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Miko Princess of Earth (土の巫女姫) was one of the Six Miko Princesses of the Slane Theocracy.


According to Clementine’s description, she resembled a cute little girl.


It is unknown what her original personality was like prior to the removal of the Crown of Wisdom, but she apparently lost her mind and soiled herself.


A prominent figure in the Slane Theocracy, like the other mikos, the Miko Princess of Earth was a central character in the rituals of the nation. Her symbol of office was the Crown of Wisdom. Sometime before the start of the series, a former member of the Black Scripture, stole the crown, from the Miko Princess of Earth.


The Dark Warrior Arc[]

Main article: The Dark Warrior Arc

After Clementine gave Khajiit Dale Badantel the Crown of Wisdom, the sadistic woman told him the fate of the Miko. According to her, the girl went insane the moment Clementine took the magic item from her head.[1]

The Lizard Man Heroes Arc[]

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The Miko Princess of Earth was reported by the Captain of the Black Scripture to have died in some mysterious explosion.[2]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc[]

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

The death of the Miko Princess of Earth was listed by the Supreme Council of the Slane Theocracy among the number of setbacks and losses incurred by the nation.[3]

Abilities and Powers[]

All of the Mikos are users of Priest-type 5th Tier Magic, but this is a national secret.[4]


  • Strangely the Captain of the Black Scripture was not aware of the true cause of death of the Miko, hinting that the higher-ups intentionally covered up the incident.
  • When a new Miko Princess needed to be appointed, the job of the Black Scripture was to remove the Crown of Wisdom.


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