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GA.png Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Miyoshi-kun Cup / Mixed Bathing Washing Party (三吉君様杯・混浴洗技会) is a game event in Mass for the Dead that was released on November 18, 2020 to December 9, 2020. The event was re-released on October 4, 2021 to October 15, 2021.[1]


A craving for a casual bath leaked from a tired adventurer's mouth. The word that reminded me of Solution Epsilon's regret, Momonga's eyes turn to the spa resort once again. Heal everyone who is a subordinate and a child of his friends. Nazarick hot spring again.[2]

Purpose of Cup[]

In E-Rantel's Adventurer's Guild the protagonist and his party, after successfully finished a quest that lasted several days, collected their earnings for the job and were to head back to the Great Tomb of Nazarick to give their report. They are delayed by Soi who wanted stay around the guild for awhile to eavesdrop on the other adventurers for new rumors and information. Soi used her assassin job class and scoped out a party of tired adventurers who mentioned wishing to soak their bodies in a hot spring. The topic of the gossip caused Soi to grimace, but when questioned by her comrades she told them the information was of interest.

The trio then returned to Nazarick reporting to the Round Table Room where they were greeted by Momonga and the Floor Guardians. After reporting to Momonga on the good they acquired from the outside world and the status of the fortress city, the topic of hot springs caught his attention which then led to the undead's concern over the field agents and their fatigue from the various missions they undertook. Even though the protagonist and Slimeko claimed that being able to serve was a reward, Momonga wanted to avoid becoming a black-hearted boss like the ones in his former world. Since the information gleaned by Solution suggested that hot springs existed in the New World, Momonga opened the meeting to talk about its significance and potential uses. While Demiurge thought it was a method to enslave humanity, Momonga pointed out the beneficial aspects of hot springs as they not only warms the body for living beings but help to recover from fatigue by promoting blood circulation and relax the mind. Shalltear Bloodfallen recalled that the Supreme Beings created a hot springs on the 9th Floor in Spa Resort Nazarick. The area which had been formerly in disrepair, has since become operational thanks to the protagonist and his team accomplishing a mission that was totally unrelated. A mission in where they discovered a new type of mineral that gave off heat and allowed them use said material to repair the dungeon's golems. When Spa Resort Nazarick was mentioned, Momonga realized it has been some time since he last visited, prompting him with an idea that not only he but the rest of his subordinates should partake in a dip in the hot springs there. Due to the large number of personnel and the need to maintain the dungeon's security, Momonga believed that it would be wise to create a schedule to allow everyone a chance to enjoy the hot springs. The first priority though should go to the protagonist and his team as their work is a vital resource in interacting with the outside world. On the list for suggestions by Demiurge include the Pleiades and Sebas Tian who also operate outside Nazarick. The protagonist tries to protest such special treatment, finding it unfair for the Floor Guardians, but Momonga insists stating that "selflessness is sometime known to make a master uncomfortable", quoting directly from the protagonist when he first met him.

The agents silence to Momonga's desire, is followed by the Overlord order to Albedo and Demiurge to organize a schedule for sessions at the hot springs. One Momonga confirms that he himself would be participating in the hot springs event, Albedo immediately volunteers to accompany him into the mixed baths at the hot springs and is followed by Shalltear who claimed that she qualified as a field agent since she created her adventurer pseudonym "Shall". The two women soon get into an intense argument over who will accompany Momonga into the baths. It is soon diffused by Demiurge stating that both of them would be required to accompany their master in the baths regardless. Everyone in the room is at a loss to Demiurge's word, even Momonga is confused, when he tells them that their master has a purpose for setting up this hot spring event.[3]

Clueless as to what Demiurge is talking about, the Overlord has Demiurge explain 'his intent' for him to his fellow Floor Guardians. Demiurge complies and tells the others that Momonga's purpose for organizing the hot springs session was not merely to give them comfort but to accomplish to major things. The first was to assist the inhabitants of Nazarick in learning about human habits and how hot springs serve many beneficial uses. And secondly which is of most concern to deal with a golem created by Luci★Fer. The Supreme Being of Nazarick had left behind many golems hidden within Spa Resort Nazarick and can be activated under specific conditions. The NPCs in the room see this to be a shrewd action by Momonga as to prevent someone from possibly activating a golem and making it rampage. In fact it was mentioned that Albedo herself caused one to activate and attack her. Since that incident, CZ2128 Delta was assigned to search for any inactive golems. Shizu present in the room informed her colleagues that the golems each have special trigger conditions and are disguised as part of the terrain. Using her knowledge of the dungeon, the maid went around with Albedo to activate and then deactivate the golem so that they would not become a threat. One golem still remains which Demiurge claims that Momonga was aware of and thus is using this event to take the opportunity to deactivate the construct. Aura asks what is the condition for the last golem to activate, which according to Shizu require a person with a harem to approach it. This of course means that a single person needs to be surrounded by members of the opposite sex to wake the golem. Due to this situation Albedo and Shalltear volunteer themselves to go with Momonga to help him deactivate the golem. Aura is also asked to join the two by Demiurge as they still need one more person to complete the conditions for the harem.

