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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Moon, Rabbit And Prophecy (月と兎と予言の書召喚) is a game event that occurred in Mass for the Dead. It was released on September 17, 2021 to October 4, 2021. The event was re-released on September 27, 2022 to October 7, 2022.[1] And again on September 28, 2023 to October 11, 2023.[2]


Tsukimi.  Through a conversation at the Ashurbanipal, an event came to Momonga's mind, with the Guardians, to plan and host a moon viewing party. However, due to the purpose of the project, there are obstacles. On the day of the moon viewing ――an unexpected natural disaster prevented the moon viewing.[3]


It all started with a series of conversations in Ashurbanipal. Momonga having come to the library to acquire a new book to help him, encounters the protagonist and Slimeko. The two ask the Supreme One to enlighten them on how to maintain the trust of humans. The Overlord offers to assist the protagonist with any help he can provide. Forgoing the usual protocol in submitting written necessary questions, Momonga offers to provide the homunculus with any cultural knowledge that turns up in the books that the protagonist is unfamiliar with. Secretly Momonga hopes the questions the protagonist brings to him are not advanced high school questions as he embarrassingly is only a graduate of elementary school.

The protagonist shows his master a book that he has a query on. The tome in question has no title and to the homunculus it seems like a prophecy of some kind though its meaning is unclear to him. Momonga taking the book scans the contents of the first page which reads: "Invaders from the moon. A calamity that brings chaos and darkness to the earth in the form of heteromorphs with the appearance of rabbits. A gavel that crushes, crushes, and kills those on the earth. Beware of the full moon." Additionally there is mention of "werewolf" and the "sun". Momonga finds that the content is strangely dressed and vague, but guesses that it to be a memo or a self-made novel left by someone, or rather, a reminder of a setting. Since the storyline is jumpy and doesn't flow well he presume it to be unfinished. Still he finds the idea of rabbit-like extraterrestrials from the moon and who make mochi to be odd.

The undead explains to the protagonist that it is simply a book written by one of his colleagues which awes the homunculus. Momonga tells his subject not to worry about it which the protagonist accepts. Momonga studying the paragraph in the book attributes that the book must have been unfinished because it was at the spur of the moment and written in one of the many books of the library and later forgotten. The words moon rabbit and full moon catch his interest and soon gets an idea. Seeing the Overlord's change in attitude, the protagonist inquires what is on his mind. Momonga though tells him that he thought of a way to lessen the burdens of his subordinates. The undead tells the protagonist that he has some preparations to make and excuses himself once the homunculus confirms that he has no other questions.

Some time after the first scene at the library, on that day, an event was scheduled at the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Momonga in his office finishes up reviewing a report with Albedo who also informs him that its near the time of the event that is hosted on the surface. The Supreme Being is eager to begin the event and asks if there were any problems in preparing it. Albedo reports that all the planned preparations went without delay and that the additional preparation to entertain him are ready. On that Momonga states that entertaining him is not necessary and while it is appreciated, he wishes them not to make it a big hassle like the Hanami and the Christmas party. Albedo apologies but cannot help it to prepare the best parties for Momonga so that it would be special for him. Again the Overlord reminds the Overseer Guardian that this upcoming banquet was conceived by him to entertain her and the others. His humbleness though makes Albedo admire his sincerity causing her to lose herself in her emotions. Once she remains her composure the female demon, Momonga adds that the party so far doesn't require any special preparations as the chefs have made dango and gather pampas grass.

Later the full moon is in the night sky and Albedo reveals that the theme of tonight's party is "Tsukimi". A time where people look at the moon to and enjoy small dishes of food. Though it's quite a costly use of time, it may be an invaluable experience because of it's taking place in the current world as in the former world, it was almost impossible to see the full moon in the night sky in real life, except in virtual reality. That being said Momonga believed that Blue Planet would have been happy to be at the Tsukumi.

Albedo noticing Momonga's silence causes the latter to be brought back to the present and focus on hurrying to the event and meet up with the other gathering Floor Guardians. He is informed by Albedo that the protagonist is due to return from E-Rantel. Before they can proceed to the surface, Albedo gets a [Message] from the protagonist. Excusing herself from her master's side, she directs her attention to the call. While she is gone, Momonga looks forward to the moon-viewing feast on the surface as it one of the rare instances he can go outside. And though he can't actually eat the food he wants to enjoy the festivities and notes that the Head Chef prepared other dishes like mochi and "Nazarick-type" food which appeals to those like meat eaters like Entoma Vasilissa Zeta.

Albedo returns with a worried face who states that the [Message] was from the protagonist who reports that some trouble has occurred while he was returning back to the dungeon. Momonga wonders what it could be and worries that it might be a warning of an intruder or some new calamity. Albedo states that their agent is not sure if it is an attack, but it seems that it has made the moon-viewing impossible. To clarify Albedo responds that apparently the sun has not set much to the shock of Momonga.[4]

Reconvening at the Round Table Room, Momonga using the Mirror of Remote Viewing confirms that the sun has not set, despite the time indicating that it should have already set. According to Solution Epsilon, the protagonist and Slimeko who are present at the meeting when the team were headed back to the dungeon the sun was already setting, and yet almost instantly the world was all bright like noon.

