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Monk (武道家 (モンク) ) is a Job Class that originally hailed from YGGDRASIL.


Monk is a class which can use the power of ki to turn their own body into a living weapon suited for battle.[1]

Known Monks

Abilities and Powers

First-rate Monks are warriors capable of making their fists as hard as steel.[2] They had the advantage against magic casters or thieves, but the reverse was true against Paladins.[3]

However, since monks were a class focused on fighting individuals in close-combat, they had very few area-effect attacks.[4] They possess powers that enhanced their overall body for offensive and defensive uses. Some Monks like Unkei can be Magic Casters too.


  • Iron Skin: That skill could shroud the body in ki before any attack could touch it, making it as tough as steel. The more skilled one was, the harder it would become.
  • Natural Steel Weapon: Using their Ki, the user is able to harden certain body parts— such as claws and fangs to make them as strong as metal. With the proper training, one can use this attack to pierce even Adamantite.
  • Resistance Massive: A skill of monks, granting the ability to reduce magical damage by dispersing the Ki from one's body in an instant.[5]
  • Healing: Using Ki to heal a target. However, it cannot cure diseases and poison.[6]


  • According to Brain Unglaus, Monks like Sebas are usually neither armed with weapons or equipped with armors.


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