Despite how things ended up, Momonga agrees to go along the operation but reminds everyone that this session is to help them relax before dismissing them. At a meeting room, Albedo and Demiurge organize with the others to make preparations to maintain the security system of Nazarick and have Sebas Tian and Cocytus be in charge while the others are at the hot springs. Slimeko and Shizu assist to contact the other battle maids of the hot spring event, while Shalltear promises to put up a security blanket around the tomb for additional security. As for Mare and Aura they head back to the 6th Floor to prepare for another Chaos Beast subjugation at the Crack. Likewise the protagonist leaves so he can return to Ashurbanipal in order to research more about hot springs with Slimeko. The two maids also leave the meeting to return to their quarters to prepare for the event. Albedo now alone in the meeting lounge smile thinking that the upcoming hot spring session will be a good opportunity to remember.

At Ashurbanipal, the protagonist find a lot of literature on hot springs in the archives. Slimeko makes some discoveries from some books she found. One being: If You Go To A Hot Spring Let's Do This, which explains the various sport activities one should partake at a hot spring. In addition she discovers about "Naked bonding" which goes into detail on how to strengthen bonds between others by exposing their weakness of appearance. The phrase catches the protagonist's attention as he sees it as the definition as to what Momonga supposedly is trying to simulate in the hot springs venue, by creating a environment where the members of Nazarick can build mutual trust and shed their insecurities.

Momonga in the public baths is soaking in the warm waters, trying to relieve his stress, but finds it bath to be lacking and longs to enter a hot spring. He muses in disappointment that his action to take his subordinates on a simple trip to Spa Resort Nazarick has become overly complicated thanks to Demiurge. Though he knows that had he refused it would have ruined the image he is trying to maintain. Seeking to get a second opinion, he asks his bathing attendant Miyoshi, but the Sapphire Slime has nothing to comment on so the undead allows the slime to resume his work and clean his body. as the slime removes the dirt and grime from Momonga's bones, he thinks about the upcoming event and hopes it goes well.[4]

The protagonist and Slimeko head back to the Round Table eager to share their findings with the others. Just outside the door to the room, they hear Shalltear's voice of dismay when Solution asks her to leave. The Floor Guardian insulted demand why the maid would ask her to do this but the latter is unable to explain. The duo are interrupted by the homunculus and slime when the enter the room. Momonga bids them an apology as there is tension between Shalltear and Solution and asks if they could leave the room with Shalltear as it seems that Solution has a request to speak with him, Demiurge and Albedo only. Demiurge is sharp to realize why Solution wants the other three people to leave the room as it concerns her "secret". It takes a moment for Momonga to realize what he is inferring to and then asks Solution to explain to the others her reasons for not including them. Having no choice Solution tells them that the secret she held was kept between five people and it involved knowledge of a shameful act she committed some time ago. Back when it was called the "Miyoshi-kun's Disappearance Case" where she kidnapped Miyoshi and hid him inside her body in order to gain an opportunity to have Momonga use her to wash his body. It was only thanks to Momonga's generous will was she forgiven of her crime. The others in the room are aghast at the revelation that Solution could do such a thing. The past shames Solution still but in retrospect it has given her a stronger need to be loyal to Momonga and to prove to him of her worth. Thus Solution requested a competition between her and Miyoshi to see which of them is a better bathing attendant, deeming that the upcoming hot springs trip to be a perfect setting.