Summons operating outside Nazarick report the same thing as if time had rewound. Though Momonga knows that such a feat is impossible as if it was time-control magic none of those with such countermeasures would be affected. But since the target is the sun, Momonga is unsure if casting time magic on is is feasible given the size. He knows that he is being prejudice on the physical laws of the New World as there is no way to determine if the laws of physics are the same as the old world's common sense. Since they do not have enough information, Momonga requests the undercover adventurers to return to E-Rantel to gauge on how the inhabitants react to the phenomenon as there is still the possibility of it being a regular phenomenon.

The protagonist proposes what they are seeing could be like a "midnight sun" which is a night when the sun doesn't set. Momonga doesn't believe such a thing could happen in the current world, though maybe in other lands. And given if no one in E-Rantel mentioned it, it's unlikely. Solution has a possibility of what this could be if it is not a natural phenomenon. Since the phenomenon occurred just before Nazarick's "Tsukimi" it is possible that someone is targeting Nazarick and caused it intentionally. Momonga tells her to be wary of such possibilities, though advises that she should not be prejudice when gathering information. At the moment Momonga tells the trio that Albedo and Demiurge are compiling reports from summons in various regions to determine the range and differences of the phenomenon. To be on the safe side, they have taken more thorough information measures than usual in preparation for the possibility that someone has caused this phenomenon with the intention of studying how Nazarick behaves. As it may take some time, Momonga assures them that by the time they return to E-Rantel, they'll get the results. He also warns them that when returning to the city that they may encounter Chaos Beasts, Contaminated Beasts, and swarms of magical beasts, asking them to be careful and not to neglect their guard as that they might be watched by another party.

Upon arriving at E-Rantel, the undercover adventurers went to the Adventurer's Guild to gather intel. There he and his team meet with the Swords of Darkness. From Ninya, she finds the phenomenon to be also strange as this is the first instance when the position of the day rewound. Dyne Woodwonder adds that this might be a bad sign, though Peter Mauk states that fortunately for now, Chaos Beasts and Contaminated Beasts are not appearing and neither is a demonic army. However the residents of the city are unnerved and worried. In contrast Lukrut Volve finds it a pity that it's day again as atmosphere feels out of tune especially when he wants to go out with a girl, such as Narberal, for a night out. His teammate Ninya doubts that the rogue would accomplish that even under normal circumstances.

Peter tries to point out the positive side of this ongoing day, as if the daytime continues as it is, it may be convenient for their work as adventurers work because the risk of being sneaked upon on by dangerous opponents in the darkness and fighting night-vision opponents during the camp is reduced. In contrast the protagonist notes that the phenomenon might be troublesome in the long-run, as the if the sun continues to stay in the sky then droughts will last longer, there is a risk that the growth of plants such as crops will be hindered and food shortages will occur. Soi adds that the climate might get hotter and cause the wells to dry up unless there is a magic item that provides infinite water.

Ninya argues that its unlikely that the climate will change so quickly, but if the daytime continues, there are likely to be various problems. The protagonist asks the magic caster what kind of magic could cause this to occur. Unfortunately Ninya can't think of anything that could but the closest that matches what is happening would be magic used to control weather. Dyne states that to be [Control Weather] a 6th tier magic spell and in the realm of legends, but even that magic is not described as being able to keep the day going.

The other magic caster agrees, though adds that a master once said that there are places where phenomena that normally do not occur happen in a wide range. There are places where it happened due to the failure of some ceremonial magic. The protagonist recalls such locations: a zone where rotting poisonous gas is scattered, a land where it rains in seven colors for a certain period of time, a desert where a mighty storm occurs once a year for a week. Still if this phenomenon is artificial due to supernatural magic or rituals, you should be wary of the existence of a considerably dangerous opponent.

Someone walks over interrupting the discussion. It is Saint Clementine who informs them that the guild is currently collecting information in the city side as well, but there are few clues that could lead to the elucidation of this phenomenon. After consulting with the guild, the city is adjusting the investigation procedure and would like to ask the protagonist to participate in the consultation. The protagonist agrees to help, and the members of Sword of Darkness bid their farewells to go and gather more information from the other adventurers.

Clementine then guides the group to the guildmaster's office. Pluton Ainzach is glad that the protagonist's team has arrived to help in the emergency and feels fortunate that two busy adamantite-class adventurer teams are staying together in the city. When the guildmaster mentions two sets of adamantite adventurer teams, Blue Roses appears to be also present in the room. Surako is surprised to see Blue Roses but is glad they are present as they might be able to get to the bottom of the current mystery which the female adventurer wholeheartedly agree.

