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Message Scroll is a magic scroll used for the sake of communication between people.


A scroll Ainz and his denizens of Nazarick used to keep in contact with each other throughout their operations outside the tomb.



When the spell imbued in this scroll activates, it can be used to send message from one person to another. However, it could only message one person at a time and once communication has ceased, another scroll like it will be needed and activated in order to communicate with the same individual again.[1][2]

In the Web Novel, if the recipient was in a metallic room, blocking themselves off with magic or if they were dead, the Message cannot be connected to it.[3]


  • This magic scroll is presumed to most likely be imbued with the tier spell, "Message."
  • According to Ainz, Nazarick's Message Scrolls are made from skins Demiurge who went through great effort to obtain.[4]
  • Solution has a Message Scroll that she used only for emergencies as shown when she contacted Ainz about Sebas's supposed betrayal.[5]


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