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Mirror of Remote Viewing (遠隔視の鏡) is a magic item that enables the user to view other locations.


Located in the throne room of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, this item could display to the user a live view of the landscape, the location of players and people anywhere in the New World, even unventured locations. However, in the YGGDRASIL game, players could avoid its sight by casting low-level anti-search magic.


The mirror is about 1 meter in height with an oval-shaped bronze frame covering its sides and edges.


It's a magic mirror that allows the user to see and observe any known or unknown location. Like a computer screen, the user can manipulate the image perception, enlarging or minimizing the view using specific hand gestures to move through what the mirror is displaying.

However, a low-level anti-search magic is enough to hide from the mirror's sight and it can easily be destroyed when hit by an attack. Thus, Ainz describes it as "a very balanced item". Normally, this mirror won't offer a view indoors, but through using a magic that creates and links the sensory organ, it is possible to do so.[1]

The Wild Magic spell, [World-Isolating Barrier], can counter the mirror's abilities, unless users are equipped with World-class items.[2]


  • In the past, Ainz Ooal Gown had possibly used this item to locate targets for PKing.
  • It seems Nazarick possesses a few sets of these mirrors for surveillance purposes.
  • In the Web Novel, by YGGDRASIL standard, this item was used to peek at places that were packed with people, such as castles and towns, an item that allowed the user to choose the best time to shop.[3]
  • It seems that those who are under the remote viewing have a vague sense of someone watching them as we saw in Carne Village and with Jircniv.


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