Azinach interjects wishing to get into the main subject as the phenomenon could be a sign of the return of the demons. After the guildmaster warned the adventurers that the change in the sky could be a precursor to an abnormal situation that would hit the city, he immediately entered the main topic of response. As a result, the protagonist's group could not help but feel a certain sense of incongruity.[5]

At the Round Table Room, Momonga hears the report from the protagonist's and his comrades to share what the homunculus has learned from the meeting at the Adventurer's Guild. The protagonist confirms to Momonga that whatever is happening to the sky is definitely abnormal phenomenon for the locals. And possible some of "special environmental change" is involved which leads Momonga to the possibility of Super-Tier magic. Night seems to be also postponed in not just the area around E-Rantel, but is affecting a limited area centered around the city, spanning the Kingdom, Empire, part of the Theocracy, the Katze Plains, and the southern part of the Azerlisia Mountains. Though the effect does not extend to the Holy Kingdom, the Imperial Capital, or the Royal Capital. Apparently, the sun that is staying in the sky right now is not actually the sun after examination by those using [Fly]. It seems that it is a huge sphere of light that is causing the daytime and seems to give no damage or abnormal conditions according to the summons. Despite this Momonga promises to investigate this claim by using other races to examine the sphere.

This is also presents a problem here. If this is an artificial phenomenon, it is unlikely that it has any meaning, although this is not manipulating the sun itself there must be some sort of agenda. The fake sun in the sky as it is good as the real sun and doesn't even have the effect raising the temperature, and according to Mare Bello Fiore may not affect the growth of plants. Momonga is clueless as to why anyone would launch the sun in the sky, but the only possibility seems to be "studying Nazarick's movement during the abnormality".

Such a possibility would be the worse case scenario, though Momonga does not discount that what they are facing might just be some kind of natural phenomenon. To the undead's surprise the protagonist thanks him for his insight. The homunculus tells his master that he had considered the words Momonga said before they depart the dungeon. Such as reminding him that prejudice was prohibited, however the protagonist has come across something that might be significant though it may not be related to the current phenomenon. It potential clue has to do with Blue Roses of course.

Going back previously at the consultations with Ainzach and Clementine and the members of Blue Roses, the guildmaster had just assigned the senior adventurer team to to investigate the sun and sky, and to watch the surrounding area to see if there is a dangerous existences approaching. Soi suggested at gathering the other adventurers for the defense which Ainzach permitted while he set up the budget and also coordinate information sharing with the Theocracy and Empire. Clemetine offered to act as a liaison with the mayor and soldiers and also help prepare plans to evacuate the city inhabitants in case of an emergency.

Ainzach had asked if there were any questions, which Slimeko aka Surako took the opportunity to place a question directed to Blue Roses. Specifically Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra and Evileye as to why the were in lewd bunny girl costumes. Though none of the female adventures of Blue Roses found it to be strange. This caused Surako to be even more confused as normally such outfits would not be worn by the two so boldly. However the adventurers brushed it aside and excused themselves to head to their mission outside the city after the meeting was adjourned by Ainzach.

Momonga hearing this account from the protagonist was intrigued by this information. The protagonist is also of the same opinion of this as recalls a time when he had the opportunity to show the Overlord Shalltear's wardrobe once. And although there were differences in the colors, materials, and detailed designs, he believed what the two adventurers were wearing were similar costumes. The idea that bunny girl costumes exist in this world makes Momonga if their introduction was the work of the Boastful Sage. The news is curious but Momonga fails to see how it is important to the current situation. The protagonist can't confirm what is wrong, but has a suspicious feeling about Blue Roses. The behavior of Evileye not being embarrassed in her costumes has many questions as it is totally out of her character. He also does not think that this is some sort of accident that two prominent members of Blue Roses are wearing such attire as even Clementine and the guildmaster were confused by the scene.

Blue Roses actions do sound worrying, but Momonga asks what is the connection to the phenomenon? He is answered that it is related to the "moon" and "moon viewing". Momonga thinking realizes that bunny girls could be attributed to rabbits which can be connected to "moon-viewing". And he draws parallels to the protagonist deduction with how he organized the Tsukimi after he chat with the homunculus. The protagonist then continues to state that he knows that Momonga planned the "moon viewing" after he predicted that this would happen as it shows that his master came up with a feast for the moon-viewing just when the phenomenon happened. And Blue Roses, who have "rabbits" in there ranks. Both tropes are associated with the moon. Right now an artificially generated sun is obscuring the night. Furthermore, the relationship with the prophecy by one of the Supreme Beings, inferred that invaders who come from the moon, were called "rabbits".

In disbelief, Momonga is stunned that the NPC thinks that the book he showed him was a prophecy when in reality it was just a self-made novel written by someone. But sees that he did not correct the protagonist and deny that it was a "prophecy". Unaware of his misunderstanding, the protagonist goes on to say that the prophecy is most likely accurate on the pretense it was written by one of the Supreme Beings. Elements such as the rabbits and full moon invaders in the prophecy. A feast overlooking the full moon, which was proposed by Momonga after he read the prophecy. Implementation of the "Tsukimi". And this incident that happened on the day of the moon viewing and the abnormality of Blue Roses. There are too many coincidences as noted by the protagonist.

