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  • Not sure if you'll care if i come in and rant on how terrible this build of yours is considering the fact that all three sites that your on are gone. but i'll do it anyway. But buddy....I don't think you understand the mechanics of Overlord that well....

    Look, i understand that you copied and pasted everything about Alucard from Hellsing, but please, Have the build make sense.

    1. You messed up on the class system. In Yggdrasil, classes go like this, Base Classes have a max level of 15, High Classes have a max level of 10, and Rare Classes have a max of 5. Did you do your research properly?

    2. True Vampire isn't a Base Class, its a High Class. Alucard couldn't have 15 points in it.

    3. Uh, Undead isn't a racial class. Vampires are a TYPE of undead. This class serves no purpse, how can an undead get a class that makes them undead?

    4. Necromancers and Cursed Knights can't go to 20, Cursed Knight isn't even a basic class. Shalltear has 5 points into it so it's a rare class. why would Alucard have so many points into them if by your logic their both basic classes? If he want's to be strong he would have Less points and put them into the high and Rare classes he can get. the abilities are greater with those classes. Since you made him have so many basic classes (and from the other classes you've changed to be basic), Hes pretty weak and worthless. He won't be a huge help to his team, he's probably ranked Mid-Low on the tier list, possibly lower.

    5. Vampire Racial Classes Lean towards Warrior types, but they are best as Hybrids (Magic Knights AKA mix of Magic and Melee) Due to their Racials and Job Class abilities. So investing levels in a Pure mage class is a waste as their abilities don't work well with Vampires.

    6. Classes are not restricted to one form, they are always there no matter what.

    7. Split Builds make you weaker, not stronger. He has a Mage class, a Magic-Knight class, and a Warrior (Sharpshooter) Class. These are conflicting classes. Plus he pretty much wasted 20 points into the mage class as A. He's a vampire, Vampires are unsuitable to be pure Mages and B. He only has 20 points out of 70 Mage levels nessasary to use magic to its fullest. you need seven levels each to achieve a new tier of magic of a particular school, in this case, Arcane Magic. so from this, he can only be able to cast up to Arcane magic to the 2nd Tier. Pretty much a complete waste of 20 levels if you ask me.

    8. Where are the stats for Resistance and Special Ability? what you put down is not what it is.

    9. Alucards stats are WAY to high for having such a strange and faulty build. Like seriously, if you look at his stats for his main non-transformed stat, He's really pathetic. a 30 in Physical and Magic attack? a 60 in defense? a 0 in Magic Defense? his only saving graces are his HP and his decent speed, but that's not enough to make him useful. what good is having a ton of MP if his Magic attacks are gonna be weak? He's completely worthless. Also, does his transformed state have a time limit? because if it does, then it makes Alucard more useless. what good is having a teammate who is weak on his own and his only chance of being useful is by transforming into a new form that has a time limit. If not, then thats great! he can contribute to his team, but his magic still sucks. Plus, why would he ever stay in his weaker form?

    Shalltear, The strongest floor guardian is a min-maxed NPC, and has 732 as her total stats. yet, Alucard here has 820 total stats with a build that both doesn't make sense, and wouldn't work. how does this make any sense? the only way he could have stats that high is by having a World Class as they tremendously boost a players stats, but Alucard doesn't have a world class.

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  • Hello Hrenak your logo submission is ready to be added onto the Wiki. All we need is your consent. Also if you have any changes you wish to add please do so as soon as possible. Thanks for submitting a logo man I appreciate it.

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  • Excuse me, but in his relationships with Remedios, the did we say : "adviser" or "advisor" (Gustav Montagnés)

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  • Sorry, i'm french, i still work on my english. Sorry again.

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