The controversy of the past issue is re-opened, and while Momonga understand Solution's feelings his intentions for the hot springs it one for relaxation and was unsure that a competition there would be appropriate for everyone. Still her petition was seen by Momonga as a unique part of the maid's and he was unwilling to snuff her hope out or ignore the time, place and occasion. An suggestion is asked by Momonga to Slimeko who then presents her research she found in the library concerning competition, like playing table tennis and karaoking, at hot springs which she finds to be suitable. The protagonist lends his support stating that hot springs allow for the perfect place for effective interaction especially when they are vulnerable. Momonga is still unconvinced at these pieces of research as he does not wish to have Miyoshi and Solution compete with each other, thus Demiurge offers an alternative method by having a competition for the right to compete with Miyoshi for the role as Momonga's bathing attendant. Albedo and Shalltear voice their agreement on the idea as it is such a tantalizing prize and the exciting spectacle it will be. The 7th Floor Guardian also makes another suggestion by using such a competition to select the candidates in harem to subdue the golem. Not only will it be fun, but it will also be fair to the female participants to escort their master to the baths. Momonga quickly finds this idea to be more acceptable than making the choice of harem himself and approves of the competition. The idea is also agreed by Solution who sees it as a golden opportunity to further prove herself to Momonga.


In the Cup, venues for each of the competitions change to serve as entertaining sideshows for Momonga.


On the day of the competition, all the participants for the event assemble in the Amphitheater of the 6th Floor for the Miyoshi-kin Cup / Mixed Bathing Washing Party. There at the VIP box, Slimeko acts as the moderator for the competition while Demiurge and the protagonist serve as commentary for the matches. Mare of course has been designated as the special guest for the event. As the Pleiades and female Floor Guardians await patiently for the event to begin, Sebas Tian and Cocytus having been assigned to be part of the security detail, watch from with a vomitorium of the arena commenting on turnout of the competition. They are joined by Momonga who thanks them for their work and introduces them to another special guest Miyoshi before the two head out into the light and make their grand entrance before the masses in the Amphitheater to begin the event.[5]

First Competition: Golem Back Wash[]

The first competition in the Cup is designated as the Golem Back Wash. When there is confusion as why golem cleaning is one of the games for the competition, Demiurge highlights that the task is a speed game where the competitors will clean the newly made security golems. Since the golem are not creations of the Supreme Beings, damaging them will be negligible. Those with the longest time cleaning their golem will be disqualified. After the match is started and the time runs out, Yuri Alpha is the only person in the competition to be disqualified due to the length she took to clean as she was taking extra care not to damage the construct with her strength.[6]

Second Competition: Politeness[]

The next venue takes place on the 5th Floor in the Frozen Glacier. The reason for the location taking place in the frigid environment was to simulate a setting similar to a yukimi onsen. The next competition is Politeness, where a special guest, Neuronist Painkill, will act as judge. In this game, contestants will be required to wash every corner of Neuronist without any dirt. Based on their work Neuronist will score them. Though the thought of touching Neuornist is profane to many of the female members the competition begins. Once done Neuronist is surprised that Shalltear and Albedo scored the highest out all the contestants, which the two attribute to their race and skills they learned from their attendants. Solution herself goes through with the task passing along with Lupusregina Beta, Entoma Vasilissa Zeta, and Narberal Gamma. Unfortunately Shizu and Aura drop out of the competition as the two refrained from touching the torturer as much as possible. The turnout is unexpectedly refreshing to Momonga as he was seeking a way to conveniently exclude Aura out of the harem operation.[7]

Third Competition: Polishing[]

The next venue takes the participants to the 9th Floor. The location cause the remaining contenders to believe they are heading to the spa area, but their guide Pestonya Shortcake Wanko directs to the corridors of the floor. Albedo recognizing the path sees that it leads directly to Momonga's quarters and gets excited that the next competition might involve cleaning her master's quarters. It turns not to be the case as the next competition is instead fighting the two insect guards Achu and Unchu. The two warriors had been posted at the entrance of Momonga's chambers. Other than Albedo's attempt to rape Momonga, they rarely seen any action. Hence they made a request to the Overlord to arrange a little bout with the female contenders in the Cup to polish their fighting skills for their benefit. Though the event for this competition was supposed to be a "cleaning" theme an exception was made to grant their request for some sparring.