In spite of that Momonga mentally maintains that it's all just a coincidence that the elements of the book match up with what is happening now. For all these inevitable elements appearing at the same time, the protagonist has two major hypotheses that can be made at present. One, when Momonga saw the description of the prophecy, he recognized that it was a "future" event that would occur in the near future, and pretended to host the "Tsukimi" to prepare for this incident. Alternatively, by preparing some kind of ritual disguised as a "moon viewing", he himself induced this incident and the appearance of the "rabbits". In any case, the protagonist holds the belief that his master knew in advance that this incident would actually happen. Since Momonga is the Supreme One, there is no doubt that he can immediately read the deep meaning that the homunculus cannot read from that prognostication, and even if he assume a situation that the protagonist cannot think of, it is rather natural.

All this no true as Momonga honestly had no clue something like this would occur. Momonga struggles to decide whether to acknowledge that this was his plan. If he confirms it now his subordinates' evaluation of him will jump further and he would need to choose his word carefully words while denying it would disappoint them. Finally he states that he is overwhelmed by the protagonist's response, which the homunculus takes that Momonga did not fully understand the "future" of the prophecy.

So the protagonist can only guess his master's concern. His attributes Momonga's confusion to his interpretation being overwhelming as the prophecy is still unclear and open to interpretation. Hence why Momonga did not reveal to them in advance about the future indicated by the prophecy and is still choosing his words carefully for some reason related to "prophecy" and "future". He surmises that if someone other than him knows the content of the prophecy and acts, there is a danger that an unexpected "change" will occur in the future indicated by the prophecy. A small change will lead to a big change in the future, the so-called—-butterfly effect.

When Momonga is silent to this and stupefied, the protagonist takes it as a confirmation that he guessed correctly. Momonga though acts like he knows exactly what the protagonist is saying as to not upset him. The protagonist though takes his silence as a sign that Momonga is unable to reveal too much about the future, and hence asks permission to investigate Blue Roses based on his hunch. Momonga answers that he can't tell the protagonist all the details but permits the investigation of the adventurers seeing that there will be no harm.

The protagonist then states that he will move out into the city immediately. Just in case, he requested to borrow a Shadow Demon to know the position of Blue Roses promising to keep Momonga in the loop by requesting approval for any action. There is no issue and Momonga adds that Narberal Gamma has been dispatched to assist them. The [Message] ends with Momonga bursting out in frustration of how things ended up this way, totally confused by the persuasiveness of the protagonist's words. His worst fears are that the "prophecy" is proven wrong and his own mistake will come to light and reveal he is not the omnipotent master his subordinates describe. It feels that his image has been placed on too high a pedestal and their expectations of him are getting more difficult to maintain. So much so that is image is tied to Nazarick's existence now and if he fails in that, Momonga feels that it will be a disaster. All he can do is pray that the investigation would proceed safely with such a faint expectation.

At the adventurer's suite, Soi asks her leader what is the next move. Both she and Surako heard Momonga's supposed admittance that he knew that the current events would come to pass and are humbled by the revelation. Though it is a cause for praise, the protagonist warns them that they need to tread carefully to avoid unnecessary changes else it would cause the butterfly effect. Since Narberal is set to join them, she will be assigned to monitor their targets, Blue Roses. For him and his team they will be collecting information on Blue Roses.[6]

Outside the city, Narberal is in flight observing the members of Blue Roses. Using [Rabbit Ears] the maid eavesdrops on them but so far there is no suspicious movement. From her view it seems that they are talking about something, and oddly they have no intention of investigating the fake sun. Still they do not appear to be contacting anyone so Narberal maintains her position.

Meanwhile. the protagonist and his associates meet Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself and Climb at their mansion. Learning of the protagonist's interest in Blue Roses activities, asking if they were acting strange, the princess tells the former that she did not think so. Climb likewise states the same as everything seemed normal when he trained with Gagaran and Evileye a little while ago. All the princess knows is that they adamantite adventurers left the city around noon for a request. It seems that the request was something the adventurers could not talk. Soi asks if the request was close nearby, which Renner admits that Lakyus stated that the job was but that Blue Roses would be back in E-Rantel by tomorrow. Soi presses her questioning asking if the princess found it odd that her allies did not inform her of their latest job? Renner admits it was strange but since the Incident she has been busy sharing detailed activity schedules, so she did not pay too much attention. When asked if the princess knew anything about the special costumes members of Blue Roses were wearing, it only draws a confused looked from Renner.

Hearing that Lakyus and Evileye were wearing scantily outfits that resembled Rabbit Men, Renner is surprised as such attire are usually worn by employees in some illegal gambling venues. The protagonist having heard enough then thanks the princess and her guard for their time before leading his team out of the room. After the adventurers left, Climb consults the princess wondering if it was alright to be giving the protagonist information on Blue Roses as it seems suspicious not knowing what his intent is.

