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Mercenary Magicians Guild (傭兵魔法職ギルド) was a Guild that existed in YGGDRASIL.


Mercenary Magicians was a guild that comprised of about one hundred Level 100 Magic Casters. Among their ranks, about half of those players possessed the World Disaster class.[1]


Mercenary Magicians was a guild with over half of its magic caster players having the World Disaster class. Because of that, their guild's destructive power was looked upon as absurd and it was said that victory favors the side with them on it. However, this guild is extremely weak in close combat if they are to directly fight against warriors.


  • This guild's name is only mentioned in the Web Novel so far.
  • There was a movie about their guild being divided and decimated by a dream team of six World Champions is still a legend up to now. As stated, that dream team could also be implied to be the same six World Champions among the nine who once thought of making a guild together based on their class while the remaining three didn't agree with it.


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