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Miko Princess of Water (水の巫女姫) is one of the Six Miko Princesses of the Slane Theocracy.


The Miko Princess of Water is described as a young adolescent girl. She wears a blindfold that covered her eyes, hiding most of her facial features as well. However it was possible to tell that she had a sharp face. On her forehead she wore a large circlet that covered her head with threads like a spider’s web. It was decorated with string-like metal were countless gems, and a large blue crystal was embedded in the center. She wore a thin cloth that was slightly open in the front and was loosely fixed around her waist by a string.


During the ritual of Planar Eye, she was nervous, and her expression was a frozen mask.


A prominent figure in the Slane Theocracy, like the other mikos, the Miko Princess of Water was a central character in the rituals of the nation.


Overlord First Half Arc []

The Miko Princess of Water was used in Planar Eye in order to spy of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. However the dungeon's anti-surveillance defenses activated, and blocked the attempt. The Miko collapsed due to the strain of power, around the time when a second defense from Nazarick activated unleashing Light-Fingered Demons into Tinu Al Rianes. A member of the Temple Guard carefully carried her out while the other readied to fight the demons.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

All of the Mikos are users of Priest-type Tier 5 Magic, but this is a national secret.[2] As as Miko Princess, she acts as a vessel and conduit for the rituals conducted by the Theocracy in order to perform high tier levels of magic. Through her priests are able to cast eighth tier magic spells.


  • Overmagic Planar Eye: A divination magic of the 8th Tier that can observe a target.



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