Renner though believes that if it was important the protagonist would have told them, if not then he would have his reasons for not telling them. Just as why Lakyus did not tell her about her team's mission. For now the princess believes in the protagonist and Lakyus. Even if there is some suspicion, it is surely a misunderstanding. Maybe the reason why the protagonist did not announce the purpose because he may still have doubts. Climb seeing her point apologizes and agrees and hopes that Lakyus is not involved in something shady as does his mistress

Outside in the city, Soi asks the protagonist what he thinks of the story from the princess. The protagonist notes it to be odd as it appears Blue Roses received a request with a strict confidentiality obligation that they can't even talk to Princess Renner. Still if that was the case they they should not have showed up at the guild wearing those costumes since its related to the request. If the request is made through the guild, then the guildmaster should be aware of the existence and content of the request, so that may have been the reason why Ainzach was confused at the time.

Even in an emergency, the homunculus would think that Lakyus and Evileye should have had time to change clothes in the carriage before turning back from their destination around noon. Slimeko interjects that if they were close by maybe the two simply did not have time to change. Soi confirm this, but warns it may take some time as everyone is worried about Jaldabaoth. However she cannot recall any requests that requires adventures of their caliber to leave the city for a long time. If one wants to reduce the time spent away from E-Rantel, using a carriage would be the first choice, unless you're in a nearby area where it takes more time to prepare a carriage. Evileye seems to be able to use transfer magic, but such magic has issues as of now.

The protagonist believes that the reason for unnaturalness is still unclear. Soi agrees and that they must follow Momonga's order to speculate but avoid biases. She suggests that they head to the guild to obtain information on Blue Roses's request which Slimeko hopes they could negotiate to get the details disclosed. If one had the money to hire the adamantite class adventurers with confidentiality then the guild must have a record of the deal. Blue Roses being an upstanding adventurer team would never solicit to an illegal deal. A [Message] comes through from Narberal with a report on Blue Roses' movements. They are in combat with the Contaminated Beasts in the area, but Lakyus and Evileye are using unfamiliar weapons. Eveilye has a big circular blade and given its crystal-like texture may have been created by magic. While Lakyus is holding a gavel. The protagonist hearing the last part of Narberal is stunned for words.[7]

At the guild the protagonist recalls the words of the prophecy. The word "gavel" comes to mind and the appearance of the rabbits. He is all more convinced that Lakyus and Evileye are the "invaders from the moon" that were mentioned in the Supreme Being's prophecy. But as to what kind of disaster they will bring he is unsure and wonders what kind of countermeasure he should implement. But he is confused as why Blue Roses are the invaders? Are they being manipulated or do they intentionally cause the disaster? He also remembers the last part of the text: "a new page in the legend of that person" praises the great achievements they will make once they defeat the enemy. The "banquet" in the prophecy refers to the moon viewing, and the "light bulb reminiscent of the sun" is spot on though there is confusion on the called "the werewolf madness".

His thoughts are disturbed when Soi reports that the guild confirms that Blue Roses receive some kind of request. Slimeko sadly states that the record is sealed due to the confidential agreement and cannot be released. Despite getting nowhere, the protagonist was able to sort his thoughts on what move to make. If his interpretation of the prophecy is correct, it may lead to the elucidation of the truth and the resolution of the situation unexpectedly sooner than expected. Soi is thrilled to hear that and asks if they will confront Blue Roses? The protagonists says no and needs to get into touch with someone else, and asks Slimeko to broadcast a [Message] for him. Surprised Slimeko asks if he wants to speak with Momonga. But is is Demiurge the protagonist wishes to speak with.

Demiurge who is on the 9th Floor of Nazarick, receives the communication from the protagonist who understands that the latter wants to share information on the phenomenon. The Floor Guardian tells the protagonist of his survey results that the artificial day is produced by a magic item that appears to be some kind of jewel that floats in the air and produces the effect of "continuing to illuminate the darkness of the night like daytime". Other than that it has no impact on climate or plants. Right now Nazarick is under the assumption that the item was used to prevent the "Tsukimi" and it now has lasted for a few hours and will be only a matter of time before the real sunrise happens. Demiurge asks if the protagonist needs anything else, which then the protagonist discloses some details. Upon hearing them Demiurge finds them to be a valid guess and that he has no objection, but states that he will need to get an approval so suggests that they make the arrangements.

At the Round Table Room, Momonga is fretting over what is to come. The wait is causing pains in his stomach, and he akin it to when he was waiting for a long time in the drawing room for a customer to apologize. He fears that his flaws and mistakes will soon be found out in the open. Sadly only an hour has passed since he spoke with the protagonist which he blurts aloud. Cixous who is the maid standing at attention in the room with him asks Momonga is there is anything wrong. Momonga though covers his outburst stating that to not worry as it was just a soliloquy before she excuses herself out of the room. Turning his attention to the situation at hand, Momonga can only wait when the protagonist gets back in touch with him. All he knows is that his minion when to speak with Princess Renner and wonders what he wanted to know. He becomes worried if the mystery of the incident is solved it will prove that Momonga cannot predict anything which Momonga will be forced to admit.

