in the fields, Enri had some of the Goblin Troop assist families who lost members to assist in the harvest. Morga's widow thanked Enri for the help and offered to make lunch for the goblin that helped her.[3]

Abilities and Powers Edit

Since Morga owned a field of grain it can be assumed that he was a farmer.

Relationships Edit

Enri Emmot Edit

Enri saw his death and was disheartened by the incident thinking that he did not deserve his fate.

Trivia Edit

  • He was the first person that Enri saw to be killed by the attacking knights from the Baharuth Empire.
  • Though not named in the Manga, a character that Enri first saw killed by the knights is mostly likely Morga.


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