Miyoshi (三吉君) is a Sapphire Slime and the bathhouse attendant of Ainz Ooal Gown.

Appearance Edit

Miyoshi is a sapphire slime which has a transparent body that is blue in color, resembling water. Having no fixed shape, it can take any shape or form it desires, such as sprouting tentacles or forming arms.

Personality Edit

Miyoshi seems content with his master, able to understand his needs.

Background Edit

Miyoshi is a Sapphire Slime summoned by Ainz to serve as his bathing attendant.

Chronology Edit

The Two Leaders Arc Edit

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Miyoshi made his appearance washing Ainz's skeleton body as it was more effective than with rinsing with water.[1]

The Pleiades Day Arc Edit

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Some time after the annexation of E-Rantel, Miyoshi was kidnapped by Solution out of jealousy for his duty in washing Ainz's body. After apologizing to Ainz, Solution extracted Miyoshi from herself. Ainz ordered her to return the slime back where she found him, after he was washed in water.[2]

Abilities and Powers Edit

As a dangerous breed of slime, Miyoshi could easily melt flesh with acid and is strong enough to bend metal bars.

Relationships Edit

Ainz Ooal Gown Edit

Miyoshi is Ainz's personal bathing assistant. Ainz uses Miyoshi to clean his body since as a slime, Miyoshi can reach all parts of his skeletal body. Ainz thinks that the idea of using slimes to bathe is by far his best idea since coming over to the New World.

Solution Epsilon Edit

Miyoshi found himself the target of jealousy by the Predator Slime, after she learned he was responsible for cleaning Ainz. Once she learned this, she kidnapped him, hiding the slime in herself.

Trivia Edit

  • Ainz uses Miyoshi as his personal bathing assistant as it is difficult for him to wash his skeletal body clean entirely.
  • Slimeko joking wonders if she could play as Miyoshi in Mass for the Dead.[3]


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