A [Message] comes through and it is the protagonist who reports that he has news of the prophecy and this incident——stating it is as his it was foretold. He first apologizes that he did not listen to all of Momonga's thoughts, but based on the current materials available, he now knows that it was Momonga's plan to proceed as the protagonist wishes. The protagonist then discloses Momonga's plan which the Overlord himself does not understand at all.[8]

In the countryside, Gagaran asks her teammates what should they do, but neither, Tina or Tia have any idea. Lakyus though states that they have no choice but to go through for now as any other course will see them be killed. The adventurers are interrupted by the appearance of the adventurers from Darkness. Soi happily greets the other adventurer team asking out the survey is doing. Before the female adventurers can ask what they are doing, Slimeko presents a bottle to share offering them drinks. Through her encouragement, the members of Blue Roses taste the drink and find it to be delicious. Soi though drops a comment that the drink is a type of potion that damages undead and is curious if they feel anything. This shocks Blue Roses, but Lakyus states that they need not worry as they have a special magic item when damage is nullfied. Soi states that she lied, as the real Blue Roses are not undead, in fact this proves that the ones in front of them are fakes.

The Fake Blue Roses seeing that they have been seen through asks if they knew from the start. The protagonist elaborates that he confirmed that the real Blue Roses were in another city, after he got in touch with them through a [Message] thanks to Renner. After confirm his identity via a code, due to the lack of faith in [Message]s by New Worlders, he was able to ascertain their identities. The imposters realize that their ruse is over prepare to fight. Narberal lands from above to offer her aid to her allies and two groups square off.

Elsewhere, in a carriage, the real Blue Roses are heading back to their base in E-Rantel. Gagaran can't believe that their identities were taken while they were away. Tia is surprised that someone was able to impersonate Gagaran as she is not someone that can be easily duplicated. Tina thinks that their imposters might be using some sort of illusion technique to achieve this which Gagaran is willing to agree though finds the assassins' words a bit insulting.

Lakyus is thankful the protagonist alerted them and noticed before any real damage was done to their reputations as adamantite adventurers. Evileye though states that it may have already been damaged. The magic caster demands to know why only she and Lakyus were being masqueraded in bunny girl outfits. While Lakyus admits that to be seen in something like that is embarrassing, Evileye finds them to be more humiliating as why would anyone want to look like a skimpy lewd female Rabbit Man. Tia tries to tell Evileye that she did not look that bad, physically being as is. Still to Evileye it is shameful. Gagaran tells her that it could not be helped as their client required her and Lakyus to wear those bunny girl outfits.

Evileye is pissed as such a detail was omitted from the request to retrieve a noble's son from an gambling hall, a place where private solders were not allowed. Tia though believes that the reward was good even though they had to save a moron and they needed it since they had not took any jobs due to the Incident. Plus according to Lakyus the costumes helped them get past the bouncer at the door. The twin assassins though were able to get past the security and it seems that Evileye made contact with the target would had a preference to women like the magic caster. It's why she is so mad as the man, tried to touch her with his hand causing her to crush the illegal floor expo. Gagaran was actually thankful for that happening as she was told to wait outside and was thrilled of not being bored.

Lakysu was just lucky they managed to bring some weapons they hidden with them at the hall. The gavel that she used which was decorated as a prop was used very effectively thanks to Gagaran's training and some practice with some Contaminated Beasts. Thinking about it, to Lakyus it makes sense why her and Evileye's imposters took their forms in those outfits as they may have witnessed them battle in them along the way. Evileye hopes that the protagonist catches the fakes as she wants wants them and is willing to give a decent reward for their capture. Evileye passed the flames of anger in the carriage rushing back to E-Rantel, but the results showed that her wishes never came true.[9]

Back at the outskirts of E-Rantel, Fake Blue Roses are panting in exhaustion in their fight against Darkness and Narberal. Their losing due to Darkness's strength but also feel weak for some reason as their bodies feel heavy and their vision is blurry. Fake Tia and Tina are the first to realize that they had been poisoned due to the drinks they were served. Soi confirms it to be true a bit impressed as it seems the group are not completely resistant to poison but states it only effective against vulnerable races and not life threatening.

The imposters though struggle and change into five black undefined shapes. Soi and Slimeko do not know what they are, though Slimeko feels that they are similar to slimes but fundamentally different. Narberal is not impressed seeing that they were just lower creatures hiding behind an illusion. The slimes take insult to this. Seeing their anger, Narberal goads them to continue fighting to show them the difference in ability. The five hetermorphs swear to continue to fight putting their pride as the survivors of their clan on the line which Narberal promises to crush. Seeing the trash talk, Soi asks Narberal not to overdo it. Narberal ignores her as she prepares lighting magic.