The female contenders are more than happy to comply with the guards and engage in combat. Their mock battle in the end satisfies the insect guard warrior spirits. However Narberal Gamma excuses herself from the venue to report to Momonga. At the lobby, the maid request to be disqualified from the competition. Given that her specialty as a magic caster and use of lighting attacks she felt her skills were restrained as she was being conscious of not damaging Nazarick. Due to her level of combat she displayed the maid felt unworthy to progress to the next round of the Cup. Her admittance and humility surprises Momonga but accepts her request, though suggests that she tell the other contenders her reasons for forfeiting the Cup. After that is done, Demiurge comments that the action taken by his master in handling Narberal's choice was wise but assures him that the Cup will proceed as planned in the next game.[8]

Fourth Competition: Cleaning[]

The participants soon find themselves in the public baths of the dungeon. Initially thinking they reached the last part of the Cup, Demiurge corrects them that the baths are the setting for the next venue. Momonga hopes that the women are enjoying themselves so far with the Cup, however Miyoshi notices something odd with Albedo and Shalltear who now appear to be dressed in only bathing towels. They two attempt to seduce Momonga, but their attention soon turns to Entoma who has been running around the baths with glee while eating. It appears that the bath floors are covered with cockroaches, which the insect maid took the opportunity to feast on. Their summoner, Kyouhukou is displeased at this action demanding her to stop. The Area Guardian of the Black Capsule is the special guest for the event, much to Albedo and Shalltear's horror. Since Kyouhukou had accumulated untold amount of stress from his duties, it was believed that a nice day at the baths would assist his mental health. This in in this game, the women would be required to wash not only the cockroach magic caster but his subordinates as well within a period of time. The task seemingly gross and violating, the women take the challenge. When it is done, all the women have helped to clean the cockroach summoner and most of his subordinates. Though there were a few casualties among Kyouhukou's children, as most had drowned from the water but also were eaten by Entoma. Due to this Kyouhukou has the maid disqualified from the competition. With the elimination of Entoma, the four remaining women: Albedo, Shalltear, Lupusregina and Solution are nominated as the winners for the first part of the Cup for the harem needed to deal with the golem in Spa Resort Nazarick.[9]

Harem Golem Operation[]

The group then head to Spa Resort Nazraick to deal with the golem in the hot springs bath. The golem is located to be hidden within the center of the bath, disguised as a simple rock submerged in water. Momonga informs the women to stand behind him as he will take care of the golem. The moderators and commentators of the Cup stand at the side as the harem surround Momonga. Due to their presence the Open Air Golem immediately detects them and awakens. Seeing them to be in violation of the sacred baths, it attacks. Momonga uses [Body of Effulgent Beryl] to block its attack, but it persists and strikes again with an [Explosive Land Mine]. The attack is seen by Momonga who uses [Wall of Skeleton] to protect himself. Seeing that the golem is willing to destroy itself to kill him, he uses [Hold of Ribs] to restrict its movements. Momonga then calls out to Shizu, who had been using [Invisibility] to get close to the construct. Once within its space, the maid hurries behind it to deactivate it. Once the golem deactivates, Momonga gives it a silent prayer for his dedication to its mission. With the golem's safe deactivation, Momonga declares that Spa Resort Nazarick is now truly a safe facility to for the recovery of physical and mental fatigue.

Fifth Competition: Match[]

There is one more thing that needs to be done by Momonga. Turning to the assembled harem, Momonga switches his gear to that of a bath towel around his waist. Now that the sideshows for the Cup have finished, the last opponent in the game is himself. For those that wish to have the right to challenge Miyoshi for his role as his personally bathing attendant, he challenges the women to defeat him. The resulting match though ends with the defeat of all female participants.



Since Momonga defeated all the participants in the competition, the right for a match with Miyoshi is left without a victor. The competition is declared over then by Slimeko, leaving Miyoshi undefeated. The results of the battle are accepted by Albedo, Shalltear and Lupusregina. Though these is obvious disappointment in Solution in unable to gain the opportunity to challenge Miyoshi for his job. To everyone's obvious surprise, the Sapphire Slime approaches Solution and tries to cheer her up, despite the tense past between them. Momonga unwilling to see sadness on Solution's face, rather than offering her a match with Miyoshi instead offers her and the other to view the other slime's work. To demonstrate Momonga allows Miyoshi to show the audience his effective washing technique. Upon seeing Miyoshi's work in cleaning all of the Overlord's exposed bones, there is nothing but praises of efficiency. Even Solution admits that Miyoshi's skill to clean every single one of Momonga's bones is a feat she could not compare to. Seeing that she is not qualified to be on Miyoshi's attentiveness of bath Momonga, Solution lets go of her jealousy. After the end of the competition and demonstration of Momonga, the four members of the harem operation are in the hot spring bath. While soaking in the hot water and melting away their fatigue, the key players of the tournament enjoyed each others company as they bond and chat over the bath.[10]