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Monster Parasite is the tentative name of a monster that appears in Mass for the Dead.


There are no details on its appearance though it appears to be very small.


A very rare monster that exists in the New World, that infests armor and feeds on the magical energy as sustenance. The parasite can also infest other inanimate items like swords. If there is enough magical energy, the parasite can use these objects as vessels and even move on their own.


  • In the game Mass for the Dead, one was found in a deep cave southeast of the Katze Plains by iron adventurers. The monster inhabited a sword that was embedded in the rock. When one of the adventurers sought to remove it, the sword moved on its own. Scared of such a phenomena, the adventurers fled and told their story to their fellows in the Adventurer's Guild in E-Rantel. Since it moved on its own, it was believed that the sword was one of the Four Swords of Darkness wielded by the Black Knight, specifically Hyumilis. The adventurers Lakyus, Gagaran and the Swords of Darkness journeyed there to confirm that it was truly a magical sword.[1]