In the end, the five heteromorphs have been utterly crushed and prostrating before the victors. They begin explaining that they were not native to the area. In fact they have no idea where they came from....but know that where they originate there are no creatures like humans. The mysterious variant species, whose pride and body were crushed, reveal the circumstances leading up to the present. Originally the heteromorphs were of a clan that was as a vulnerable race. One could even say they were the weakest in that land. But they also had strengths——specializing in illusion. Their abilities did not just mislead a person's vision, but they could even borrow the strength of the person through their illusions to some extent. The pain their illusions gave to the enemy could be felt as if they were real and could even cause death.

Their illusions were after all, deteriorated copies. There are various restrictions, such as the appearance of an opponent who is too strong, at most 10 to 20% of the real thing would be copied, or limited to biological opponents with vision, but at the very least, their kind could protect themselves. As a race they did have some troublesome weaknesses. However, the clan managed to maintain a number of around a hundred and "lived quietly in hiding". A little while ago since the appearance of World Cracks, terrifying monsters attacked their habitats. Every time they attacked, the number of their compatriots decreased. In fact the five before the adventurer were the last survivors.

Eventually, they were attacked by monsters again, and finally the five came to a decision to use one of the two hidden treasures of the clan. One of them was a consumable item that loses its power when used, but at that time, it had a high-level magic spell sealed in it and allowed everyone to move from place to where they wanted. However they betted their lives on the treasure and it seems that they were punished for their selfish desires after leaving their comrades behind as they were transported to this unknown land. It becomes obvious to the protagonist that the heteromophs used a Sealing Crystal and that the attackers were Chaos Beasts from a Crack.

Soon after the transfer, the five were attacked by the same kind of monsters that drove them from their homeland. And even though they escaped with their lives, they had no food or shelter. There were some lucky encounters an witnessed their first humans being Blue Roses. They saw the adventurers fight the Chaos Beasts and it was clear to the five they were strong. SO they borrowed their forms to survive the new land they were in. However they were starving as they had not been fed for days. At the time being, the five decided to head in the opposite direction of the direction of where Blue Roses left, coming across the village or city of "humans". By they time when they saw the city they saw the moon rising which was a problem for their species. They are unable to bathe in moonlight during the night as the fall into madness, becoming irrational beasts, with no way to return. Hearing this the protagonist sees that this is what the Supreme Being's prophecy meant by "werewolf" and "moon madness".

The sun was already dipping and there are no buildings around to hide in. They had no idea what was inside the city walls but they knew that they could not reach the city in time for sunset. So the five used another treasure——which is what caused the extended daytime, the Fake Sun. Narberal poses a question, even if the Fake Sun obscures the moonlight, should not the moonlight still be present and effect the heteromorphs? Though she is told that their kind needs to look at the moon in order to be be driven to madness, the Fake Sun acts as a way to mitigate the effects.

Anyway, after using the Fake Sun to secure time and infiltrate the city, they were allowed to pass through the city without an problems due to their appearances they cast. However, as soon as they entered the city, a woman named Clementine came into contact with them who seemed familiar with Blue Roses. They stayed with her after being given a meal and afterwards were taken to the Adventurer's Guild hence leading to the events that transpired. Everything soon makes sense on the phenomenon and with Blue Roses. The undercover Nazarick agents having heard enough order the heteromorphs to follow them. The five heteromorphs are confused as to where their captors will lead them which Slimeko answers will be to their base. This only causes more confusion and Narberal tells them to be quiet as they should be thankful for their good fortune. When Soi mentions that they will undergo some tests, one of the heteromorphs ask if they will be killed. Narberal warns the five that there is no guarantee that this will not happen depending on the situation. If they refuse, she'll kill them now. If they don't like it, keep quiet and obey. Her words cow the heteromophs into submission and become silent. That was how the heteromorphs were invited to the Great Tomb of Nazarick.[10]


After welcoming the returning dendrologists, the Momonga gathered the Floor Guardians at the Round Table Room. There he asks Demiurge and the protagonist to explain how they came to the current situation so that everyone can easily understand it. For the time being, it wil help to explain why the new arrivals have been put under house arrest on the 1st Floor which Shalltear Bloodfallen is happy to hear why since she had to accept them under her command. The newcomers to Momonga are a new source of information about the remote areas in the world and also their skills in illusion are a boon that needs investigating. This meeting also serves to help him also understand how the protagonist came to solving the case despite claiming to be aware of the prophecy.

Demiurge then begins the meeting on the "prophecy" by one of the Supreme Beings discovered by the protagonist. The news shocks many of the people in the room from Cocytus, Sebas Tian, Aura Bella Fiora, Mare Bello Fiore, and Albedo who cannot argue that such a prevision can be wrong. The protagonist takes over to explain the advanced and esoteric nature of the text which came clear to him as time passed. The first thing the protagonist noticed was the connection between the "rabbit-like invaders" in the prophecy and the "full moon," or the planned "moon viewing." Since there was moon viewing, a the fake sun that blocked it, and the "invaders from the moon" and Blue Roses with rabbit costumed members it would be natural to not doubt the connection with the prophecy.

