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Minister of Military Affairs (軍務尚書) was the tentative name of a bureaucrat that served the Re-Estize Kingdom.


His appearance did not do his rank justice; he was skinny, weak, and had a face that suggested he was neurotic. He seemed more of a financial personnel than a military one.


A typical noble that seems to dislike those of common birth. After the Massacre at Katze Plains, he became known by everyone for working hard to maintain the public order and had proven his aptitude through the debacle, perhaps that was why he was so confident in his own judgment. Other redeeming qualities was that he was loyal to his liege and Kingdom to the death. When faced with the assured defeat from the forces of the Sorcerer Kingdom, he showed his commitment by volunteering to be part of the vanguard for the Kingdom and staying at King Zanac's side to the end.


The Minister of Military Affairs was the youngest of the ministers in the Kingdom and at one point was recognized by Marquis Raeven. Due to his dislike of Warrior Captain Gazef Stronoff, he was not heavily relied upon by Ramposa III and had been absent from court meetings quite frequently.


The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc[]

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The Minister of Military Affairs was present at an emergency court meeting, to discuss the fallout between the Re-Estize Kingdom and the Sorcerer Kingdom. A grain convoy that was meant to serve as humanitarian aid from the Sorcerer Kingdom to the Holy Kingdom had been taken by force by a citizen of the Kingdom. In response, the Sorcerer Kingdom declared war on the offending nation. He voiced his disbelief that the act of war was in agreement with the surrounding nations. On the topic of who committed this act of aggression, the Minister asserted that it was impossible for this to have been executed by soldiers foreign to the Kingdom. He also got into an argument with the Minister of Finance, after he reported contradictory information on the Kingdom's capital to hire mercenaries for the coming war. When asked if the Kingdom could win or if they could force the Sorcerer King's armies to just withdraw instead the Minister of the Military Affairs believed it was possible if they were to march an army the long way around and occupy E-Rantel while the Sorcerer Kingdom's troops are still marching from E-Rantel towards the capital. However, they would still have to break the three layers of fortifications of the city. Plus if they committed to such an idea, it would leave a stain of dishonor on the nation for launching an informal sneak attack. When Prime Minister Albedo of the Sorcerer Kingdom arrived at the capital, he and the other ministers were dismissed by the king in hopes he could negotiate a peaceful resolution.[1]

The minister appeared again in armor alongside King Zanac, with the Kingdom's army of 400,00 soldiers ready to fight the Sorcerer Kingdom's forces. He saw the newly crowned king off in a vain attempt to negotiate with the Sorcerer King. When he returned, the result of the conclusion of the war would be the same as the Kingdom's destruction. He learned from his liege's conversation with the undead, that he was surprisingly human. Still undeterred by their inevitable fate, the minister reported that the men were ready for battle and their last hurrah. The minister made preparations for him and Zanac to lead the front to give moral support to the men. However before any of their plans could be put into action, the remaining nobles ambushed the two in Zanac's private tent. The traitors planned to submit themselves to the Sorcerer Kingdom by offering Zanac's head. Despite the pleas of his fellows to surrender he choose to remain at his king's side. When none of the nobles had the courage to spill their blood, they summoned their mercenaries. Both he and Zanac perished during the fight in the face of death.[2]

Abilities and Powers[]

Just as his title states, the Minister was in charge of all military affairs within the Re-Estize Kingdom. His overall competency was debatable. He was acknowledged by a powerful Marquis, so he should be someone who could earn his keep at the very least as a minister. The minister was among a handful of people who could control the intel that flows into the capital. Additionally, he was not accustomed to wearing armor, making his movements stiff and almost comical at times.


Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself[]

Then Prince Zanac only trusted him at the word of Marquis Raeven and believed he was at least competent to be a minister. He was truly loyal to Zanac, even offering to be his shield in the coming battle against the Sorcerer King. The Minister of Military Affairs would be the last noble to stay loyal to King Zanac when the other nobles launched a coup of their own.

Gazef Stronoff[]

His relationship with Gazef had not been great as the minister had deliberately flaunted his dislike of him. After his death and the situation with the Sorcerer Kingdom, the man had a change of heart and wished the Warrior Captain was still alive.

Elias Brandt Dale Raeven[]

Marquis Raeven had praised his abilities and recommended him to Prince Zanac.


  • When he and Zanac were present in a room with the other ministers, they both lowered the average age of the room by quite a lot.


  • (To Zanac on Gazef): "To be honest, I never liked that man Stronoff, yet not a day passes where I did not wish that he could be here..."


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