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Messenger (メッセンジャー) is the tentative name for an undead monster that exists in the New World and YGGDRASIL.


An undead monster that resembles a cloud of roiling black mist. Countless fearsome, ever-changing faces emerge from within the mist belonging to many species and races. The wind around carries the sounds of weeping, cries or agony, the gnashing of teeth and the last gasps of the dying to them.[1]

This undead being radiates an aura of black clouds which spun ceaselessly, growing in size and each becoming approximately one hundred and fifty centimeters in size.


This undead is an incorporeal creature that has the ability to confuse one's mind with its wails. Unless opponents were to use magic weapons, weapons forged from special metals, magic or special martial arts, it would be exceedingly difficult to harm this kind of incorporeal creature. In other words, unenchanted weapons are useless against it.[2]



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