There were several other statements in the prophecy such as this——"And a new page will be added to that person's legend". Momonga hearing the statement has an idea of which guildmember wrote the unfinished novel mistaken for a prophecy. According to Demiurge, if the prophecy describes the future in this land, then of course there is one person who should be legendary in this land. Albedo sees what he is talking about states that it can be none other than the Supreme One, Momonga. If so, it can be concluded that this prophecy is a prophecy of the great achievements of Momonga.

To the NPCs, the theory is so correct that there is no room for other interpretations. Once one can notice it, the rest of the decipherment is not so difficult. At the end of the prophecy, "defeat and convert the enemy, he accepts as an ally" and "the celebration feast on the moonlit night praises him and his compatriots" may indicate the end of accepting the enemy and the defeating the "invaders" and the holding of a moonlit night feast, that is, "moon viewing". To Momonga the defeating of an enemy and becoming a companion is simply a common trope used in fiction.

However, Demiurge states here are two parts that are a little difficult. First, in light of the actual phenomenon, are the rabbit-like people imposters of Blue Roses——they were unsure if it was an "invader" who dwells in or something else. But the prophecy give a hint. "Werewolf madness", a murderous intention hidden in a person. At first glance, it may seem that the invaders are different from the "rabbit-like" invaders, but in reality, it shows that the invaders are masquerading as humans. In other words, one could have predicted that Blue Roses were fakes. But this is all simply just a motif to add werewolves to a novel.

And another difficult part, Demiurge claims that as soon as Momonga saw the prophecy, he realized the meaning and even prepared for the final "moon viewing". Aura asks how did Momonga identify the date? If he knew that this incident would happen on this day, how could he prepare for the moon viewing? On that perspective, Demiureg states that there are hints. A sequence of 04/08 / 21XX was encrypted in the page signifying the date. TO Momonga's own confession the claims of the demon are getting to complicated as the coded string of numbers mean nothing as they are just a person's birthday.

Other statements, such as "the light bulb reminiscent of the sun, can't hurt him.", the description hints at this phenomenon relatively honestly stands out. Though Momonga states that the author probably just wanted to write a scene where the magic of shooting a huge light bulb or a special move does not work for the main character of the novel. There was a description that the interpretation was different depending on the premise, but it is inevitable if one proceed with the guess logically.

For a while after that, the lecture of the "prophecy" by Demiurge and the protagonist continued. Momonga himself cannot help but be convinced by their persuasive power on convincing the others that the book was a prophecy. It was simply a terrible and bad coincidence that those who happened to move from a remote place on the day of the moon viewing created the fake sun. Though it's hard to convince it is "just a coincidence", but even he is a little skeptical that it could be really a prophecy. Demiurge ends the meeting thanking the protagonist for his contribution which the latter humbly states he was acting at Momonga's direction. The Floor Guardian insists that it was his interpretation that made it possible and Momonga finds him brillant. Seeing that he lost the opportunity to correct himself, Momonga decides to allow the misbelief to exist.

During the daytime, the protagonist returned to E-Rantel and ended up giving Blue Roses a lie about their imposters. The fake sun disappeared, and the night returned. The protagonist then returned to Nazarick and finally the Tsukimi was hosted. There the likes of Entoma Vasilissa Zeta, Slimeko and Lupusregina Beta are busy eating the prepared dango while CZ2128 Delta tries to tell them not to eat so sloppily. Yuri Alpha has some words with Narberal on her instruction of the newcomers as they are extremely obedient which the other maid takes pride in. Solution knowing the full story decides to keep it to herself as the result is okay.

Aura and Mare present enjoying the food with her pets. Shalltear is present drinking the Sous-chef's special Tsukimi Sake which the vampire claims is very strong. Albedo tries to tell Shalltear to take it easy but her concerns are rejected by Shalltear who invokes a fight between her and the Overseer after the latter was insulted by being called a gorilla. Their fight annoys the dark elf twins. Sebas Tian standing with Demiurge tries to engage in a conversation about the beautiful full moon, but the demon politely asks the butler to not to force himself to be nice to him as it is really disproportionate to his relationship with the demon which the butler agrees. Cocytus is seen with Pandora's Actor who was given special permission to attend the event whilst the subordinates of Demiurge acted as security.

Momonga watching the festivities is glad that the original purpose of the Tsukimi has been fulfilled. He spots the protagonists and asks the homunculus how he is enjoying the event. The protagonist is having fun, though has a question he wants to ask, such as why Momonga proceeded to continue the Tsukimi. Momonga thinking carefully states that he wanted to see the sky and enjoy the scene together with 'them'.

Momonga cannot help but feel some pangs of sympathy for his "children" as he realizes that the NPCs also want to see their creators . Looking at the NPCs gathered, Momonga sees that he needs to act in place of their parents. It scares him that if he fails to meet their expectations he will not dispel their loneliness and vows to do everything he can. It causes him to be angst over having to keep up with the expectations of his subordinates that seem to be growing beyond his control. Still, at this night, Momonga looks at the night sky with the full moon, surrounded by a calm feeling of happiness that could not suppress his emotions.[11]


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