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Mercenary Pathfinders is the tentative name for a band of warriors in the New World.


Two hundred years ago, the Mercenary Pathfinders took work without being bound by national loyalties. The missions they accepted involved wars between nations, investigating ruins said to be monster lairs, clearing out monsters, and various other tasks related to violence. If one was being nice, they could be called elite mercenaries. More or less they were a band of thugs.

During their travels, the group encountered Suzuki Satoru in a city that he and Keno visited. Satoru had then hired them to carry out an investigation for him. The pathfinders had done two jobs for Suzuki investigating two cities whose populace mysteriously turned into undead.


The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country Arc[]

Main article: The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country Arc

At a city located in the nation that bordered the Inveria, Suzuki having separated from Keno secretly met with the leader with the group, Bets Ku Proun at a high-class bar. There the leader of the pathfinders greeted his employer and gave his report on the job his party was given, which was to scout out the city that was affected by the Undead Disaster.

After the two discussed the possibilities of the cities turning into undead areas, Suzuki paid them for the third job. Bets returned to his group and showed them the reward. While the group were appreciative of the payment, they were curious of the intentions of their employer. Bets sadly learned very little about their employer but decided not to pry. This was due to his instinct that Suzuki was a dangerous person and believed that he represented a foreign power that the group should not cross. Since Suzuki did not provide them with another job, and that they had taken a lot of jobs in the area, enough for resentment to build up, the group decided to head to Soba hearing the Tsar of the eastern countries were recruiting talented mercenaries.[1]


The pathfinders were not like mercenary companies who numbered in the dozens or hundreds. For starters, there were less than ten of them, all elite, in their group.

Known Members[]



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