Ministry of Magic is a magic research institute in Arwintar funded by the Baharuth Empire.

Background Edit

The Ministry of Magic was a symbol of the Empire’s might, and the place where past emperors had invested the most efforts in.

From the production of magic equipment for the knights, development of new spells, raising the standard of living through magic experiments, the essence of the Empire’s magic knowledge was all here.

Here is where magic equipment's for the knights are made, developments of new spells, raising the standard of living through magic experiments and the essence of the Empire's magic knowledge is all created here.

Layout & Features Edit

The Ministry of Magic surrounded by thick and high walls with several watchtowers overlooking it, guarding against dangers coming from both outside and inside.

The Ministry is guarded by the elites of the First Knight Order, Royal Earth Guard, Royal Air Guard and high level magic casters.

It also housed several conference rooms which served as reception rooms for guests meeting up with high-ranking people.[1]

Innermost Tower

Innermost Tower: The innermost tower is where undead experiments are conducted. It is guarded by the Royal Earth Guard, veteran magic casters and four stone golems that stand guard at the entrance. Contained within is a small field were several skeletons are toiling a field. These undead are used to study the possibility of using undead labor but also determining what causes undead to spontaneously manifest. Deep underground is where a Death Knight has been locked up, that was captured from the Katze Plains. It was a tower where a magic caster had to be able to use the 3rd Tier of magic or had some important reason to be able to allow entry into.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • The person in charge of this place is Fluder, while the minister of magic is someone else.[3]
  • Emperor Jircniv always knew there was an unknown undead creature sealed away in the depths of the Ministry of Magic and was unsure of its identity until stumbling into the fact, that it was the legendary Death Knight all along.[4]


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